Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority MOT

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
1648 2024-07-20T04:51:31-05:00 Para Disp Paratransit Dispatch Transportation
1712 2024-07-20T04:56:51-05:00 Para Bus 1 Paratransit Buses #1 Transportation
1744 2024-07-20T04:58:40-05:00 Para Bus 2 Paratransit Buses #2 Transportation
1776 2024-07-20T04:58:36-05:00 Para Bus 3 Paratransit Buses #3 Transportation
2032 2024-07-20T04:05:43-05:00 EMERGENCY Emergency Transportation
2416 2024-07-20T04:59:17-05:00 N/S Trains North/South Line Trains Railroad
2448 2024-07-20T04:58:19-05:00 E/W Trains East/West Line Trains Railroad
2480 2024-07-20T04:55:40-05:00 Yard Amor Armor Yard Railroad
2512 2024-07-20T04:55:11-05:00 Yard South South Yard Railroad
2544 2024-07-20T04:51:16-05:00 Yard Avon Avondale Yard Railroad
2576 2024-07-20T04:07:54-05:00 Rail Maint Maintenance Railroad
2608 2024-07-20T04:58:31-05:00 Rail Agents Station Agents Railroad
2864 2024-07-19T22:19:27-05:00 EMERGENCY Emergency Railroad
6288 2024-07-19T17:00:30-05:00 Op Command Operator Command Transportation
6480 2024-07-20T04:58:39-05:00 A Perry Fixed Route A Perry Transportation
6512 2024-07-19T20:36:24-05:00 B Larado Fixed Route B Larado Transportation
6544 2024-07-19T19:55:06-05:00 C Hamilton Fixed Route C Hamilton Transportation
6576 2024-07-20T04:55:36-05:00 Yard Div A Division A Yard Perry Public Works
6608 2024-07-19T16:19:15-05:00 Yard Div B Division B Yard Maint Public Works
6640 2024-07-20T04:56:50-05:00 Yard Div C Division C Yard Maintenance Public Works
21232 2024-07-19T10:45:54-05:00 Infra Maint Infrastructure Maintenance Public Works
24208 2024-07-20T04:59:09-05:00 MPD 1 N/S Ch.1 Dispatch Primary (North/South Rail) Law Dispatch
24272 2024-07-20T03:06:25-05:00 MPD 2 E/W Ch.2 Dispatch Secondary (East/West Rail) Law Dispatch
24304 2024-07-19T15:01:08-05:00 MPD 3 N Ch.3 North (Unit to Supervisor) Law Talk
24336 2024-07-20T01:19:44-05:00 MPD 4 S Ch.4 South (Events) Law Talk
24368 2024-07-20T01:04:28-05:00 MPD 5 E Ch.5 East Law Dispatch