STARCOM21 Statewide Illinois

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
0 2021-04-12T14:31:21-05:00
20 2021-04-12T10:07:57-05:00 Motorola Tech 20 Installation / Techs / Evaluation Business
1001 2021-04-13T03:48:31-05:00 Plnfld Police 1 Plainfield Police: Dispatch 1 Law Dispatch
1002 2021-04-12T08:00:14-05:00 Plnfld Police 2 Plainfield Police: Operations 2 Law Tac
1051 2021-04-12T11:54:45-05:00 ANLab Fire Emergency Channel (Fire Dispatch / Operations) Fire Dispatch
1053 2021-04-12T16:47:49-05:00 ANL Security Protective Force: Dispatch (Security) Security
1072 2021-04-12T14:06:12-05:00 ANL Ops 1072 Grounds Operations Federal
1101 2021-04-13T04:58:27-05:00 McHenry Sheriff Sheriff: Dispatch Law Dispatch
1123 2021-04-12T16:45:41-05:00 McH Cor Sec Corrections Security Main Corrections
1127 2021-04-13T05:43:03-05:00 McH NSA Police Local Police: Main (NSA Non-Sheriff Agency) Law Dispatch
1143 2021-04-12T20:29:12-05:00 McH Fire North Fire Dispatch: North (Hebron, Richmond Twp., Spring Grove, Wonder Lake) [patched to 151.2575 100.0 PL] Fire Dispatch
1161 2021-04-12T13:48:10-05:00 McH DOT Main DOT: Main/Dispatch Public Works
1179 2021-04-12T23:46:54-05:00 Huntley Fire Huntley Fire Protection District: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1376 2021-04-13T05:35:38-05:00 Boone Shrf/Law 1 Sheriff/Rural Law Dispatch [Ch 1] Law Dispatch
1411 2021-04-13T04:48:52-05:00 T1 Task 1 Inc/SA Task 1 - Incident / Special Assignment Public Works
1417 2021-04-12T07:42:02-05:00 T3 Kankakee Yd Kankakee Yard [Kankakee] Public Works
1420 2021-04-13T05:43:33-05:00 T1 ETP Dispatch Emergency Traffic Patrol: Dispatch (Minutemen) Public Works
1421 2021-04-12T11:50:49-05:00 T1 Admin Disp Administration Dispatch Public Works
1422 2021-04-12T17:40:13-05:00 T1 ETP M2M Emergency Traffic Patrol: Mobile to Mobile (Minutemen) Public Works
1551 2021-04-13T04:52:58-05:00 Elgin/S Elg Fire Fire: Dispatch (w/ S Elgin) Fire Dispatch
1552 2021-04-12T18:47:46-05:00 Elgin Fire Ops 2 Fire: Operations 2 (w/ S Elgin) Fire-Talk
1563 2021-04-12T20:11:50-05:00 Elgin Police Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
1735 2021-04-12T07:06:21-05:00 Winn Ops 1735 Rockford Police / Winnebago Sheriff Multi-Tac
1776 2021-04-13T05:06:04-05:00 MWRD Police 1 Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago: Police Law Dispatch
1829 2021-04-13T05:17:17-05:00 Rochelle Police Rochelle Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
1891 2021-04-12T14:17:43-05:00 BCFPD Fire 2 Barrington-Countryside Fire: Fire 2 Fire-Tac
1901 2021-04-13T05:40:46-05:00 DeKalb Police DeKalb Police: Dispatch (also using DeKalb TRS TG 51) Law Dispatch
1926 2021-04-13T00:58:22-05:00 Knox Sheriff Sherrff: Dispatch (Dispatcher simulcast on 155.535) Law Dispatch
2002 2021-04-13T05:44:04-05:00 ITHA M NorthHELP North Maintenance / HELP Trucks [Ch 2] Public Works
2004 2021-04-13T00:36:31-05:00 ITHA Maint Alt N Maintenance Alternate - North ("A Alternate", "A Ops") Public Works
2009 2021-04-12T12:14:28-05:00 ITHA M CarToCar Maintenance - Car-to-Car Public Works
2013 2021-04-13T02:26:45-05:00 ITHA M1 Alsip Maintenance Garage M-1 (Alsip) Public Works
2014 2021-04-13T02:55:00-05:00 ITHA M2 Hillside Maintenance Garage M-2 (Hillside) Public Works
2015 2021-04-13T02:09:54-05:00 ITHA M3 PrkRidge Maintenance Garage M-3 (Park Ridge) Public Works
2016 2021-04-13T02:48:19-05:00 ITHA M4 Gurnee Maintenance Garage M-4 (Gurnee) Public Works
2017 2021-04-13T05:37:49-05:00 ITHA M5 ArlHghts Maintenance Garage M-5 (Arlington Heights) Public Works
2018 2021-04-13T02:10:08-05:00 ITHA M6 Mar/Hamp Maintenance Garage M-6 (Marengo-Hampshire) Public Works
2019 2021-04-13T02:47:44-05:00 ITHA M7 Rockford Maintenance Garage M-7 (Rockford) Public Works
2021 2021-04-12T18:36:06-05:00 ITHA M11 DeKalb Maintenance Garage M-11 (DeKalb) Public Works
2023 2021-04-12T15:49:59-05:00 ITHA M14 DwnrGrv Maintenance Garage M-14 (Downers Grove) Public Works
2024 2021-04-12T20:04:20-05:00 ITHA M16 I-390 Maintenance Garage M-16 (I-390) Public Works
2036 2021-04-13T02:35:15-05:00 D15 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
2400 2021-04-12T14:40:07-05:00 AG 2400 Nrth/Chi North Operations (Chicago) Law Tac
2426 2021-04-12T22:13:48-05:00 Grundy Fire/EMS Fire/EMS: Paging Emergency Ops
2427 2021-04-13T01:03:36-05:00 Grundy Fire 1 Fire 1 (Linked to North) Fire Dispatch
2429 2021-04-13T03:19:20-05:00 Grundy Sheriff Sheriff: Dispatch [Police 1] Law Dispatch
