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Wheeling/Ohio County, WV and OSP District 7

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Wheeling/Ohio County, WV and OSP District 7

(((Stereo Feed))) Left = **Ohio State Highway Patrol Post 07 **; Div 3 Jefferson Co, OH --- Right = All Ohio County & Marshall County, WV Police & Fire Departments; West Virginia State Police(Moundsville Dispatch); Brooke County Sheriff(SIRN radios only)
Public Safety
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Feed Notes




2-09-20- General feed information update - - -The listing of "Feed Status" updates during major incidents:

Whenever this feed is in alert status and many times when not in alert status but a newsworthy incident is occuring within the coverage area, the left channel will be carrying only the radio talkgroups(s) pertinent to the active situation and the usual left side stuff will either be turned off or temporarily moved to the right side for the duration of the incident... This can only occur if someone is phisically located at the server and able to manually make this switch...   When these talkgroup changes happen, the Broadcastify "feed status" will reflect and detail what channels are affected by the active incident and the "feed status" will remain as such until the incident has either ended or the feed has otherwise been changed or returned to normal scan.   This way you can quickly check the "Feed Status" to know whether or not a talkgroup switch is in effect...    To find the "feed status" on the "Scanner Radio" app you simply press the "information" button (next to the "favorites" star) and if there is an active status it will be listed right there at the top directly under the main feed description...  (Note that if there is not a currently active staus message then nothing at all will be listed there except the usual feed information...  (I'm not familliar with any other scanner apps so I'm not realy sure how you would locate the "feed status" on those apps.)


                                                        *****WEBCAST DETAILS*****


This is a split stereo feed which means that there are two scanners in use- one radio in the left speaker and one radio in the right speaker....   If you choose to listen using a media player such as WINAMP or other device such the "Scanner Radio" app that has audio balance control, you can simply adjust the left-right balance control on your player/device/app and listen only to the side  you prefer.  HOWEVER,  if you are using the Radio Reference web player or other device which has no balance control, you are forced to listen to both scanners- unless of course you are using a computer in which you can go to the computer's audio properties and adjust the balance there to suit your desired listening; something you may want to consider during periods of  heavy radio traffic because two people talking at once can get rather annoying.

This live stream primarily broadcasts public safety agencies located in Marshall and Ohio Counties in West Virginia...along with the Ohio State Highway Patrol Post in St. Clairsville, Ohio

 you will also occasionally hear activity and/or agencies from surrounding counties including:


  Specific Agencies that are regularly heard on each channel of this LIVE Stream include:

*******on the LEFT CHANNEL*******    (from Kirkwood & Powhatan MARCS)

                  ***LAW ENFORCEMENT*** 

consisting of the following specific agencies

Note that other than Sheriff and Steubenville PD, all Jefferson County, OH agencies listed above include only units from "Division 3"  (which is the southern third of the county, the only division commonly received at this location).....  These Agencies call into and are dispatched from "J-COM"




* * * FIRE & EMS * * *



Left channel general info:

The left channel is going to be mostly OSP from Belmont and Jefferson counties and quite often- but not always, public safety from the southern third of Jefferson Co OH (aka Division 3) is carried on the Kirkwood tower site and thus heard on this feed...    Occasionally Monroe County Sheriff hits one of the towers the radio is scanning...   Most private ems, medcorps, aircare, helpdesks, prisons, hospitals and other annoying talkgroup channels such as transportation have been locked out,  however, note that the radio is scanning in open mode so it is quite possible for a rogue MARCS user to stray into one of the two towers' coverage area.......................      


OSHP info:

This feed receives practically all of OSP Post 07's radio traffic and quite often will carry the activity of Post 41.  Quite often you will hear both depending on what is going on with their dispatch center or if a Jefferson County OSP unit is south of Rush Run on SR 7 or otherwise hitting the Kirkwood Tower..... The Cambridge channel is often active here as well.

OSP St. Clairsville Dispatch handles:  Belmont, Monroe, Jefferson, and Harrison Counties; OSP Cambridge handles: Guernsey, Noble, Morgan, and Washington Counties; OSP New Philly handles: Tuscarawas, Muskingam, Coshocton and Carroll Counties... But.. The only counties from which you can regularly expect to hear OSP radio traffic are (in order of frequency):  Belmont, Monroe, Jefferson, Harrison, Guernsey, and Noble...

