Saratoga County Public Safety

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
111 2024-07-21T03:24:27-05:00 Fire 1 Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
113 2024-07-21T05:26:38-05:00 TAC-3 TAC-3 Multi-Tac
114 2024-07-20T16:15:00-05:00 TAC-4 TAC-4 Multi-Tac
115 2024-07-21T03:02:50-05:00 TAC-5 TAC-5 Multi-Tac
116 2024-07-20T15:26:58-05:00 TAC-6 TAC-6 Multi-Tac
117 2024-07-20T12:20:43-05:00 TAC-7 TAC-7 Multi-Tac
119 2024-07-20T08:50:00-05:00 TAC-9 TAC-9 Multi-Tac
126 2024-07-20T13:21:31-05:00 TAC-60 TAC-60 Interop
129 2024-07-20T19:09:15-05:00 TAC-90 TAC-90 Interop
511 2024-07-21T05:13:59-05:00 FireEMS Disp Fire/EMS Paging (155.925 simulcast) Fire Dispatch
1111 2024-07-21T04:48:02-05:00 County 911 Saratoga County 911 Law Dispatch
1112 2024-07-21T06:03:28-05:00 Sheriff 1 Saratoga County Sheriff 1 Law Dispatch
1113 2024-07-20T19:08:20-05:00 Sheriff 2 Saratoga County Sheriff 2 Law Dispatch
1137 2024-07-20T21:56:42-05:00 TAC-17 TAC-17 Multi-Tac
1711 2024-07-21T05:55:23-05:00 Saratoga MRD Saratoga County MRD (B Spa Police) Law Dispatch
1901 2024-07-20T21:31:44-05:00
2111 2024-07-21T05:55:26-05:00 EMS 1 EMS 1 EMS Dispatch
2511 2024-07-20T18:06:38-05:00 County to Hosp County Dispatch to Saratoga Hospital Hospital
3111 2024-07-20T16:07:50-05:00 CountyHwy1 Saratoga County Highway 1 Public Works
3120 2024-07-20T21:51:13-05:00 Cftn Prk Sewer Clifton Park Sewer Dept Public Works
3311 2024-07-20T22:46:23-05:00 Cftn Prk Sec 1 Clifton Park Security 1 Security
4191 2024-07-21T04:53:22-05:00 Washington I/O Saratoga to Washington County Interop
5611 2024-07-21T06:04:55-05:00 S Springs PD Saratoga Springs Police Law Dispatch
6056 2024-07-21T06:08:21-05:00 StogaSpr FD TAC-56 Saratoga Springs FD Fire-Tac
6411 2024-07-20T12:56:03-05:00 Waterford PD C-C Waterford PD Car to Car Law Talk
8311 2024-07-20T15:46:23-05:00 NYS Park PD NYS Park Police Law Dispatch