2430 2021-04-13T05:40:45-05:00 Morris/MinookaPD Morris/Minooka Police: Dispatch [Police 2] Law Dispatch
2431 2021-04-12T19:45:59-05:00 Grundy Co Jail Jail Corrections
2436 2021-04-12T17:56:06-05:00 Grundy Ops 3 Ops 3 Multi-Tac
2440 2021-04-12T19:43:45-05:00 Grundy EMA Main EMA: Main Emergency Ops
2443 2021-04-12T23:06:03-05:00 Grundy GE170 GE Hitachi Morris Emergency Ops
2446 2021-04-13T04:54:12-05:00 Minooka PD c2c Minooka Police: Car-to-Car Law Tac
2576 2021-04-13T01:47:57-05:00 SChiHts/StegerPD South Chicago Heights / Steger Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
2611 2021-04-12T18:57:03-05:00 DC Police 7W 7 West Warrenville, West Chicago, Winfield Police Law Dispatch
2703 2021-04-12T19:23:46-05:00 DC Fire West Fire West: Bartlett and Hanover Park (patched to 154.145) Fire Dispatch
2712 2021-04-13T05:13:43-05:00 ACDC Fire 1 Fire 1: Pleasantview, Tri-State, Westmont FDs Fire Dispatch
2713 2021-04-13T04:26:29-05:00 ACDC Fire 2 Fire 2: Addison, Itasca, Wood Dale FPDs Fire Dispatch
2751 2021-04-13T05:22:10-05:00 NWCD Fire 1 Fire: Dispatch (Elk Grove, Palatine, Palatine Rural, Rolling Meadows, Barrington Countryside) Fire Dispatch
2752 2021-04-13T05:35:30-05:00 NWCD Fire 2 Fire: Dispatch (Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Mount Prospect) Fire Dispatch
2753 2021-04-13T05:11:09-05:00 NWCD Fire 3 Fire: Dispatch (Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Streamwood) Fire Dispatch
2754 2021-04-12T09:11:35-05:00 NWCD Fire 4 Fire: Operations Fire-Talk
2758 2021-04-12T20:16:29-05:00 ArlngtonHghts FG Arlington Heights Fireground Fire-Talk
2760 2021-04-12T18:16:08-05:00 ElkGroveVillg FG Elk Grove Village Fireground Fire-Talk
2761 2021-04-13T01:29:02-05:00 HoffmnEstates FG Hoffman Estates Fireground Fire-Talk
2763 2021-04-12T15:52:11-05:00 Palatine FG Palatine Fireground Fire-Talk
2765 2021-04-12T19:12:26-05:00 RollingMeadowsFG Rolling Meadows Fireground Fire-Talk
2766 2021-04-13T05:06:11-05:00 Schaumburg FG Schaumburg Fireground Fire-Talk
2767 2021-04-12T13:10:35-05:00 Streamwood FG Streamwood Fireground Fire-Talk
2770 2021-04-12T12:51:56-05:00 NWCD Fireground3 NWCD Fireground 3 Fire-Talk
2776 2021-04-12T12:12:35-05:00
2991 2021-04-13T05:35:42-05:00 MetraPolice Disp Dispatch Law Dispatch
3088 2021-04-12T18:12:05-05:00 Arl Heights C/W Arlington Heights: Citywide Common Multi-Talk
3097 2021-04-12T14:31:18-05:00 Schaumburg C/W Schaumburg: Citywide Common Multi-Talk
3154 2021-04-12T18:31:35-05:00 Schaumburg PW Schaumburg Public Works Public Works
3188 2021-04-12T13:34:26-05:00 ElkGroveVlg PW C Elk Grove Village Public Works C Public Works
3459 2021-04-12T12:47:16-05:00 NERCOM W Police Police Dispatch: Harvard, Marengo, Union, Woodstock Law Dispatch
3460 2021-04-12T06:36:23-05:00 NERCOM Law W Tac Police: Law West - Tac Law Dispatch
3541 2021-04-12T20:58:53-05:00 ECC Police Elgin Community College Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
3571 2021-04-13T05:45:12-05:00 NIU Police Northern Illinois University: Police / Public Safety Law Dispatch
3577 2021-04-13T04:28:46-05:00 NIU Huskie Patrl Northern Illinois University: Escorts Huskie Patrol Schools
3679 2021-04-13T05:41:31-05:00 Glenview Fire Glenview Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3684 2021-04-12T21:00:23-05:00 Skokie Police Skokie Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
3685 2021-04-12T19:25:29-05:00 GPSDC MG/Niles Glenview Public Safety Dispatch Center: Morton Grove and Niles Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3686 2021-04-13T00:10:57-05:00 GPSDC GlenviewPD Glenview Public Safety Dispatch Center: Glenview Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3687 2021-04-12T22:58:09-05:00 Net 24B Police Dispatch: Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Glencoe, Northfield PDs Law Dispatch
3691 2021-04-12T20:18:45-05:00 GPSDC APERN Glenview Public Safety Dispatch Center: Areawide Police Emergency Radio Network (APERN) Law Talk
3735 2021-04-12T10:18:04-05:00 T2 RckIsland Co Rock Island County Public Works
3744 2021-04-12T14:40:29-05:00 T3 Morris Yard Morris Yard [Grundy] Public Works
3745 2021-04-12T11:55:52-05:00 T3 YorkvilleYard Yorkville Yard [Kendall] Public Works
3746 2021-04-12T13:55:56-05:00 T3 Ottawa Yard Ottawa Yard [LaSalle] Public Works
3747 2021-04-12T12:14:13-05:00 T3 LaSalle Yard LaSalle Yard [LaSalle] Public Works
3748 2021-04-12T10:31:35-05:00 T3 Princton/Ladd Princeton / Ladd Yards [Bureau] Public Works
3750 2021-04-12T09:56:26-05:00 T3 Special Crews Special Crews Public Works
