Amarillo Radio Communications System (ARCS)

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
15551 2024-06-17T20:37:08-05:00 Hutch Co LE 1 Law Enforcement 1 Dispatch Law Dispatch
15585 2024-06-18T06:09:29-05:00 Borger Police Police Law Dispatch
20102 2024-06-18T07:41:29-05:00 APD North/East North/East Law Dispatch
20103 2024-06-18T07:39:09-05:00 APD South/West South/West Law Dispatch
20201 2024-06-18T07:42:29-05:00 AFD Tac 1 Disp Tac 1 Dispatch Fire Dispatch
20202 2024-06-18T07:12:41-05:00 AFD Tac 2 Tac 2 Fire-Tac
20203 2024-06-18T07:30:21-05:00 AFD Tac 3 Tac 3 Fire-Tac
20204 2024-06-18T07:31:36-05:00 AFD Tac 4 Tac 4 Fire-Tac
20325 2024-06-17T12:57:40-05:00 BSA Hosp ER BSA Hospital EMS to ER Hospital
20410 2024-06-18T07:33:28-05:00 Ama ACO Animal Control Public Works
30101 2024-06-18T07:44:17-05:00 Potter SO Disp Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
30201 2024-06-18T06:55:50-05:00 Potter Co Fire 1 Fire/Rescue 1 Fire Dispatch
40201 2024-06-18T07:25:01-05:00 RandallCo Fire 1 Fire 1 Dispatch Fire Dispatch
40520 2024-06-18T07:22:35-05:00 Canyon FD Disp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
40701 2024-06-18T06:51:00-05:00 DPS Amarillo Dsp DPS Amarillo Dispatch Law Dispatch