Bucks County Public Safety Radio Network

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
3 2024-05-28T08:06:26-05:00 PD Zone 2 Police Zone 2 - Falls Area Law Dispatch
4 2024-05-28T06:03:38-05:00 PD Zone 3 Police Zone 3 - Middletown Area Law Dispatch
6 2024-05-28T14:34:48-05:00 PD Zone 5 Police Zone 5 - Newtown Area Law Dispatch
9 2024-05-28T13:57:42-05:00 PD Zone 8 Police Zone 8 - Bensalem Area Law Dispatch
10 2024-05-27T23:45:23-05:00 PD Zone 9 Police Zone 9 - Warminster Area Law Dispatch
15 2024-05-28T14:41:57-05:00 FD North Fire North - Response Fire-Tac
16 2024-05-28T20:51:47-05:00 FD East Fire East - Response Fire-Tac
17 2024-05-28T20:21:32-05:00 FD South Fire South - Response Fire-Tac
18 2024-05-28T21:32:45-05:00 FD Centrl Fire Central - Response Fire-Tac
19 2024-05-28T11:16:47-05:00 FD Emergency Fire Emergency Fire-Tac
20 2024-05-28T21:24:16-05:00 FD North FP Fire Police North Fire-Tac
21 2024-05-28T17:44:19-05:00 FD South FP Fire Police South Fire-Tac
23 2024-05-28T21:36:28-05:00 EMS North EMS North - Response EMS-Tac
24 2024-05-28T21:38:02-05:00 EMS South EMS South - Response EMS-Tac
33 2024-05-28T17:22:24-05:00 BC TAC-4 Countywide Tactical 4 Multi-Tac
43 2024-05-28T21:24:53-05:00 FD/EMS Disp Countywide Fire and EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
45 2024-05-28T12:53:57-05:00 FD North Ops Fire North - Operations Fire-Tac
47 2024-05-28T14:57:04-05:00 FD South Ops Fire South - Operations Fire-Tac
48 2024-05-28T19:57:31-05:00 FD Centrl Ops Fire Central - Operations Fire-Tac
68 2024-05-28T16:20:31-05:00 Jeff Bucks ER Jefferson Bucks Hospital ER Hospital
69 2024-05-28T18:41:38-05:00 Jeff Torres ER Jefferson Torresdale Hospital ER Hospital
70 2024-05-28T01:47:28-05:00 Lwr Bucks ER Lower Bucks Hospital ER Hospital
71 2024-05-28T11:10:00-05:00 St Lukes ER St. Luke's Hospital ER Hospital
72 2024-05-28T13:57:26-05:00 St Marys ER St. Mary's Hospital ER Hospital