Alabama Interoperable Radio System (AIRS)

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
587 2023-12-05T20:00:56-06:00 Brmgpt Fire Disp Birmingport Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
597 2023-12-05T19:58:27-06:00 Brooks Fire Link Brookside Fire VHF Link Fire-Talk
685 2023-12-06T03:46:21-06:00 CenterPoint Fire Center Point Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
703 2023-12-05T23:35:39-06:00 JC Family Court Family Court Public Works
711 2023-12-06T00:38:47-06:00 Forestd FD Disp Forestdale Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
777 2023-12-05T19:14:40-06:00 N SMITH FD DISP North Smithfield Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
787 2023-12-05T22:11:55-06:00 RCKYRDGE FD DISP Rocky Ridge Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
813 2023-12-05T20:36:41-06:00 MCCALLA FD DISP McCalla Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
841 2023-12-05T21:17:55-06:00 GlennwoodFD Disp Glennwood Fire Dispatch (patched to 154.7625 MHz) Fire Dispatch
941 2023-12-06T05:49:26-06:00 VESTAVIA PD DISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
945 2023-12-06T05:53:07-06:00 VESTAVIA FD DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
995 2023-12-06T05:54:16-06:00 CONCORD FD DISP Concord Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1431 2023-12-05T06:56:00-06:00 Jeff PCall PCall Interop
1433 2023-12-05T15:39:20-06:00 Jeff Ptac 1 Ptac 1 Interop
1539 2023-12-06T02:01:27-06:00 Truss PD 1 Disp Police: Dispatch (Ch. 1) Law Dispatch
1555 2023-12-05T22:02:28-06:00 Truss Fire Disp Fire: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1556 2023-12-05T18:57:48-06:00 Truss Fire Tac 1 Fire: Tactical 1 Fire-Tac
1557 2023-12-05T18:56:27-06:00 Truss Fire Tac 2 Fire: Tactical 2 Fire-Tac
1561 2023-12-06T05:25:07-06:00 MT BROOK PD DISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1563 2023-12-05T19:05:31-06:00 MT BROOK PD TAC2 Police Tac 2 Law Tac
1573 2023-12-06T03:16:05-06:00 MT BROOK FD DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1575 2023-12-05T19:52:25-06:00 MT BROOK FD TAC2 Fire Tac 2 Fire-Tac
1587 2023-12-06T03:49:09-06:00 PL GROVE PD DISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1597 2023-12-05T16:58:41-06:00 PL GROVE FD DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1619 2023-12-05T20:01:42-06:00 Adger Fire Disp Adger Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1643 2023-12-05T20:40:38-06:00 Brghtn Fire Disp Brighton Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1655 2023-12-06T03:00:32-06:00 FLTNDLE FD DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1679 2023-12-06T05:16:32-06:00 Mt Olive FD Disp Mount Olive Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1703 2023-12-05T23:09:26-06:00 PALMRDLE FD DISP Palmerdale Fire Dispatch (patched to 154.385 MHz) Fire Dispatch
1785 2023-12-05T20:01:12-06:00 Morris Fire Disp Fire: Dispatch (patched to 155.115) Fire Dispatch
1815 2023-12-06T02:21:59-06:00 Brghtn Police D Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1829 2023-12-05T18:00:20-06:00 Brksd PoliceDisp Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1851 2023-12-06T04:50:42-06:00 Leeds Fire Disp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1857 2023-12-06T03:46:00-06:00 Leeds Police Police Law Dispatch