3886 2021-04-13T05:42:00-05:00 NorthbrookPolice Northbrook Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3981 2021-04-12T22:51:57-05:00 MCD PD HH,Nr,SPk Harwood Heights, Norridge and Schiller Park PDs Law Dispatch
4001 2021-04-13T04:17:17-05:00 IEMA 1 Primary Primary - Statewide Emergency Ops
4085 2021-04-12T17:37:05-05:00 SOS ChiSecurity1 Security - Primary (Chicago SOS Drivers Facilities) Law Tac
4199 2021-04-13T04:01:20-05:00 AmIL Peo 4199 Operations - Peoria (CILCO) Utilities
4208 2021-04-13T00:15:28-05:00 AmG Peo 4208 Gas - Peoria / Pekin (BDO) (CILCO) Utilities
4213 2021-04-12T20:31:53-05:00 AmE Peo 1 Electrical - Peoria Dispatch [Peoria 1] (CILCO) Utilities
4228 2021-04-12T18:53:48-05:00 Am E LaS/Bureau Electrical - LaSalle/Bureau Counties Utilities
4233 2021-04-12T23:50:25-05:00 AmG Put/Hnpn Gas - Putnam Co/Hennepin Utilities
4283 2021-04-12T18:15:48-05:00 AmIL DeW 4283 Electrical Operations - Clinton/Wapella Utilities
4288 2021-04-12T22:33:19-05:00 AmG Macon 4288 Gas Ops - Argenta / Decatur areas (CIPS?) Utilities
4302 2021-04-12T11:05:41-05:00 AmIL Ops 4302 Gas - Lincoln / Atlanta / Heyworth Utilities
4304 2021-04-12T09:28:50-05:00 AmIL Chmgn 4304 Gas - Champaign (also Elec?) Utilities
4309 2021-04-12T15:33:55-05:00 AmG Champgn Gas - Champaign / Mahomet Utilities
4318 2021-04-12T14:01:17-05:00 ACPS 4318 Operations - Mattoon Dispatch, unit 604; to Paris (CIPS?) Utilities
4323 2021-04-12T16:51:29-05:00 Am Ops Strs Operations - Strasburg Utilities
4346 2021-04-12T19:26:24-05:00 Am E Mattoon Electrical - Mattoon Dispatch (Arcola) Utilities
4347 2021-04-12T11:23:06-05:00 ACPS 4347 Operations - Mattoon? (CIPS?) Utilities
4351 2021-04-12T08:55:41-05:00 ACPS Gas4351 Gas Ops (Mattoon) - Tuscola (CIPS?) Utilities
4469 2021-04-12T15:25:41-05:00 IDOT Z1 Bridges Bridge Construction Ops (Statewide) Public Works
4478 2021-04-12T11:31:59-05:00 T4 Operations A Operations A Public Works
4482 2021-04-12T15:44:57-05:00 T6 Operations A Operations A (All / Weather Reports) Public Works
4501 2021-04-13T02:00:26-05:00 IDOC Disp Tac-1 Operations: Statewide Dispatch [Tac-1?] Corrections
4585 2021-04-12T22:01:23-05:00 Macn AnimalCntrl Animal Control Dispatch Public Works
4692 2021-04-13T01:42:32-05:00 Macon Firehouse Firehouses [Firehouse] Fire-Talk
4694 2021-04-12T22:54:31-05:00 Dec Fire 4694 Fire (EMS Call-Engine 3) Fire Dispatch
4695 2021-04-13T03:49:07-05:00 Dec Fire 4695 Fire: Inspector ? (Patch?) Fire-Tac
4696 2021-04-13T03:56:32-05:00 Dec EMS 4696 Fire/EMS: Operations Fire Dispatch
4697 2021-04-12T23:12:40-05:00 Dec EMS 4697 Fire/EMS: Paging (patched to TG4705 at times) Fire Dispatch
4698 2021-04-13T05:04:20-05:00 Long Creek Fire Long Creek Fire Paging Decatur Fire (patched to TG4705 at times) Fire Dispatch
4699 2021-04-13T01:55:13-05:00 Decatur Firegrnd Fireground (patched to VHF?) Fire-Tac
4705 2021-04-13T05:13:09-05:00 Decatur Fire Fire: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4717 2021-04-13T05:44:22-05:00 DPTS 4717 Public Transit System (DPTS) Transportation
4718 2021-04-13T05:45:20-05:00 DPTS 4718 Public Transit System (DPTS) Transportation
4721 2021-04-12T14:50:30-05:00 Dec Forestry Public Works: Forestry Public Works
4727 2021-04-12T16:56:58-05:00 Dec Water Dept Public Works: Water Department Public Works
4730 2021-04-12T13:21:46-05:00 Dec PubWrks 4730 Public Works Public Works
4876 2021-04-13T05:07:08-05:00 BNSF Police Dispatch (Cook/DuPage) Law Dispatch
4901 2021-04-13T02:15:11-05:00 SG Sheriff 1 Sheriff: Dispatch - Primary [SCSO 1] Law Dispatch
4902 2021-04-12T08:39:35-05:00 SG Sheriff 4 Sheriff: Dispatch - Secondary [SCSO 4] Law Dispatch
5005 2021-04-12T15:17:54-05:00 ILNG Aviation Aviation Operations Military
5051 2021-04-12T08:39:30-05:00 IEPA EmergRespns Office of Emergency Response Emergency Ops
5247 2021-04-12T10:47:58-05:00 Am WPP 5247 Winchester Power Plant? (Trucks/Switch) (CILCO) Utilities
5311 2021-04-12T16:30:58-05:00 IL Supreme Court Travel / Ops Corrections
5341 2021-04-12T22:51:08-05:00 OSF Life Flight OSF Life Flight (Peoria) / Lifeline (Rockford) EMS Dispatch
5536 2021-04-13T03:29:45-05:00 MilikinU PubSfty Milikin University Public Safety (Decatur) Law Dispatch
5651 2021-04-12T13:40:20-05:00 T4 Ops 5651 Operations Public Works
5655 2021-04-12T11:27:31-05:00 T4 Peoria West Peoria West Yard [Peoria] Public Works
5656 2021-04-12T14:27:17-05:00 T4 Morton Morton Yard [Tazewell] Public Works
5657 2021-04-12T13:53:22-05:00 T4 Knoxvl/Wyomin Knoxville, Wyoming Yards [Knox, Stark] Public Works
