Oklahoma Wireless Interoperability Network (OKWIN) (P25)

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
635 2021-04-12T15:54:03-05:00
659 2021-04-13T10:10:58-05:00 VA Security Veterans Hospital Security Security
807 2021-04-12T22:14:05-05:00 EMSA West A Disp EMSA OKC Dispatch EMS Dispatch
1113 2021-04-13T10:21:44-05:00 Cedar Country FD Cedar County Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1115 2021-04-12T11:54:38-05:00 OBN Secure OBN Secure Law Tac
1251 2021-04-13T06:58:36-05:00 Logan Co Jail County Jail Corrections
1343 2021-04-12T12:47:01-05:00 ChickasawCasino$ Chickasaw Casino Armored Trucks Other
1387 2021-04-13T09:50:48-05:00 Logan Co FG 1 County Fire - Fireground 1 Fire-Tac
1451 2021-04-12T12:46:50-05:00
1681 2021-04-13T10:29:53-05:00 Cleveland Co SO Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
1685 2021-04-13T10:17:18-05:00 ClevelandCoCourt Sheriff Courthouse and Prisoner Transfers C Law Tac
1725 2021-04-13T10:30:10-05:00 Noble Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1895 2021-04-13T10:17:19-05:00 Shawnee EMS REACT EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
1897 2021-04-13T10:21:16-05:00 MWC EMS 1 EMS Dispatch A EMS Dispatch
1959 2021-04-13T10:00:09-05:00 Crescent Police Crescent Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1965 2021-04-13T10:03:28-05:00 Chandler Police Chandler Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1985 2021-04-12T19:18:33-05:00 SMA 1-A Call SMA 1-A State Mutual Aid Calling Channel Interop
1989 2021-04-13T07:47:14-05:00 SMA 1-C SMA 1-C State Mutual Aid Interop
1995 2021-04-12T16:21:53-05:00 SMA 1-F SMA 1-F State Mutual Aid Interop
2145 2021-04-13T10:26:08-05:00 OHP B-Comm Tulsa Dispatch - B-Comm Law Dispatch
2325 2021-04-13T10:10:52-05:00 Arcadia Lake Arcadia Lake Maintenance Public Works
2561 2021-04-12T13:14:14-05:00 Tulsa Co Sheriff Sheriff Dispatch A Law Dispatch
2601 2021-04-13T07:01:41-05:00 OHP Captiol-Comm Capitol Patrol Dispatch - R-Comm Law Dispatch
2603 2021-04-13T09:37:43-05:00 OHP Gov Security Executive Security - ES-Comm Law Dispatch
2605 2021-04-13T10:30:12-05:00 OHP AM-Comm Troop A Metro Dispatch - AM-Comm Law Dispatch
2609 2021-04-13T08:25:31-05:00 OHP Com Center Com Center Law Dispatch
2611 2021-04-13T10:09:41-05:00 OHP AR-Comm Troop A Rural Dispatch - AR-Comm Law Dispatch
2613 2021-04-13T10:30:36-05:00 OHP AR-Ops Troop A Rural Operations - AR-Ops Law Tac
2615 2021-04-13T07:00:52-05:00 OHP Capitol-Ops Capitol Patrol Operations - R-Ops Law Tac
2621 2021-04-13T10:30:27-05:00 OTA Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Turnpike Maintenance Public Works
2633 2021-04-13T10:25:20-05:00 OHP Turner Com Turner/Kilpatrick Turnpike Dispatch - Turner Comm Law Dispatch
2637 2021-04-13T10:13:41-05:00 OTA Turner Tpike Turner Turnpike Maintenance Public Works
2659 2021-04-13T07:28:13-05:00 Shawnee Police A Police Dispatch A Law Dispatch
2681 2021-04-13T10:10:22-05:00 State EM 3 SEMA 3 - Dispatch Emergency Ops
2743 2021-04-13T08:52:17-05:00 OHP D-Comm McAlester Dispatch - D-Comm Law Dispatch
2749 2021-04-13T08:02:05-05:00 OHP E-Comm Durant Dispatch - E-Comm Law Dispatch
2761 2021-04-13T10:28:25-05:00 OHP G-Comm Lawton Dispatch - G-Comm Law Dispatch
2779 2021-04-13T08:28:06-05:00 OHP J-Comm Enid Dispatch - J-Comm Law Dispatch
2785 2021-04-13T10:04:29-05:00 OHP K-Comm Perry Dispatch - K-Comm Law Dispatch
2807 2021-04-13T10:02:23-05:00 OTA Bailey Tpike H.E. Bailey Turnpike Maintenance Public Works
3017 2021-04-13T10:29:49-05:00 Little Axe Fire Little Axe Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3023 2021-04-13T09:59:27-05:00 Oklahoma Co Fire County Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3087 2021-04-13T10:11:06-05:00 NHills/Villge FD Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3135 2021-04-13T10:29:06-05:00 Oklahoma Co SO Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