OSHP uses their own code/signal numbers which can be found here:


Monroe County info:

In 2011,  Monroe County, Ohio started using the Ohio MARCS System for their EMS and Sheriffs Dept. Their EMS/FD talkgroup channels can occasionally be heard on this stream...  You will know when you are hearing Monroe County because they always call in to and are dispatched from "5-6" or "56" (which is their State of Ohio alphabetical county #) and most Monroe Co users talk using the standard BSSA lingo (see link below).... .  also to note, Woodsfield Police department uses the number "12" (twelve) as their radio contact unit number.  Other two digit single numbers (such as 3-2 or 7-5) are Monroe County deputies...  The Monroe County Ems Squads are numbered as follows:


 Jefferson County info:

In Late 2015 Jefferson County abandoned their county trunked radio system and replaced it by joining the statewide MARCS-IP radio system.   Jefferson County is now serviced by a three location simulcast site (which consists of the three towers from the former county system) and also by stand alone tower sites in Adena, Bridgeport and East Liverpool...  The Bridgeport (Kirkwood) tower is the only site received by our radio so being that this site is actually located in Belmont CO, there will not be continuous coverage of any Jeff Co agency..  The reason I have left them in is that there is no other feed that covers DIV 3 and if at some point a reliable feed begins servicing the DIV 3 area, I may remove them from scan in this feed...   In the meantime, you will know when you are hearing Jefferson County Agencies as they call into and are dispatched from "J-COM".....


*******on the RIGHT CHANNEL*****                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                  ***LAW ENFORCEMENT*** 

consisting of the following specific agencies                                                                                                                                                                               

*          West Virginia Agencies (Aside from The WV State Police, WV agencies mostly use plain english but still do use a couple codes which I have listed below)

*         Ohio Agencies:           (All Ohio Law Enforcement Agencies use BSSA  lingo)


* * * FIRE & EMS * * *                                                                                                                                                                               

  *             West Virginia Agencies:

NOTE that I'm still not really sure just how exactly Marshall County currently operates their county EMS service... All I can say is that any 9x9x unit number is a private ambulance service acting in an official 911 response capacity for somewhere in Marshall County...


*     Ohio agencies   -  (all analog audio)

For a list of Belmont County apparatus see the wiki at this URL:                                                      


for deciphering  Ohio County fire dept apparatus, the following scheme is generally followed:

with x being the station number and y being successive numerals beginning with 1

(EXAMPLES: 6-5-1  would be Triadelphia's #2 ambulance; 4-3  would be West Liberty's senior captain)


*Wheeling Fire apparatus*


Wheeling fire department has abandoned using 10 codes for plain english however there are still a couple codes that are still always used and they are as follows:


 *Wheeling Police operational info*

(The following information, which has been gathered and is presented here, is based soley from our observations and cannot be considered as official policy or procedure... This information may be incorrect or outdated and has been listed here only as a rough guide in determining what you may be hearing...)  

Wheeling Police units are as follows: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Hotel,"K", and Mike......  The Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie shifts are the main, around the clock patrol units; ... The Delta patrol shift works a staggerd shift, usually from evening to early morning; ... The Hotel units are assigned to the drug task force; ... The "K" units are dog handlers; ... and the Mike units are assigned to the traffic division.....

The Patrol Beats are divided into several areas. The main patrol beats are divided into three districts, District 3- South; District 4-  East; and District 5- North.... The Patrol Beats are as follows:  31, 32, 41, 42, 51, 52 and 55... There is also occasionally an extra patrol unit assigned to one or more districts and they are:  South- 33; East- 43; North- 53; and Citywide- 56...

Areas covered by each patrol beat are as follows:  
31:  Center Wheeling, Downtown Wheeling(most), Goosetown, Vineyard Hill(part), East Wheeling

32:  South Wheeling, Mozart

41:  Fulton, Wheeling Penninsula, Glenwood, Greggsville, Leatherwood, Leewood Park, Forest Hills, Woodsdale, Edgewood, Pleasanton(part), Clator, Morningside, Rock Point Rd

42:  Pleasanton(part), Dimmydale, Howard Hills, Oakmont, Elm Grove, Wheeling Park High School, Mar-Win, Medical Park, Glen Hollin, Mil Acres, Elm Terrace, Overbrook, Springdale

51:  North Wheeling, Wheeling Island(daytime), Downtown Wheeling(part), Wheeling Hill/Grandview(part), Vineyard Hill(part), Mt. Wood

52:  Warwood, River Rd, North Park

55: Wheeling Island.

