Onslow County/Jacksonville City Public Services

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
34003 2024-07-13T21:37:40-05:00 Jax Fire Dsp Jacksonville Fire Department Dispatch Fire Dispatch
34004 2024-07-13T19:14:51-05:00 Jax FD Ops 1 Jacksonville Fire Department Ops 1 Fire-Tac
34005 2024-07-13T01:57:53-05:00 Jax FD Ops 2 Jacksonville Fire Department Ops 2 Fire-Tac
34009 2024-07-13T18:00:01-05:00 Jax FD Trng Jacksonville Fire Department Training Fire-Talk
34024 2024-07-13T21:38:17-05:00 Jax PD Disp Jacksonville Police Disp Law Dispatch
34025 2024-07-13T21:32:17-05:00 Jax PD 2 Jacksonville Police 2 Law Tac
34037 2024-07-13T18:01:30-05:00 Jax PD 3 Jacksonville Police 3 Law Tac
34081 2024-07-13T20:17:37-05:00 Jax Transit Jacksonville CIty Transit Transportation
34082 2024-07-13T13:48:11-05:00 Jax TransitB Jacksonville City Transit Channel B Transportation
34091 2024-07-13T21:30:54-05:00 Jax Event 1 Jacksonville Event 1 Multi-Tac
34092 2024-07-13T11:06:15-05:00 Jax Event 2 Jacksonville Event 2 Multi-Tac
34093 2024-07-13T21:37:33-05:00 Jax Event 3 Jacksonville Event 3 Multi-Tac
34095 2024-07-13T21:29:14-05:00 Jax Event 5 Jacksonville Event 5 Multi-Tac
34204 2024-07-13T10:07:36-05:00 Half Moon FD Half Moon Fire Department Talk Fire-Talk
34219 2024-07-12T22:37:20-05:00 PGFD Talk Piney Green FD Talk Fire-Talk
34221 2024-07-13T12:59:00-05:00 Rhodestwn FD Rhodestown Fire Department Talk Fire-Talk
34251 2024-07-13T14:29:17-05:00 Animal Cntrl Animal Control Law Dispatch
34271 2024-07-13T10:28:02-05:00 AIRPORT FD Albert J Ellis Airport FD Talk Fire-Talk
34282 2024-07-13T21:38:08-05:00 EMS Disp Onslow EMS Disp (Simulcast on 155.400) EMS Dispatch
34289 2024-07-13T21:24:19-05:00 EMS-OMH EMS to Onslow Memorial Hospital Hospital
34290 2024-07-13T18:48:25-05:00 EMS-Naval EMS to Naval Hospital (Camp Lejeune) Hospital
34299 2024-07-13T21:37:25-05:00 OC Fire Disp Onslow Fire Disp Fire Dispatch
34311 2024-07-13T21:37:37-05:00 Onslow Jail Onslow County Jail Law Talk
34317 2024-07-13T12:16:10-05:00 Dist Court District Court Law Talk
34324 2024-07-13T21:37:45-05:00 Sheriff Disp Onslow Sheriff Disp Law Dispatch
34359 2024-07-13T21:19:16-05:00 OC Event 1 Onslow Event 1 Multi-Tac
34360 2024-07-13T19:44:34-05:00 OC Event 2 Onslow Event 2 Multi-Tac
34361 2024-07-13T18:44:22-05:00 OC Event 3 Onslow Event 3 Multi-Tac
34362 2024-07-13T16:26:56-05:00 OC Event 4 Onslow Event 4 Multi-Tac
34365 2024-07-13T06:42:11-05:00 OC Event 7 Onslow Event 7 Multi-Tac
34381 2024-07-13T21:36:33-05:00 Municipal PD Municipal Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
34388 2024-07-13T15:52:56-05:00 SolidWaste 1 Solid Waste 1 Landfill Public Works