Palmetto 800

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
20023 2023-12-10T02:55:45-06:00 SC Reg Govt 7 Regional Govt 7 (Troop 7) Interop
20501 2023-12-10T18:54:17-06:00 Aiken Co SD Disp Sheriff Ch 1 Dispatch Law Dispatch
20502 2023-12-10T04:03:45-06:00 Aiken Co SD 2 Sheriff Ch 2 Law Tac
20505 2023-12-10T16:18:45-06:00 Aiken Co SD Cvl Sheriff Civil Process Law Tac
20565 2023-12-10T18:50:12-06:00 Aiken EMS Disp EMS Ch 1 Dispatch EMS Dispatch
20567 2023-12-10T18:50:21-06:00 Aiken EMS Hosp EMS to Aiken ER Hospital
20851 2023-12-10T18:45:44-06:00 Akn City PD Disp Aiken City DPS Ch 1 Dispatch Law Dispatch
20855 2023-12-10T03:26:11-06:00 Akn City PD Ops3 Aiken City DPS Ops 3 Law Tac
20856 2023-12-10T16:56:02-06:00 Akn City PD Admn Aiken City DPS Ch 2 Admin Law Tac
20895 2023-12-10T18:45:37-06:00 N Augusta DPS 1 North Augusta DPS Ch 1 Dispatch Law Dispatch
20896 2023-12-10T18:17:38-06:00 N Augusta DPS 2 North Augusta DPS Ch 2 Law Tac
20905 2023-12-10T15:27:14-06:00 N Augusta DPS 3 North Augusta DPS Ch 3 Fire Fire-Tac
21001 2023-12-10T18:31:40-06:00 Allendale SD 1 Sheriff Ch 1 Law Tac
22066 2023-12-10T08:00:11-06:00 Medshore Brnwl Medshore EMS Barnwell County EMS Dispatch
27111 2023-12-10T18:49:09-06:00 SCHP Aiken Disp Ch 97 Aiken Dispatch Law Dispatch
27118 2023-12-10T17:15:12-06:00 SCHP BmbBrn Disp Ch 100 Bamberg/Barnwell/Allendale/Hampton Dispatch Law Dispatch
27888 2023-12-10T18:03:27-06:00 USC-Aiken Sec USC-Aiken Security Schools
28401 2023-12-09T19:31:58-06:00 SC EMD Alert Emergency Notification System Emergency Ops
41006 2023-12-10T18:53:11-06:00 And Co FD Disp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
41014 2023-12-10T17:34:41-06:00 And FD Disp Anderson FD Dispatch Fire Dispatch
41019 2023-12-10T18:53:17-06:00 And PD Disp Anderson PD Ch 1 Law Dispatch
41023 2023-12-10T18:53:41-06:00 And Muni PD 1 Municipal PD Ch 1 (Belton, Honeapath, Pendleton, Williamson) Law Dispatch
41030 2023-12-10T18:53:26-06:00 And Co EMS Disp EMS Dispatch Ch 1 (Medshore) EMS Dispatch
41043 2023-12-10T16:24:42-06:00 And Co Mun FD Municipal FDs (Belton, Honea Path, Williamston FDs) Fire Dispatch
50204 2023-12-10T15:33:44-06:00 SCHP Egf/Sld/Mck Ch 20 Edgefield/Saluda/McCormick Dispatch Law Dispatch
55377 2023-12-10T12:30:25-06:00 Augusta U Air Augusta University Air Care EMS Dispatch