5660 2021-04-12T14:34:45-05:00 T4 SignShop?5660 Operations (Sign Shop?) Public Works
5661 2021-04-12T16:35:10-05:00 T4 Ops 5661 Operations Public Works
5662 2021-04-12T10:06:18-05:00 T5 Monticelo Yd Monticello Yard [Piatt] Public Works
5665 2021-04-12T11:07:54-05:00 T5 Towanda/LeRoy Towanda / Leroy Yards [McLean] Public Works
5679 2021-04-12T13:21:06-05:00 T6 Riverton Yard Riverton [Sangamon] Public Works
5776 2021-04-12T21:52:12-05:00 Liv Shrf/Frbr P1 Police: Dispatch "P1" - Sheriff and Fairbury Police (patched to 460.1) Law Dispatch
5777 2021-04-12T06:27:52-05:00 Liv Pont/Dwgt P2 Police: Dispatch "P2" - Pontiac and Dwight Law Dispatch
5780 2021-04-13T04:08:36-05:00 Lvngstn Fire/EMS Fire / EMS Fire Dispatch
5782 2021-04-12T22:09:33-05:00 Streator Police Streator Police: Dispatch (db: LIVCOM) Law Dispatch
5783 2021-04-12T17:31:17-05:00 AMT Streator PG AMT Ambulance :Paging (db: LIVCOM) EMS Dispatch
5806 2021-04-13T05:34:33-05:00 Wdfrd Shrf Disp Sheriff: Dispatch Law Dispatch
5807 2021-04-12T11:09:31-05:00 Wdfrd Shrf 5807 Sheriff: Ops Law Talk
5817 2021-04-13T00:03:01-05:00 Woodford EMA EMA: Ops Emergency Ops
5819 2021-04-12T19:12:21-05:00 Wdfrd EMA 5819 EMA: Ops Emergency Ops
5931 2021-04-13T05:44:05-05:00 Douglas Sheriff Sheriff: Dispatch Law Dispatch
6161 2021-04-12T21:01:24-05:00 Fulton EMS Fulton Fire and Paramedic EMS Dispatch
6166 2021-04-13T04:45:33-05:00 Fulton Law Disp Law Dispatch: All except Canton Law Dispatch
6169 2021-04-13T01:50:55-05:00 Canton Police Canton Police / Park Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
6177 2021-04-12T22:40:16-05:00 Canton Fire Canton Fire Fire Dispatch
6326 2021-04-13T05:18:11-05:00 Taz Shrf/RuralPD Sheriff: Dispatch / Rural Municipalities (EDACS TG02-021) Law Dispatch
6356 2021-04-13T03:17:12-05:00 Schaeferville FD Schaeferville Fire (Simulcast of 154.205 w/Cincinnati/S Pekin) Fire Dispatch
6387 2021-04-13T03:32:44-05:00 Wdfrd Fire Disp Fire: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
6390 2021-04-12T18:38:35-05:00 Wdfrd Fire 6390 Fire: Ops 3? Fire-Talk
6504 2021-04-12T12:33:11-05:00 Peo Co INCDT 1 Countywide Incident 1 Interop
6553 2021-04-13T03:35:15-05:00 BartonvilleFire1 Bartonville Fire: Operations 1 Fire-Tac
6557 2021-04-12T13:11:15-05:00 Brimfield Fire 1 Brimfield Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6562 2021-04-12T21:41:35-05:00 ChillicotheFire1 Chillicothe Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6566 2021-04-12T10:13:25-05:00 Dunlap Fire 1 Dunlap Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6579 2021-04-12T18:51:33-05:00 IANG Fire 1 PIA IL Air National Guard Fire at Peoria Airport [F1] Fire Dispatch
6583 2021-04-13T04:09:35-05:00 Limestone Fire 1 Limestone Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6587 2021-04-12T19:20:32-05:00 LoganTrivoli FD1 Logan Trivoli Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6602 2021-04-13T05:06:20-05:00 Peoria Fire 1 Peoria Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6603 2021-04-13T04:36:14-05:00 Peoria Fire 2 Peoria Fire 2 Fire-Tac
6605 2021-04-12T14:06:28-05:00 Peoria Fire 4 Peoria Fire 4 Fire-Tac
6611 2021-04-13T00:24:58-05:00 PeoriaHts Fire 1 Peoria Heights Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6615 2021-04-12T14:00:25-05:00 TimberHls Fire 1 Timber Hollis Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6618 2021-04-12T13:16:59-05:00 Tuscarora Fire Tuscarora Fire Fire-Tac
6620 2021-04-13T05:37:16-05:00 WestPeoria Fire1 West Peoria Fire 1 Fire-Tac
6631 2021-04-13T03:12:51-05:00 Bartonville PD 1 Bartonville Police 1 Law Dispatch
6637 2021-04-13T04:07:47-05:00 BradleyU Police1 Bradley University Police 1 Law Dispatch
6638 2021-04-12T18:49:32-05:00 BradleyU Police2 Bradley University Police 2 Law Tac
6651 2021-04-13T05:44:46-05:00 Peoria Police 1 Peoria/Peoria Heights Police 1 Law Dispatch
6652 2021-04-13T05:45:00-05:00 Peoria Police 2 Peoria Police 2 Law Dispatch
6653 2021-04-13T00:41:59-05:00 Peoria Police 3 Peoria Police 3 Law Tac
6662 2021-04-13T00:37:06-05:00 Peo PD Parking 2 Peoria Police: Parking Enforcement 2 Law Tac
6701 2021-04-13T05:40:04-05:00 Peo Co Sheriff 1 Peoria County Sheriff 1 / Chillicothe Police Law Dispatch
6702 2021-04-12T15:17:23-05:00 Peo Co Sheriff 2 Peoria County Sheriff 2 Law Dispatch
6703 2021-04-13T03:21:08-05:00 Peo Co Sheriff 3 Peoria County Sheriff 3 Law Dispatch
6727 2021-04-12T20:38:40-05:00 Peo Park Police Peoria Park Police Law Tac