2003 2023-12-06T05:20:59-06:00 Warr Police Disp Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2039 2023-12-05T19:57:43-06:00 Bagley Fire Disp Bagley Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2051 2023-12-06T04:37:20-06:00 MINOR-MULGA DISP Minor Mulga 269 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2057 2023-12-05T20:32:24-06:00 ADAMS FD DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2067 2023-12-06T05:49:27-06:00 GRDNDLE PD DISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2077 2023-12-06T05:48:19-06:00 GRDNDLE FD DISP Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2089 2023-12-06T05:51:56-06:00 IRONDALE PD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2091 2023-12-05T12:19:01-06:00 IRONDALE PD2 Police Tac 2 Law Talk
2099 2023-12-06T05:47:04-06:00 IRONDALE FD 1 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2111 2023-12-05T19:59:08-06:00 GRAYS FD DISP Graysville Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2131 2023-12-06T00:49:10-06:00 ADAMS PD DISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2143 2023-12-06T05:14:18-06:00 UAB Police 1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2145 2023-12-06T05:54:13-06:00 UAB Police 2 Security Services Security
2155 2023-12-05T20:04:48-06:00 MCADORY FD DISP McAdory Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2163 2023-12-05T22:28:55-06:00 EAST VAL FD DISP Eastern Valley Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2171 2023-12-05T19:58:09-06:00 CORNER FD DISP Corner Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2185 2023-12-05T22:26:09-06:00 KIMBERLY FD DISP Kimberly Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2219 2023-12-05T14:48:04-06:00 LIPSCOMB PD DISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2277 2023-12-06T01:49:23-06:00 Bess Fire Disp Fire: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2291 2023-12-06T05:35:51-06:00 Bess Police Disp Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
2367 2023-12-05T15:21:35-06:00 GRNDLE PD TRAFF Police Traffic Detail Law Tac
2473 2023-12-05T12:59:41-06:00 Jeff EM 2 Emergency Management 2 Emergency Ops
2521 2023-12-05T19:58:36-06:00 Jeff Fire M/A 1 Fire 1 Fire-Tac
2541 2023-12-06T00:45:49-06:00 Warr Fire Disp Fire Dispatch (patched to 154.1375) Fire Dispatch
2551 2023-12-05T22:52:35-06:00 W Jeff FD Disp West Jefferson Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2563 2023-12-06T05:50:01-06:00 JCSO1 CNTRPT Center Point Dispatch (Ch. 1) Law Dispatch
2565 2023-12-06T05:55:01-06:00 JCSO2 BESEMR Bessemer Dispatch (Ch. 2) Law Dispatch
2567 2023-12-06T03:01:31-06:00 JCSO3 FRSTDL Forestdale Dispatch (Ch. 3) Law Dispatch
2569 2023-12-05T09:19:26-06:00 JCSO WARRNT1 Warrants 1 Law Tac
2577 2023-12-05T15:20:34-06:00 JCSO TAC 2 Tactical 2 Law Tac
2581 2023-12-05T20:02:32-06:00 JCSO TAC 4 Tactical 4 Law Tac
2617 2023-12-05T16:01:01-06:00 JCSO JAIL 1 Jail 1 Corrections
2625 2023-12-05T07:39:40-06:00 JCSO JAIL OPS Jail Ops Corrections
2637 2023-12-06T05:33:28-06:00 Tarrant PD Disp Police Dispatch (patched to 155.85 MHz) Multi-Dispatch
2689 2023-12-06T04:32:25-06:00 HFD DISPATCH Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2691 2023-12-05T18:36:35-06:00 HFD TAC 1 Fire Tactical 1 Fire-Tac
2703 2023-12-06T05:55:04-06:00 Hoover PD Disp Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2725 2023-12-06T03:51:29-06:00 Hoover Fire Disp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2757 2023-12-06T00:03:50-06:00 ATCC Ops Operations Emergency Ops
