Southeast Georgia Regional Radio Network (SEGARRN)

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
215 2024-06-21T10:06:51-05:00 Memorial Hospita Memorial Hospital Hospital
223 2024-06-21T20:12:23-05:00 Metro Fire Admin Metro Fire Admin Fire-Tac
289 2024-06-21T20:56:29-05:00 PW Fire Admin Fire Administration Fire-Talk
309 2024-06-21T06:38:47-05:00 GrdnCity Police2 Police (Ch. 2) Law Tac
333 2024-06-21T17:52:13-05:00 Pooler PD 1 Disp Police: Dispatch 1 Law Dispatch
807 2024-06-21T18:48:35-05:00 PW Police Tac Police Tactical Law Tac
811 2024-06-21T20:05:04-05:00 GSU AC Police GSU AC Police (Georgia Southern University-Armstrong Campus,) Law Dispatch
821 2024-06-21T13:40:08-05:00 Sav SchoolPolice School Police (Board of Education) Law Dispatch
835 2024-06-21T19:03:36-05:00 GPA Police1 Disp Police 1: Dispatch Law Dispatch
847 2024-06-21T19:35:30-05:00 Chatham ShrfMain Sheriff: Main Law Tac
855 2024-06-21T11:21:56-05:00 GPA Police 4 Police 4 Law Tac
877 2024-06-22T00:39:00-05:00 GSP P45 Dispatch GSP Post 45 Statesboro Law Dispatch
1047 2024-06-21T23:19:51-05:00 Effhm Sheriff 2 Dispatch (Ch. 2) Law Dispatch
1059 2024-06-21T21:20:16-05:00 Rincon Police 1 Police (Ch 1) Law Talk
1063 2024-06-22T01:25:03-05:00 Rincon Police 3 Police (Ch 3) Law Tac
1101 2024-06-22T01:29:24-05:00 GSP P42 Dispatch GSP Post 42 Rincon Dispatch Law Dispatch
1537 2024-06-22T01:27:34-05:00 Effhm Sheriff 1 Dispatch (Ch. 1) Law Dispatch
1541 2024-06-22T00:46:03-05:00 Effham Fire Disp Fire: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1543 2024-06-22T00:48:31-05:00 Effingham EMS EMS: Dispatch EMS Dispatch
1665 2024-06-21T23:57:03-05:00 Effham EMA Inc 5 Incident 5 Emergency Ops
2305 2024-06-21T21:36:58-05:00 Metro Fire Disp Metro Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3433 2024-06-21T20:05:15-05:00 PCT 4/5 Pri A4 - Precinct 4 & 5: Primary Law Dispatch
3439 2024-06-21T18:32:30-05:00 Westside Disp Westside Dispatch Law Dispatch
3473 2024-06-21T07:34:40-05:00 A12 SCMPD A12 Talkgroup Law Talk
5007 2024-06-21T06:55:37-05:00
5060 2024-06-21T06:25:19-05:00
5090 2024-06-21T20:07:27-05:00 Bryan Fire N North Dispatch (+Pembroke Fire) Fire Dispatch
5091 2024-06-22T01:19:03-05:00 Bryan Law North North Dispatch (+Pembroke PD) Law Dispatch
5093 2024-06-21T17:58:14-05:00 Bryan Fire S South Dispatch (+Richmond Hill Fire) Fire Dispatch
5094 2024-06-21T18:11:34-05:00 Bryan Law South South Dispatch (+Richmond Hill PD) Law Dispatch
5116 2024-06-21T23:10:01-05:00 Bryan Shrf Traff Traffic Enforcement Law Talk
12300 2024-06-22T01:29:23-05:00 Bulloch Sheriff Sheriff: Dispatch Law Dispatch
12302 2024-06-21T23:48:28-05:00 Statsboro Police Statesboro Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
12306 2024-06-22T00:08:20-05:00 Georgia Law Disp Georgia State Law Dispatch Law Dispatch
12309 2024-06-22T01:06:54-05:00 Bulloch Fire N Fire: North Fire-Tac
12311 2024-06-22T01:25:05-05:00 Bulloch EMS Disp EMS: Dispatch EMS Dispatch
12312 2024-06-21T06:26:00-05:00 Bullock EMS 2 EMS: Ops 2 EMS-Tac
12313 2024-06-21T11:49:55-05:00 Bull Sheriff Ops Sheriff: Operations Law Tac
12316 2024-06-22T01:15:58-05:00 BC Fire 12316 Fire Fire-Tac
12317 2024-06-22T01:21:22-05:00
12329 2024-06-21T12:30:12-05:00 Statesboro FG 3 Statesboro Fireground 3 Fire-Tac
12332 2024-06-21T17:33:04-05:00 Statesboro Fire Statesboro Fire: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12333 2024-06-21T17:42:48-05:00 Statesboro FG 1 Statesboro Fireground 1 Fire-Tac
12370 2024-06-21T20:36:41-05:00 Bulloch PatReprt Patient Reports (EMS to EGRMC) Hospital
12408 2024-06-22T01:06:54-05:00 Bulloch EMS 1 EMS: Dispatch - Station 1 EMS Dispatch
12416 2024-06-21T11:30:11-05:00 Bulloch Shrf 416 Sheriff: Operations Multi-Tac
12800 2024-06-21T15:21:40-05:00 Liberty Sheriff Sheriff: Dispatch Law Dispatch
12877 2024-06-22T00:57:32-05:00 GSP P11 Dispatch GSP Post 11 Hinesville Dispatch Law Dispatch
16896 2024-06-22T01:27:18-05:00 Candler Sheriff Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
16902 2024-06-22T01:09:51-05:00 Metter Police Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
16912 2024-06-21T20:15:31-05:00 CCFD Disp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
17920 2024-06-21T10:01:48-05:00 Lifestar EMS Lifestar EMS Dispatch