6736 2021-04-13T05:28:08-05:00 CMED E Grandview CMED: 155.22 Simulcast (Grandview) EMS Dispatch
6742 2021-04-13T05:06:16-05:00 AMT Tazewell Co AMT Tazewell: Dispatch EMS Dispatch
6746 2021-04-12T09:38:50-05:00 BYE Ambulance BYE Ambulance EMS Dispatch
6779 2021-04-12T23:00:46-05:00 Peoria Animal Co Peoria Animal Control Public Works
6861 2021-04-12T23:50:28-05:00 Peoria Airport Peoria Airport: Ops Public Works
6865 2021-04-13T03:47:33-05:00 IL ANG PIA Scrty IL Air National Guard Security at Peoria Airport Military
7200 2021-04-13T04:24:26-05:00 OFlln Police O Fallon Police: Dispatch (Patch w/ 460.5R) Law Dispatch
7201 2021-04-12T23:28:58-05:00 OFallon Fire O Fallon Fire: Dispatch [Ch 4] (Patch w/ 154.235R) Fire Dispatch
7211 2021-04-12T23:32:36-05:00 ShilohPolice Shiloh Police: Dispatch (DB: Ofallon) Law Dispatch
7220 2021-04-13T05:39:44-05:00 FHts Police Fairview Heights Police: Dispatch (UHF Patch) Law Dispatch
7221 2021-04-12T20:05:05-05:00 FrvwHts Fire Fairview Heights Fire: Dispatch (w/ French Village; Patch w/ 154.415) [Ch 4] Fire Dispatch
7237 2021-04-13T03:12:58-05:00 Belleville Fire Belleville Fire: Tone-Outs/Dispatch (Patch) [Ch 2] Law Dispatch
7245 2021-04-13T05:19:43-05:00 Swansea Police A Swansea Police: Dispatch (Patch?) Law Dispatch
7252 2021-04-12T13:36:03-05:00 Medstar EMS Medstar EMS (E Belleville/SAFB) EMS Dispatch
7276 2021-04-12T21:47:19-05:00 Swansea Fire Swansea Fire: Response (VHF Patch) Fire-Tac
7295 2021-04-12T19:11:46-05:00 Alorton FD PG Alorton Fire: Paging Fire Dispatch
7780 2021-04-12T08:05:54-05:00 T7 Detail B Detail B: Snow Plows (Arthur) Public Works
7786 2021-04-12T10:48:21-05:00 T7 Decatur Yard Decatur [Macon] Public Works
7787 2021-04-12T14:59:37-05:00 T7 Sullivan Yard Sullivan [Moultrie] Public Works
8326 2021-04-13T01:59:53-05:00 Effingham Sherif Sheriff: Dispatch Law Dispatch
8491 2021-04-13T05:41:06-05:00 AbbottEMS Efnghm Abbott EMS: Dispatch (Effingham) EMS Dispatch
8604 2021-04-12T15:08:31-05:00 T7 Mattoon Yard Mattoon Yard [Coles] Public Works
8605 2021-04-12T14:50:25-05:00 T7 Greenup Yard Greenup Yard [Cumberland] Public Works
8611 2021-04-12T13:26:38-05:00 T7 Sign Shop Sign Shop (D7 or D8?) Public Works
8727 2021-04-12T23:26:20-05:00 Cahokia FD PG Cahokia Fire: Paging Fire Dispatch
9000 2021-04-13T05:32:23-05:00 D1 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
9002 2021-04-13T05:33:32-05:00 D2 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
9003 2021-04-12T14:07:28-05:00 D2 Dispatch B Dispatch B Law Dispatch
9005 2021-04-13T05:30:44-05:00 DC Chicago Band Chicago Band (Admin, MCS, DNR, SOS, etc.) Law Dispatch
9006 2021-04-13T05:42:19-05:00 DC North Patrol North Expressway Patrol Law Dispatch
9007 2021-04-13T05:26:06-05:00 DC Middle Patrol Middle Expressway Patrol Law Dispatch
9010 2021-04-12T11:25:49-05:00 DC Tac 2 Tac 2 Law Dispatch
9011 2021-04-13T05:34:15-05:00 DC Tac 3 Tac 3 Law Tac
9013 2021-04-13T05:36:10-05:00 D5 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
9014 2021-04-12T14:05:44-05:00 D5 Dispatch B Dispatch B Law Dispatch
9015 2021-04-13T05:40:47-05:00 D7 Dispatch A Dispatch A: Main Law Dispatch
9017 2021-04-13T05:42:57-05:00 D16 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
9019 2021-04-13T05:30:26-05:00 D17 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
9021 2021-04-13T01:00:52-05:00 D21 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
9027 2021-04-12T23:03:18-05:00 DC Detail A Detail A Law Tac
9029 2021-04-13T05:31:37-05:00 DC Detail C Detail C - Protective Services - Thompson Center Law Tac
9049 2021-04-13T03:13:51-05:00 D1 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
9051 2021-04-13T03:49:00-05:00 DC Priority Chicago Priority (patch to ISPERN) Law Talk
9053 2021-04-13T04:42:43-05:00 D7 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
9054 2021-04-13T04:48:29-05:00 D16 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
9055 2021-04-12T06:57:39-05:00 D17 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
9066 2021-04-13T00:15:20-05:00 D2 Car-to-Car Car-to-Car Law Talk
9067 2021-04-13T05:23:44-05:00 DC Car-to-Car Car-to-Car (and contact w/IDOT D1 ETP Minutemen) Law Tac
9071 2021-04-12T12:04:34-05:00 D17 Car-to-Car Car-to-Car / Portable Scales Law Talk
9098 2021-04-13T05:43:45-05:00 D15 Dispatch N5 Tollway: North Patrol [Ch 5] Law Dispatch
9099 2021-04-13T05:44:28-05:00 D15 Dispatch S7 Tollway: South Patrol [Ch 7] Law Dispatch
9113 2021-04-12T12:48:45-05:00 ISP Z1A Auxilry1 Auxiliary - Zone 1A Law Tac
