Jacksonville City - First Coast Radio

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
11 2024-06-16T18:40:26-05:00 SIGNALS Signals Bureau Public Works
29 2024-06-16T19:00:52-05:00 PARKS HANNA Parks - Hanna Public Works
61 2024-06-16T19:36:13-05:00 PARKS-HUGUENOT Parks - Huguenot Public Works
103 2024-06-16T23:31:19-05:00 JTA BUS-1 Bus-1 Dispatch Transportation
105 2024-06-16T20:51:56-05:00 JTA BUS-2 Bus-2 Transportation
107 2024-06-16T11:24:50-05:00 JTA 107 Unknown Tg 107 Transportation
109 2024-06-16T11:24:44-05:00 JTA BUS C2C Bus to Bus Transportation
111 2024-06-16T11:25:01-05:00 JTA 111 Unknown Tg 111 Transportation
113 2024-06-16T21:23:12-05:00 JTA ALL CALL All Call Tg Transportation
149 2024-06-16T23:41:07-05:00 JFRD A4 SUPPRES Suppression Fire-Tac
1025 2024-06-16T22:07:44-05:00 JEA DISP-E Dispatch-Electric Utilities
1027 2024-06-16T20:48:05-05:00 JEA DIST Distribution Utilities
1029 2024-06-16T11:39:11-05:00 JEA SSIDE Southside Utilities
1035 2024-06-16T15:15:15-05:00 JEA C&D Collections & Disconnects Utilities
1037 2024-06-16T23:30:08-05:00 JEA SEC Security Utilities
1041 2024-06-16T11:43:13-05:00 JEA ENG Engineers Utilities
1049 2024-06-16T06:56:32-05:00 JEA OPER-3 Operations-3 Utilities
1053 2024-06-16T23:28:03-05:00 JEA OPER-1 Operations-1 Utilities
1085 2024-06-16T23:41:07-05:00 JFRD A1 EMS EAST EMS East EMS Dispatch
1087 2024-06-16T23:41:07-05:00 JFRD A2 DISP Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1089 2024-06-16T23:41:34-05:00 JFRD A3 EMS WEST EMS West EMS Dispatch
1101 2024-06-16T23:25:10-05:00 JFRD A-16 TRNING Training Fire-Talk
1113 2024-06-16T22:01:01-05:00 JFRD B1 FGB1 Fire Ground B-1 Fire-Tac
1143 2024-06-16T10:42:27-05:00 JFRD B16 FGC5-A Fire Ground B-16 Announcement for B-13/15 Fire-Tac
1277 2024-06-16T17:03:30-05:00 A/B OCEAN RESCUE Lifeguards EMS-Tac
1341 2024-06-16T06:11:11-05:00 DCHD MCI NET Mass Casualties Incident Net Interop
1349 2024-06-16T23:31:16-05:00 JTA BUS OPS Bus Operations Transportation
1359 2024-06-16T21:51:09-05:00 JTA SECURITY-1 Security-1 Transportation
1449 2024-06-16T12:10:07-05:00 JEA NS GS INSTR Northside Generation Station Incinerator Utilities
1451 2024-06-16T16:10:28-05:00 JEA NS GS ASH Northside Generation Station Ash Utilities
1453 2024-06-16T23:36:43-05:00 JEA NS GS BULK Northside Generation Station Bulk Utilities
1457 2024-06-16T23:41:23-05:00 JEA BRANDY GS Brandy Branch Generation Station Utilities
1459 2024-06-16T09:48:16-05:00
1509 2024-06-16T02:01:27-05:00 T-1 N/HD UFH-IC Trauma One North Dispatch/UF Health Incident Command EMS Dispatch
1523 2024-06-16T21:52:28-05:00 JIA EVENTS/CRASH Events/ JFRD Station16 Crash Units Fire-Tac
1525 2024-06-16T07:35:07-05:00 CECIL OPS Cecil Field Operations Aircraft
1563 2024-06-16T19:18:08-05:00 JIA OPS JIA Operations Aircraft
1603 2024-06-16T17:00:41-05:00
2329 2024-06-16T23:40:54-05:00 JMA SEC SOC Security Operations Center Security
2331 2024-06-16T22:08:44-05:00 JMA SEC-BLNT Security-Blount Island Security
2333 2024-06-16T23:35:36-05:00 JMA SEC-TALLY Security-Tallyrand Security
2335 2024-06-16T23:39:06-05:00 JMA SEC-TRAPAC Security-TraPac Security
2391 2024-06-16T07:56:20-05:00 JMA EOC/FERRY EOC Ops/Ferry Ops Transportation
2535 2024-06-16T07:02:38-05:00 CECIL EVNT/CRASH Cecil Field Events-JFRD Station 56/Cecil Crash Units Fire-Tac