2771 2023-12-06T05:52:03-06:00 Pelham Police Pelham Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2795 2023-12-06T05:55:05-06:00 Pelham Fire Pelham Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2813 2023-12-05T22:17:13-06:00 Alabaster PD Alabaster Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2827 2023-12-05T23:30:13-06:00 Calera Police Calera Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2841 2023-12-06T02:18:22-06:00 Columbiana PD Columbiana Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2855 2023-12-06T05:02:01-06:00 Helena Police Helena Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2869 2023-12-05T16:54:13-06:00 Montevallo PD Montevallo Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2883 2023-12-05T16:51:39-06:00 Univ Montv PD University of Montevallo Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2897 2023-12-06T05:21:52-06:00 ShelbyCo Sheriff Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
2927 2023-12-06T05:31:54-06:00 Law East Harpersville/Vincent Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2953 2023-12-06T05:47:15-06:00 Shelby Co FD E Fire Dispatch East Fire Dispatch
2955 2023-12-06T02:59:37-06:00 Shelby Co FD N Fire Dispatch North Fire Dispatch
2957 2023-12-05T15:36:59-06:00 Shelby Co FD W Fire Dispatch West Fire Dispatch
2995 2023-12-05T10:40:00-06:00 Radio Tech 4 Radio Technicians 4 (Multi-County) Public Works
3073 2023-12-06T05:41:13-06:00 BFD DISPATCH Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3075 2023-12-05T17:38:18-06:00 BFD RESPONSE Fire Response Fire Dispatch
3077 2023-12-05T23:51:30-06:00 BFD TAC 1 Fire Tac 1 Fire-Tac
3079 2023-12-05T15:21:37-06:00 BFD TAC 2 Fire Tac 2 Fire-Tac
3083 2023-12-05T13:36:01-06:00 BFD EMS 1 EMS 1 Rescue units to TCC EMS-Tac
3085 2023-12-05T19:19:15-06:00 BFD EMS 2 EMS 2 Special Events EMS-Tac
3109 2023-12-05T13:27:57-06:00 BFD TAC 6 Fire Tac 6 Fire-Tac
3801 2023-12-05T11:59:19-06:00 AL MA CALL Alabama Mutual Aid Calling - Statewide Interop
3808 2023-12-05T22:13:28-06:00 AL MA TAC7 Alabama Mutual Aid Tactical 7 - Statewide Interop
29200 2023-12-06T05:33:14-06:00 Dale Sheriff/Law Sheriff/Law Dispatch Law Dispatch
29204 2023-12-05T23:32:12-06:00 Dale Shrf Tac 1 Sheriff/Law Tac 1 Law Tac
31039 2023-12-05T07:05:54-06:00 AIR COM Air Com Dispatch - Air Methods Communications EMS Dispatch
40007 2023-12-06T05:48:25-06:00 Care Flight Care Flight Dispatch EMS Dispatch
40400 2023-12-06T05:54:53-06:00 ALEA Birmingham Troop G Birmingham (VHF patch) Law Dispatch
42002 2023-12-05T15:42:44-06:00 Tall Fire UHF Volunteer Fire UHF Fire Dispatch
42223 2023-12-06T02:22:47-06:00 Sylacauga EMS EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
45001 2023-12-06T05:43:18-06:00 Bibb Co Law Disp Sheriff/Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
60114 2023-12-05T10:14:01-06:00 Dothan PD Tac 1 Dothan Police Tac 1 Law Tac
60261 2023-12-06T05:55:05-06:00 Dothan FD/EMS 1 Dothan Fire/EMS Primary Fire Dispatch
60271 2023-12-05T17:40:18-06:00 PilchersAmb Disp Pilchers Ambulance Direct-to-Dispatch EMS Dispatch
60316 2023-12-06T05:45:38-06:00 Dothan PD North Dothan Police Primary - North Law Dispatch
60317 2023-12-05T22:26:14-06:00 Dothan PD South Dothan Police Primary - South Law Dispatch
60337 2023-12-06T05:06:59-06:00 Houston Law I/O Law Interop (linked to Houston NXDN TG1) Law Dispatch
60339 2023-12-05T22:07:15-06:00 Houston Fire/EMS Fire/EMS Interop (linked to Houston NXDN TG301) Fire Dispatch
61000 2023-12-06T04:16:34-06:00 Ozark Police Ozark Police Primary Law Dispatch
61001 2023-12-05T13:51:37-06:00 Ozark PD Tac-1 Ozark Police: Tac-1 Law Tac
61006 2023-12-06T02:14:07-06:00 Ozark EMS Prim Ozark EMS Primary EMS Dispatch
61015 2023-12-05T19:11:50-06:00 Ozark Fire Prim Ozark Fire Primary Fire Dispatch
61016 2023-12-05T17:55:51-06:00 Ozark Fire Tac-1 Ozark Fire Tac-1 Fire-Tac
61020 2023-12-05T13:21:45-06:00 Ozark Fireground Ozark Fireground Fire-Tac