11021 2021-04-13T03:39:41-05:00 Tri-Com PD Disp1 Batavia, Geneva and St. Charles Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
11027 2021-04-12T13:43:13-05:00 Tri-Com 11027 Operations Law Talk
11044 2021-04-13T04:45:53-05:00 TriCom FireNorth Fire North Dispatch: Batavia, Elburn, Geneva, St. Charles Fire Dispatch
11045 2021-04-13T00:55:00-05:00 TriCom FireSouth Fire South Dispatch: North Aurora, Sugar Grove Fire Dispatch
11052 2021-04-12T15:41:30-05:00 St.Chas FD Ops St. Charles Fire Ops Fire-Tac
11053 2021-04-12T10:09:57-05:00 Geneva FD Ops Geneva Fire Ops Fire-Tac
11054 2021-04-12T14:06:02-05:00 Batavia FD Ops Batavia Fire Ops Fire-Tac
11055 2021-04-12T20:06:30-05:00 Elburn FPD Ops Elburn and Countryside Fire Ops Fire-Tac
13000 2021-04-13T05:26:49-05:00 D6 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
13002 2021-04-13T05:26:53-05:00 D8 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
13004 2021-04-13T05:44:40-05:00 D9 Dispatch A Dispatch A: Main/Operations Law Dispatch
13007 2021-04-13T05:28:58-05:00 D10 Dispatch A Dispatch A: Champaign-Urbana Law Dispatch
13009 2021-04-13T05:22:59-05:00 D14 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
13032 2021-04-12T23:41:52-05:00 D6 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
13033 2021-04-13T03:19:32-05:00 D8 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
13034 2021-04-13T04:58:19-05:00 D9 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
13035 2021-04-13T02:21:51-05:00 D10 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
13036 2021-04-12T19:31:23-05:00 D14 ISPERN ISPERN Patch Law Dispatch
13060 2021-04-12T10:14:49-05:00 ISP Z2A Command Command Unit - Zone 2A Law Tac
13065 2021-04-12T10:14:59-05:00 ISP Z2A Incident Critical Incident - Zone 2A Law Tac
13066 2021-04-12T10:14:54-05:00 ISP Z2B Incident Critical Incident - Zone 2B Law Tac
15069 2021-04-12T09:54:10-05:00
15089 2021-04-12T22:37:43-05:00
17003 2021-04-13T05:45:16-05:00 D12 Dispatch A Dispatch A Law Dispatch
17065 2021-04-12T10:17:03-05:00 ISP Z3 Command A Command Unit - Zone 3A Law Tac
17066 2021-04-12T10:17:06-05:00 ISP Z3 Command B Command Unit - Zone 3B Law Tac
25186 2021-04-12T13:49:24-05:00 CCS Statewide 2 Statewide 2 Law Talk
30303 2021-04-12T13:59:26-05:00 ITTF Region 2 A Region 2A - Northwest Interop
30304 2021-04-12T21:02:34-05:00 ITTF Region 2 B Region 2B - Northwest Interop
30322 2021-04-12T09:07:15-05:00 ITTF Region 6 B Region 6B - West Interop
30328 2021-04-12T18:50:40-05:00 IESMA Statewide IESMA Statewide Emergency Ops
30329 2021-04-13T05:17:03-05:00 ILEAS Statewide ILEAS Statewide Law Talk
30330 2021-04-12T20:33:12-05:00 MABAS S/W Statewide Fire-Talk
30333 2021-04-12T07:06:27-05:00 ITTF Incident 2 Incident 2 Statewide - Disaster Response Emergency Ops
30379 2021-04-12T22:31:09-05:00 McL Co Fire Disp Countywide Fire Primary Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32900 2021-04-12T15:47:34-05:00 Pace Nrthwst B2B Northwest Division: Bus-to-Bus [Ch 6] Transportation
32901 2021-04-13T05:10:11-05:00 Pace Nrthwst Dsp Northwest Division: Dispatch [Ch 7] Transportation
32906 2021-04-12T17:03:11-05:00 Pace North Disp North Division: Bus-to-Dispatch [Ch 12] Transportation
32910 2021-04-12T18:23:22-05:00 Pace NShore B2B North Shore Division: Bus-to-Bus [Ch 16] Transportation
32911 2021-04-13T05:15:52-05:00 Pace NShore Disp North Shore Division: Dispatch [Ch 17] Transportation
32915 2021-04-13T05:44:59-05:00 Pace River B2B River Division: Bus-to-Bus [Ch 21] Transportation
32916 2021-04-12T15:36:52-05:00 Pace River 32916 River Division: Paratransit or Dial-A-Ride? Dispatch? [Ch 22] Transportation
32920 2021-04-12T18:16:30-05:00 Pace West B2B West Division: Bus-to-Bus [Ch 26] Transportation
32921 2021-04-13T04:59:40-05:00 Pace West Disp West Division: Dispatch [Ch 27] Transportation
32926 2021-04-13T05:42:02-05:00 Pace South Disp South Division: Dispatch [Ch 32] Transportation
32930 2021-04-12T09:15:37-05:00 Pace Sthwst B2B Southwest Division: Bus-to-Bus [Ch 36] Transportation
32931 2021-04-13T05:33:17-05:00 Pace Sthwst Disp Southwest Division: Bus-to-Dispatch [Ch 37] Transportation
32935 2021-04-12T15:52:54-05:00 PaceHeritage B2B Heritage Division: Bus-to-Bus [Ch 41] Transportation
32936 2021-04-12T19:59:32-05:00 PaceHeritage Dsp Heritage Division: Dispatch [Ch 42] Transportation
32941 2021-04-12T10:02:23-05:00 Pace FxVally Dsp Fox Valley Division: Bus-to-Dispatch [Ch 47] Transportation
33152 2021-04-12T09:46:06-05:00 Lake Statewide 1 Statewide 1 Public Works