Each shift has a minimum of 6 patrol units and is usually commanded by a Sergeant or Lieutenant.  This supervisor is assigned a unit number in the teens starting with "11"...;  The Traffic Division's "Mike" Units commonly use motorcycles and bicycles in performing their duties and use unit numbers in the 20's... also included in this group are the city's school resource officers...;   A part time patrol, known on the radio as Highway 80, patrols the city's freeways in search of highway scofflaws...;   In Wheeling, The Chief of Police uses the moniker of "Car 1" and the Deputy Chief  "Unit 2"....  Also, in summer 2011 Wheeling initiated a citizen community patrol.  These volunteers drive a cruiser with special insignia and yellow bar lights...  They assist the police during major and minor events and during other random times- such as issuing parking tickets for wrong side street sweeper violations.  they are referred to on the radio as Victor-800 and 801...  

As stated above, The preceding Wheeling PD information has been gathered from our own hypotheses and in no way can be considered as official documentation... 

WPD has also given up many codes but many officers still commonly utilize these:


Ohio County Sheriff's Dept and municipal police common codes:


                                                                   * RADIO FEED UPDATES *  


update 12-11-19:

The Brooke County Sheriff's office has been using the SIRN system more and more with each passing week so they are now included in this feed's main description....    Note, however, that their failing VHF repeter is still the primary radio in use for the department's dispatch and operations but whenever a significant incident ocurrs within the county you can be assured that there will be radio traffic on both the old VHF frequency and the Statewide Digital trunking system.



  update 10-27-19:

  As of October 2019, The WV State Police's Moundsville dispatch center is only operating on weekdays during business hours.... On nights and weekends, all dispatching duties for the Troop 1 northern counties are now turned over to the Troop 1 HQ located in Fairmont which is why you now commonly hear troopers calling "Fairmont"...  

Troop 1 counties affected include:  Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Ohio, Tyler, and Wetzel.


update 2-04-2019:  

Both Brooke and Wetzel Sheriff's Dept's have been using their "Statewide" or "Digital" radios on a more frequent basis...  While both counties still use their old conventional channels for primary radio communications,  their periodic use of the SIRN radios will enable both to be heard here with more frequency...    Brooke Co can be easily identified on the radio since they call into and are dispatched from "Brooke"   whereas Wetzel Co uses the term "dispatch" (as does Ohio County)


update 6-30-2107 

Left channel of feed is now carrying Ohio Co Law dispatch in addition to Ohio MARCS due to amount of traffic missed on right channel to other agencies...  

Note that the right channel remains unchanged and still contains this talkgroup as well         


update 10-10-2016

Harrison County, Ohio will be appearing on the left side of this stream more often now that fire and law are both full time MARCS-IP users.....  I haven't got around to updating their radio call numbers but they usually call into either"Harrison County" or"34" (34 being the State of Ohio county number for Harrison)... 

In other news I have decided to move all old updates to the bottom of this page... I will leave the latest update on top as well as any others that are less than thirty days old.............. Also I am looking to get a new server machine that is vastly updated over the current one in use...  This will allow me to run newer and better software that will:

A) allow the streaming of radio agency display tags on the West Virginia side of the stream...

B) allow the feed to have louder volume as I am well aware that it could be a great deal louder when need be...

The present server machine is extremely old and has been making some scary sounds lately... not sure if those are due to halloween approaching or imminent failure so if by chance the unit goes kaput then this feed will be down for an extended period until a satisfactory replacement can be procured and established...