3167 2021-04-13T10:06:59-05:00 Midwest City FD Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3173 2021-04-13T10:21:21-05:00 OTA Turner Tolls Turner Turnpike Tollbooths Public Works
3193 2021-04-13T09:53:30-05:00 OTA Bailey Tolls H.E. Bailey Turnpike Tollbooths Public Works
3199 2021-04-13T10:29:34-05:00 Del City Fire Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3215 2021-04-13T10:29:09-05:00 Moore Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3217 2021-04-12T15:49:02-05:00 Moore Police 2 Police 2 Law Tac
3231 2021-04-13T10:27:42-05:00 Moore Fire Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3247 2021-04-13T10:30:45-05:00 OKC PD Santa Fe Santa Fe Division Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3249 2021-04-13T04:38:46-05:00 Norman Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3279 2021-04-13T10:30:45-05:00 OKC PD Southwest Southwest Division Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3311 2021-04-13T10:29:25-05:00 OKC PD Hefner Hefner Division Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3327 2021-04-13T10:29:50-05:00 Del City Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3343 2021-04-13T10:30:31-05:00 OKC PD Sprnglake Springlake Division Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3375 2021-04-13T06:30:23-05:00 OKC PD Bricktown Bricktown Division Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3377 2021-04-12T10:37:33-05:00 Moore Hospital Emergency Room for Patient Reports Hospital
3429 2021-04-13T08:32:28-05:00 OakClif/DrCrk FD Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3511 2021-04-12T17:18:49-05:00 Shawnee Fire A Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3617 2021-04-13T10:17:29-05:00 NIchols Hills PD NIchols Hill Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3623 2021-04-13T09:58:33-05:00 Village Police 1 The Village Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3683 2021-04-12T18:44:00-05:00 Purcell Fire Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3739 2021-04-13T00:43:56-05:00 Chickasha PD Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3751 2021-04-13T10:30:32-05:00 Grady Co Sheriff Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
3753 2021-04-13T07:28:45-05:00 Grady County SO2 Sheriff Secondary Law Tac
3817 2021-04-13T09:57:51-05:00 Langston Univ PD Langston University Campus Police Law Dispatch
3827 2021-04-13T10:24:17-05:00 Canadian Co SO Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
3857 2021-04-13T09:04:33-05:00 Purcell Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3859 2021-04-13T00:09:15-05:00 Wadley's EMS Wadley's Ambulance Dispatch EMS Dispatch
3875 2021-04-13T08:45:58-05:00 Chickasha Fire Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3929 2021-04-13T10:30:49-05:00 Guthrie Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3931 2021-04-13T09:56:09-05:00 Guthrie Fire Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3937 2021-04-13T10:09:00-05:00 Lincoln Co SO Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
3943 2021-04-13T10:11:56-05:00 Logan Co Sheriff Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
3973 2021-04-13T10:29:37-05:00 UCO Campus PD University of Central Oklahoma Campus Security Schools
4001 2021-04-13T10:11:28-05:00 Prague Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4003 2021-04-13T10:19:52-05:00 GRDA Police Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4013 2021-04-13T10:28:46-05:00 BIA Police SW BIA Police - Southwest Dispatch Law Dispatch
4049 2021-04-13T05:47:00-05:00 Memorial EMS EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
4051 2021-04-12T23:13:08-05:00 Kirks Ambulance Kirk's EMS Dsipatch EMS Dispatch