33214 2021-04-12T17:12:54-05:00 Lake Health 1 Health Department 1 Public Works
33216 2021-04-12T08:59:11-05:00 Lake AnimCntrl 1 Animal Control 1 Public Works
33251 2021-04-12T12:06:30-05:00 WaukeganPolice 1 Waukegan Police: Dispatch 1 Law Dispatch
33292 2021-04-12T22:34:18-05:00 LZ Police Disp 1 Lake Zurich Police: Dispatch 1 Law Dispatch
33373 2021-04-12T13:52:27-05:00 DF Police 1 Deerfield Police 1 Law Tac
33448 2021-04-12T22:58:05-05:00 Lake Co FD Disp3 Fire: Dispatch 3 - Lake Zurich, Wauconda Fire Dispatch
33801 2021-04-12T10:10:36-05:00 T1 Alsip Yard Alsip Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33802 2021-04-12T14:13:50-05:00 T1 ArlingtonYard Arlington Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33803 2021-04-12T13:14:05-05:00 T1 BshpFd/I57 Yd Bishop Ford / I-57 Yards: Dispatch Public Works
33804 2021-04-12T11:50:49-05:00 T1 Bridge Yards Bridge Yards: Dispatch Public Works
33806 2021-04-12T13:36:16-05:00 T1 DanRyan Yard Dan Ryan Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33807 2021-04-13T04:40:30-05:00 T1 Edens Yard Edens Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33808 2021-04-12T13:44:32-05:00 T1 Eisenhwr Yard Eisenhower Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33811 2021-04-12T10:10:33-05:00 T1 Harvey Yard Harvey Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33812 2021-04-12T15:04:43-05:00 T1 Hilsd/Nsd Yds Hillside / Northside Yards: Dispatch Public Works
33813 2021-04-12T13:17:43-05:00 T1 I55 Yard I-55 Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33815 2021-04-12T17:14:02-05:00 T1 Jol/NL/M Yds Joliet, New Lenox / Monee Yards: Dispatch Public Works
33816 2021-04-12T13:21:10-05:00 T1 Kennedy Yard Kennedy Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33821 2021-04-12T11:51:02-05:00 T1 Rodenburg Yd Rodenburg Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33823 2021-04-12T09:48:27-05:00 T1 StevensonYard Stevenson Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33824 2021-04-12T15:03:49-05:00 T1 WoodstockYard Woodstock Yard: Dispatch Public Works
33829 2021-04-12T16:22:12-05:00 T1 Alsip M2M Alsip Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33831 2021-04-12T11:27:05-05:00 T1 BshpFd M2M Bishop Ford Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33834 2021-04-12T14:08:56-05:00 T1 Dan Ryan M2M Dan Ryan Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33835 2021-04-12T14:56:21-05:00 T1 Edens Yd M2M Edens Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33837 2021-04-12T15:16:13-05:00 T1 Grayslake M2M Grayslake Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33840 2021-04-12T12:28:08-05:00 T1 Hillside M2M Hillside Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33841 2021-04-12T12:44:38-05:00 T1 I-55 Yard M2M I-55 Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33842 2021-04-12T10:39:39-05:00 T1 I-57 Yard M2M I-57 Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33843 2021-04-12T15:59:35-05:00 T1 Joliet Yd M2M Joliet Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33844 2021-04-12T09:31:32-05:00 T1 Kennedy M2M Kennedy Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33846 2021-04-13T04:22:39-05:00 T1 NewLenox M2M New Lenox Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33847 2021-04-12T14:18:56-05:00 T1 Northbrk M2M Northbrook Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33848 2021-04-12T13:44:39-05:00 T1 OakBrook M2M Oak Brook Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33849 2021-04-12T12:53:19-05:00 T1 Rodenburg M2M Rodenburg Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33850 2021-04-12T12:54:50-05:00 T1 StCharles M2M St. Charles Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33851 2021-04-12T14:02:37-05:00 T1 Stevenson M2M Stevenson Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33852 2021-04-12T09:49:51-05:00 T1 Woodstok M2M Woodstock Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33853 2021-04-12T13:27:42-05:00 T1 Elgin SS M2M Elgin Sign Shop: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33858 2021-04-12T13:54:07-05:00 T1 Northside M2M Northside Yard: Mobile to Mobile Public Works
33901 2021-04-13T05:22:16-05:00 WESCOM Police 1 WESCOM Law Dispatch: Shorewood, Channahon, Elwood, Braidwood, Wilmington Law Dispatch
33911 2021-04-13T05:24:05-05:00 WESCOM Police 2 WESCOM Law: Dispatch - Lockport, Crest Hill Law Dispatch
33931 2021-04-12T12:19:15-05:00 Bol Police 50 Bolingbrook Police: Dispatch 50 Law Dispatch
