Worcester County

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
7331 2024-06-18T17:17:10-05:00 MSP Barrack V Maryland State Police Barrack V (patched from FIRST system) Law Dispatch
13820 2024-06-18T16:00:29-05:00 WO FIRE 1 FIREGROUND NORTH COUNTY Fire-Tac
13821 2024-06-18T17:16:31-05:00 WO EMS 2 EMS NORTH COUNTY EMS-Tac
13822 2024-06-18T16:08:25-05:00 WO FD DISP FIRE / EMS DISPATCH Fire Dispatch
13823 2024-06-18T17:22:41-05:00 WO FIRE 4 FIREGROUND SOUTH COUNTY Fire-Tac
13824 2024-06-18T17:21:50-05:00 WO EMS 5 EMS SOUTH COUNTY EMS-Tac
13825 2024-06-18T16:14:46-05:00 WO FIRE 6 FIREGROUND ALTERNATE Fire-Tac
13831 2024-06-18T11:39:56-05:00 EMRCCALL Patch to EMRC Call Channel Hospital
13844 2024-06-18T17:09:51-05:00 WO SOPS Special Operations (HAZMAT, DES, FMO) Fire-Tac
13851 2024-06-18T12:47:35-05:00 VAFIRE3 Patch to ESVA911 Fire 3 Interop
13902 2024-06-18T14:29:31-05:00 WO ROADS County Roads Public Works
13904 2024-06-18T14:56:13-05:00 WO SW County Solid Waste Public Works
13905 2024-06-18T12:39:48-05:00 WO MAINT County Maintenance Public Works
14021 2024-06-18T17:09:27-05:00 OCFD 1 Ops Fire 1 Operations Fire-Tac
14025 2024-06-18T17:23:59-05:00 OCFD 5 EMS Fire 5 EMS EMS-Tac
14030 2024-06-18T14:01:13-05:00 OCFD Dispatch Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
14077 2024-06-18T10:41:05-05:00 OC Buses Buses Transportation