Maritime Public Safety Radio Network (MPSRN)

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
501 2024-07-22T15:17:47-05:00 NS MA 1 Mutual Aid 1 Interop
3001 2024-07-22T14:29:43-05:00 EHS AMT Air EHS AMT Air EMS-Tac
3065 2024-07-22T21:32:36-05:00 AMB TRAV Ambulance Travel EMS-Tac
5020 2024-07-22T14:23:10-05:00 TIR Colchst Colchester county Public Works
12015 2024-07-22T20:42:54-05:00 FD N-Disp A Northern region dispatch A (Cumberland, Colchester & eastern Hants counties) Fire Dispatch
12037 2024-07-22T01:21:42-05:00 FD N-Ops 29 Northern region operations 29 Fire-Tac
48003 2024-07-22T17:52:34-05:00 PE MA 3 PEI Mutual Aid 3 Interop
48080 2024-07-22T13:49:48-05:00 TIR Prince Prince County Highway Maintenance and Snowplows Public Works
48081 2024-07-22T21:10:00-05:00 TIR Queens Queens County Highway Maintenance and Snowplows Public Works
48082 2024-07-22T13:18:50-05:00 TIR Kings Kings County Highway Maintenance and Snowplows Public Works
48083 2024-07-22T10:34:29-05:00 TIR-MECH Maintenance Depot Public Works
48187 2024-07-22T13:36:46-05:00 PSB-East Public Schools Branch - East (Kings County) Schools
48384 2024-07-22T16:09:59-05:00 PEI PATF Provincial Addictions Treatment Facility (PATF) Hospital
48386 2024-07-22T09:49:05-05:00 HH-SECUR Hillsborough Hospital Security Security
48402 2024-07-22T20:20:33-05:00 IEMS 1 Island EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
48440 2024-07-22T10:36:07-05:00 FOREST 1 Forestry Ops 1 Fire-Tac
48482 2024-07-22T15:21:15-05:00 Cartier Park Jacques Cartier Provincial Park Public Works
48486 2024-07-22T15:35:23-05:00 Cabot Beach Cabot Beach Provincial Park Public Works
48491 2024-07-22T13:39:32-05:00 Basin H Park Basin Head Provincial Park Public Works
48492 2024-07-22T16:09:20-05:00 PARK-SUP Parks Supervisors Public Works
48505 2024-07-22T20:49:36-05:00 RVF-DISP Rural Volunteer Fire (RVF) Dispatch Fire Dispatch
48511 2024-07-22T10:41:58-05:00 OLFD-OP1 O'Leary Fire Ops 1 Fire-Tac
48530 2024-07-22T20:23:22-05:00 NGFD-OP1 New Glasgow Fire Ops 1 Fire-Tac
48608 2024-07-22T09:39:28-05:00 PRINCE Prince County RCMP Dispatch Law Dispatch
48614 2024-07-22T08:20:32-05:00 PEI RCMP PEI RCMP Law Tac
48751 2024-07-22T18:36:33-05:00 ERFD-OP2 East River Fire Ops 2 Fire-Tac
48830 2024-07-22T19:38:16-05:00 NRFD-OP1 North River Fire Ops 1 Fire-Tac
50702 2024-07-22T12:03:38-05:00 DTI D1-A DTI District 1 - D1-A Public Works
50703 2024-07-22T11:07:32-05:00 DTI D1-B DTI District 1 - D1-B Public Works
50704 2024-07-22T12:02:45-05:00 DTI D1-C DTI District 1 - D1-C Public Works
50829 2024-07-22T15:17:01-05:00 DNR Branch Ops 5 DNR Branch Ops 5 Public Works
50905 2024-07-22T08:56:50-05:00 ANB North 2 ANB Dispatch - North 2 (Bathurst, Caraquet, Shippagan, Tracadie, Campbellton, Dalhousie) EMS Dispatch
50906 2024-07-22T11:35:05-05:00 ER Campbellton Campbellton Hospital Hospital
50912 2024-07-22T10:28:04-05:00 ANB Medical 1 ANB Medical 1 EMS-Tac
50927 2024-07-22T16:21:36-05:00 ANB Transfer ANB Patient Transfer EMS-Tac
50931 2024-07-22T14:27:06-05:00 ANB East 1 ANB Dispatch - East 1 (Moncton, Sackville, Shediac, Salisbury) EMS Dispatch
50932 2024-07-22T15:29:30-05:00 ANB East 2 ANB Dispatch - East 2 (Miramichi, Neguac, Rexton, Baie-Sainte-Anne, Fords Mills) EMS Dispatch
50944 2024-07-22T05:57:41-05:00 ANB South 2 ANB Dispatch - South 2 (St. Stephen, Blacks Harbour, Campobello, Grand Manan) EMS Dispatch
51400 2024-07-22T16:11:13-05:00 NB OFM-PMCC Office Fire Marshal and PMCC Interop Interop
52245 2024-07-22T16:19:35-05:00 AESD Moncton Anglophone East School District (Moncton, Dieppe. Riverview) Schools
53064 2024-07-22T15:46:17-05:00 Codiac North Codiac North Fire-Tac
53096 2024-07-22T19:03:45-05:00 Cocagne FD Cocagne Fire Department Fire Dispatch
53110 2024-07-22T10:09:25-05:00 Rich Vill FD Richibucto Village Fire Department Fire Dispatch
53218 2024-07-22T13:18:08-05:00 W Bathurst PSAP West (Restigouche) - Regional Fire Dispatch - Bathurst PSAP Fire Dispatch
60502 2024-07-21T23:34:53-05:00 MFD Dispatch Moncton Fire Department - Dispatch Fire Dispatch