One other thing I would like to note is that during times of alert worthy activity the left channel, if possible, will be locked on the main incident talkgroup while the right channel may carry related talkgroups or be on normal scan...


update 8-29-2016:

As of August 25, Wheeling Fire Dept switched to The WV statewide digital radio system thus bringing a complete end to analog public safety radio in the Wheeling Metro area...  Every agency that can be heard on this stream will now be using digital voice.


update 8-12-2016:

It appears that The Wheeling Police Department has now ceased their 800 MHz analog simulcast and now all radios are using the digital West Virginia statewide radio network using talkgroup 2191 thus all Wheeling Police transmissions will now be heard using digital modulation.....


update 7-30-2016:

A few weeks ago the Wheeling Police began their transition to the West Virginia statewide radio system..  The department is currently simulcasting on both the WVSIRN and the City of Wheeling 800Mhz TRS...  This is why you may hear some Whg Pd transmissions with analog voice (as it has been, trunked for the last 20 years) and some with digital voice (depending on which system the scanning radio comes to first when the police radio is used).....


update 5-16-2016: 

In the past few months, Jefferson County Ohio has started using the statewide MARCS radio network and thus some police and fire units from the southern third of the county will be heard on the left channel of this feed when their talkgroups are associated with the Kirkwood Tower...  more detailed info is listed below under the "Jefferson County Info" header


update 12-19-2015: 

As of December 6, Marshall County Fire is now using the WV SIRN...   Fire band dispatches and most field activity (depending on which tower the radios are hitting) will now be heard on the right channel of this feed... companies and their station numbers are listed below...


update 10-20-14:

As of today at 04:00 Belmont County rolled out their new p25 digital radio system... on this system, all law enforcement talkgroups are now transmitting using full time encryption...  Because of this,  we will no longer be offering any public safety channels from Belmont County...


update 3-27-14:

Within the last few months, as you may have already noticed, Glen Dale Police have jumped on the WVSIRN bandwagon which they commonly utilize thus I'm not sure yet if they still use vhf or they exclusivly use this system...  


update 9-1-13:

For the next couple weeks, until the State of Ohio MARCS radio system is completely rebanded, I will have the "helpdesk" channel set as a priority TG on the left channel of this stream. .. .  This means that some State Patrol conversations will get cut off whhen the Helpdesk channel becomes active...  A huge annoyance however this change is only temporary and will end once the system rebanding is complete... I am doing this to accommodate Radio Reference system administrators in determining which tower sites are undergoing the rebanding process....


update 12-22-12:

Within the last week the City of Moundsville Police Department has started using the WVSIRN / WVIRP state radio system although at present it is being used on a very infrequent basis as Moundsville Police still uses the VHF high band frequency of 155.250 for dispatching and most operations.... You will know when you are hearing Moundsville Police as they call into and are dispatched from :  "Station".


update  5-17-12:

As of april 20, the Moundsville dispatch of the West Virginia State Police has begun using the WVSIRN radio network...  This means that most troopers in Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel, and Tyler Counties can now be heard on this feed....  The tower coverage in Hancock county is still not 100% so the troopers will still use the existing VHF low band radios but most state police traffic is now on the right channel of this stream. .. You will know when you are hearing the WV State Police because they call into and are dispatched from:  "Moundsville".

 update 12-26-11:

Benwood and McMechan Police Departments have begun using the WVIRP system so they are now included to the list of agencies on the right side of this broadcast...   In other news, someone in Charleston has decided to rename the statewide system as "West Virginia Statewide Interoperablity Radio Network"  however most users are still referring to it as "the I R P".

update  5-14-11:

As of April 12, 2011 Ohio County has joined the West Virginia Statewide radio system which is called: "West Virginia Interoperability Radio Project" aka WVIRP ,    Due to this change there will be more agencies from around WV heard on this stream.... Some agencies that I hear regularly are the WVDNR conservation officers out of the Farmington base, the WV State Fire Marshall, and the WVDOH transportation management center (TMC)... I will keep this site updated with any new agencies that I discover.

update: 4-5-11

As of  April 01, 2011, The left channel of this stream is scanning both the Kirkwood & Powhatan MARCS sites......  The Powhatan site has been added to give more coverage of  Monroe County Sheriff's Dept & Woodsfield Police...   While reception of Monroe County Law will still not be 100% , the addition of this tower site will increase their presence on the left Channel of this stream

Due to the fact that there is a separate webcast  for Wheeling City Fire & Police  and Belmont County, they will both be in scan on the right channel of this stream UNLESS there is a very high volume of radio traffic at a particular time... This traffic could be related to severe weather or major incidents....  if that is the case and I am able, I will run only MARCS on left and WVIRP on the right..... (this means Ohio Highway Patrol on left side and Ohio County/WVSP on right side)

if you need or would like to make contact with this feed's manager: