Massachusetts State Police

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
1360 2021-04-11T15:06:54-05:00 F-PTL-3 State Police Patrol - Troop F - Worcester Airport Law Dispatch
11088 2021-04-11T16:51:50-05:00 DCR Fire 2 DCR Fire 2 Fire-Talk
33168 2021-04-11T22:19:44-05:00 A-PTL-1 North Dispatch - A, A1, A2, A3, A6 Law Dispatch
33296 2021-04-11T22:16:24-05:00 H-PTL-2 South Dispatch - H2, H3, H7, H8 Law Dispatch
33584 2021-04-11T21:50:49-05:00 B-PTL-1 East Dispatch - B, B2, B3, B6, B7 Law Dispatch
33616 2021-04-11T21:13:33-05:00 B-PTL-2 West Dispatch - B1, B4, B5, B8 Law Dispatch
33680 2021-04-11T00:10:27-05:00 SOPS-3 Special Event Ops 3 Law Tac
33776 2021-04-11T22:18:37-05:00 C-PTL-1 East Dispatch - C, C2, C4, C6, C9 Law Dispatch
33792 2021-04-11T21:39:17-05:00 C-PTL-4 State Police Dispatch, Devens Post Law Dispatch
33808 2021-04-11T20:55:09-05:00 C-PTL-2 Special Events/Car-to-Car Interop
33840 2021-04-11T22:20:20-05:00 C-PTL-3 West Dispatch - C1, C3, C5, C7, C8, C10 Law Dispatch
33968 2021-04-11T22:16:47-05:00 D-PTL-1 MSP North Dispatch - D, D1, D4 Plymouth County Law Dispatch
34000 2021-04-11T22:14:11-05:00 D-PTL-2 MSP South Dispatch - D3 Bristol County Law Dispatch
34032 2021-04-11T22:03:31-05:00 D-PTL-3 MSP Cape/Islands - D2, D7 Law Dispatch
35472 2021-04-11T20:58:40-05:00 STATE Statewide Helicopters and Mobiles Law Dispatch
36464 2021-04-11T13:33:57-05:00 LPS-5 Cape Cod Local Public Safety (Special Events tie to SP) Interop
36528 2021-04-11T22:07:29-05:00 LPS-7 Central Mass Local Public Safety (Special Events, Tie to SP) Interop
36656 2021-04-11T20:12:21-05:00 Orange PD Police Department Law Dispatch
36816 2021-04-11T22:20:23-05:00 C8-Police New Braintree C8 Small Town PD Primary Law Dispatch
37264 2021-04-11T17:00:00-05:00 Brnstable FD Barnstable Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37296 2021-04-11T21:41:53-05:00 Bourne FD Bourne Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37328 2021-04-11T19:49:52-05:00 Brewster FD Brewster Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37360 2021-04-11T16:24:53-05:00 Chatham FD Chatham Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37424 2021-04-11T19:38:44-05:00 C.O.MM. FD Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire District Fire Dispatch
37456 2021-04-11T20:28:24-05:00 Cotuit FD Cotuit Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37488 2021-04-11T21:55:43-05:00 Dennis FD Dennis Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37520 2021-04-11T22:20:21-05:00 Eastham FD Eastham Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37552 2021-04-11T21:47:38-05:00 Falmouth FD Falmouth Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37584 2021-04-11T17:15:18-05:00 Harwich FD Harwich Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37616 2021-04-11T20:54:57-05:00 Hyannis FD Hyannis Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37648 2021-04-11T22:17:19-05:00 Mashpee FD Mashpee Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37680 2021-04-11T22:03:59-05:00 Orleans FD Orleans Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37712 2021-04-11T18:27:58-05:00 P'Town FD P'Town Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37744 2021-04-11T20:07:14-05:00 Sandwich FD Sandwich Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37776 2021-04-11T17:34:57-05:00 Truro FD Truro Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37808 2021-04-11T17:00:27-05:00 Wellfleet FD Wellfleet Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37840 2021-04-11T19:09:28-05:00 W.Barns FD West Barnstable Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37872 2021-04-11T22:16:42-05:00 Yarmouth FD Yarmouth Fire Department Fire Dispatch
37904 2021-04-11T09:28:38-05:00 JBCC Fire Joint Base Cape Cod Fire And Crash Fire Dispatch
38032 2021-04-11T19:39:05-05:00 County M/A Disp County Fire Mutual Aid Dispatch Fire Dispatch
38096 2021-04-11T08:17:05-05:00 Brnstable PD Barnstable Police Department (Future) Law Dispatch
38160 2021-04-11T21:48:16-05:00 Brewster PD Brewster Police Department Law Dispatch
38192 2021-04-11T20:47:27-05:00 Chatham PD Chatham Police Department Law Dispatch
38224 2021-04-11T21:07:29-05:00 Dennis PD Dennis Police Department Law Dispatch
38256 2021-04-11T18:03:36-05:00 Eastham PD Eastham Police Department Law Dispatch
38320 2021-04-11T22:18:04-05:00 Harwich PD Harwich Police Department Law Dispatch
38352 2021-04-11T21:54:01-05:00 Mashpee PD Mashpee Police Department Law Dispatch
38384 2021-04-11T20:41:19-05:00 Orleans PD Orleans Police Department Law Dispatch
38416 2021-04-11T19:35:21-05:00 P'Town PD P'Town Police Department Law Dispatch
38448 2021-04-11T21:45:53-05:00 Sandwich PD Sandwich Police Department CH2 Law Dispatch
38512 2021-04-11T19:22:43-05:00 Wellfleet PD Wellfleet Police Department Law Dispatch
38736 2021-04-11T18:26:26-05:00 BCSO Disp Sheriff/BCI Patched to 38800 Law Tac
38800 2021-04-11T18:49:13-05:00 Sheriff Ops Sheriff/BCI Patched from 36496 Law Tac
38896 2021-04-11T19:00:27-05:00 MEMA Metro MEMA Metro Boston Ops Emergency Ops
39952 2021-04-11T15:22:10-05:00 DFS-E Department of Fire Services - East Fire-Tac