33946 2021-04-13T05:15:17-05:00 WESCOM Fire 1 Lockport Twp, Homer Twp, NW Homer Twp and Plainfield Fire: Dispatch (patched to 154.8525 "Fire North") Fire Dispatch
33950 2021-04-13T05:33:02-05:00 WESCOM Fire 2 Braidwood, Channahon, Elwood, Minooka, Rockdale, Troy and Wilmington FPDs: Dispatch (patched to 154.7475 "Fire South") Fire Dispatch
33951 2021-04-12T22:55:44-05:00 WESCOM Fire 21 Braidwood, Channahon, Elwood, Minooka, Rockdale, Troy and Wilmington FPDs: Ops 21 Fire-Tac
33952 2021-04-12T11:45:56-05:00 WESCOM Fire 22 Braidwood, Channahon, Elwood, Minooka, Rockdale, Troy and Wilmington FPDs: Ops 22 Fire-Tac
33953 2021-04-12T22:32:11-05:00 WESCOM Fire 23 Braidwood, Channahon, Elwood, Minooka, Rockdale, Troy and Wilmington FPDs: Ops 23 Fire-Tac
33954 2021-04-13T05:17:49-05:00 WESCOM Fire 3 Bolingbrook Fire: Dispatch (patched to 155.325) Fire Dispatch
34046 2021-04-13T04:06:53-05:00 UC Police Disp University of Chicago: Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
34054 2021-04-13T03:32:11-05:00 UC CPD Z7 Patch University of Chicago: CPD Zone 7/District 3 Patch Law Talk
34107 2021-04-13T01:45:37-05:00 CrystalLkFireDsp Crystal Lake Fire Rescue: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
34108 2021-04-13T05:32:55-05:00 ALITH Fire Disp Algonquin-Lake in the Hills FPD: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
34126 2021-04-12T14:49:16-05:00 Cary Police Tac Cary Police: Tac [2] Law Talk
34153 2021-04-12T07:03:11-05:00 ALITH FPD Ops 1 Algonquin-Lake in the Hills FPD: Tac 1 Fire-Talk
34155 2021-04-12T09:35:49-05:00 CrystalLkFD Ops1 Crystal Lake Fire/Rescue: Fire Ops 1 Fire-Talk
34420 2021-04-13T04:40:19-05:00 Markham PD Disp Markham Police Dispatch Law Talk
34481 2021-04-13T02:43:39-05:00 LTACC PD Disp 1 Dispatch: Countryside, La Grange, La Grange Park and Western Springs Law Dispatch
34485 2021-04-13T05:11:40-05:00 LTACC FD Disp Dispatch: La Grange, La Grange Park and Western Springs (w/154.250 146.2PL) Fire Dispatch
34512 2021-04-12T15:14:51-05:00 LTACC LG FireOps La Grange Fire Ops Fire-Tac
34655 2021-04-13T05:24:25-05:00 NERCOMFireE Main Fire Dispatch: Cary, Fox River Grove, McHenry Twp and Nunda Rural Fire Protection Districts Fire Dispatch
34660 2021-04-13T03:59:14-05:00 NERCOMFireW Main Fire Dispatch: Harvard, Marengo, Union, Woodstock Fire Dispatch
34663 2021-04-12T09:18:29-05:00 NRCM FireW Evnt1 Fire: West Special Events 1 Fire-Tac
34805 2021-04-12T21:22:51-05:00 Harper College 1 Harper College: Public Safety? Schools
34830 2021-04-12T10:21:26-05:00 LifeNet 3-1 LifeNet 3-1 (McHenry): Dispatch EMS Dispatch
34916 2021-04-12T11:39:43-05:00 Bourbonnais Fire Bourbonnais Fire [K3_Bour Fire] Fire Dispatch
34917 2021-04-13T04:22:48-05:00 KankCo Fire A Fire A [K3_Fire A] Fire-Tac
34922 2021-04-12T20:18:02-05:00 KankCo FireOps 2 Fire Ops 2 [K3_FD Ops 2] Fire-Tac
34927 2021-04-12T22:39:27-05:00 Kank City Police Kanakakee Police (City) [K3_City PD] Law Dispatch
34928 2021-04-13T01:50:34-05:00 Bradley Police Bradley Police [K3_Brad PD] Law Dispatch
34929 2021-04-12T15:17:54-05:00 Bourbonnais PD Bourbonnais Police [K3_Bour PD] Law Dispatch
34930 2021-04-13T03:27:17-05:00 K3 Sheriff/Law 1 County Police 1 [K3_Co PD 1] Law Dispatch
34931 2021-04-13T00:45:34-05:00 K3 Sheriff/Law 2 County Police 2 [K3_Co PD 2] Law Dispatch
34973 2021-04-12T09:42:25-05:00 Riverside EMS Riverside Ambulance [K3_Rside Amb] EMS Dispatch
36007 2021-04-13T05:14:58-05:00 Morris PubWorks Morris Public Works Public Works
36010 2021-04-12T11:38:14-05:00 Grundy PubWrks 3 Public Works 3 Public Works
36017 2021-04-12T15:39:42-05:00 Grundy AnmlCntrl Grundy County Animal Control Public Works
36101 2021-04-12T21:28:12-05:00 Wheeling PD Disp Wheeling Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
36422 2021-04-13T01:16:51-05:00 NW Rescue 36422 Northwest Rescue Ambulance (Harvard/Rockford) EMS Dispatch
36496 2021-04-13T05:44:10-05:00 Skokie/LnclnwdFD Skokie and Lincolnwood Fire Departments: Dispatch Fire Dispatch
36531 2021-04-12T21:06:42-05:00 SuperiorAirMed 1 Superior Air Med: Dispatch (W. Chicago / Kankakee) EMS Dispatch
36916 2021-04-12T15:27:16-05:00 HanTwp Fclty/Rd Hanover Township Facilities and Road Maintenance Public Works
36961 2021-04-13T05:22:30-05:00 OLREC Police 1 Alsip, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
36968 2021-04-12T10:37:39-05:00 OLREC EPPD 3 Evergreen Park PD: Channel 3 Law Talk
36976 2021-04-13T00:31:19-05:00 Evanston PD Disp Evanston Police Dispatch Law Dispatch