Maine State Communications Network (MSCommNet)

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
711 2023-11-30T09:03:37-06:00 Zone 1A Zone 1 Primary Augusta RCC South Law Dispatch
715 2023-11-30T07:38:30-06:00 Troop G Troop G-Pike Dispatch Law Dispatch
721 2023-11-30T09:08:35-06:00 Zone 2A Zone 2 Primary Augusta RCC North Law Dispatch
1716 2023-11-30T08:00:07-06:00 MEMA-Counties Maine Emergency Management Counties Emergency Ops
1841 2023-11-29T14:47:24-06:00 DOC-Trans Department of Corrections Transport Corrections