Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS)

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
1 2024-07-23T09:16:44-05:00 MPSCS OTAP MPSCS Over-The-Air Programming Public Works
2 2024-07-23T09:13:07-05:00 56MOSQUITO Midland County Mosquito Control Public Works
27 2024-07-23T08:06:28-05:00 46PG71DUTY Adrian City On-Duty Paging Fire Dispatch
29 2024-07-22T23:29:52-05:00 46PG72 Adrian Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
30 2024-07-22T15:51:19-05:00 46PG73 Blissfield Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
33 2024-07-23T06:40:23-05:00 46PG76 Clinton Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
36 2024-07-22T12:04:32-05:00 46PG79 Deerfield Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
37 2024-07-22T17:54:50-05:00 46PG81 Raisin Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
38 2024-07-22T17:38:03-05:00 46PG82EMS Hudson EMS Paging Fire Dispatch
40 2024-07-23T06:14:59-05:00 46PG84EMS Morenci EMS Paging Fire Dispatch
44 2024-07-23T02:28:10-05:00 46PG86 Tecumseh Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
46 2024-07-22T22:18:41-05:00 46PG88DUTY Madison Twp. Fire On-Duty Paging Fire Dispatch
47 2024-07-22T22:18:41-05:00 46PG88OFF Madison Twp. Fire Off-Duty Paging Fire Dispatch
48 2024-07-22T12:42:29-05:00 46PG89DUTY Addison Fire On-Duty Paging Fire Dispatch
49 2024-07-22T12:42:29-05:00 46PG89OFF Addison Fire Off-Duty Paging Fire Dispatch
52 2024-07-23T06:18:08-05:00 46F71 Adrian City Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
53 2024-07-22T17:45:51-05:00 46F72 Adrian Twp. Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
54 2024-07-22T15:54:58-05:00 46F73 Blissfield Twp. Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
55 2024-07-22T15:38:31-05:00 46F85 Cambridge Twp. Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
56 2024-07-23T06:54:47-05:00 46F76 Clinton Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
64 2024-07-23T07:44:02-05:00 29FOPS1 Fire Ops 1 Fire-Tac
66 2024-07-22T16:52:26-05:00 29FOPS3 Fire Ops 3 Fire-Tac
107 2024-07-22T14:30:49-05:00 TRIMED1 Tri-County Medical 1: EMS to Sparrow Clinton ER Hospital
111 2024-07-23T07:49:24-05:00 TRIMED5 Tri-County Medical 5: EMS to Sparrow Main ER Hospital
113 2024-07-23T09:00:58-05:00 56MIDALP MyMichigan Health EMS - Statewide Hospital
124 2024-07-23T09:14:44-05:00 33ICMAIN Ingham County Police Main Law Dispatch
127 2024-07-22T12:56:20-05:00 33ICJ1 Ingham Jail 1 Corrections
132 2024-07-23T09:16:26-05:00 33LANORTH Lansing Police Main North Law Dispatch
139 2024-07-23T06:09:48-05:00 33ELMSU East Lansing Police/MSU Police Main Law Dispatch
187 2024-07-23T09:15:57-05:00 33INGFIRE Ingham County Fire Main Fire Dispatch
229 2024-07-23T00:35:24-05:00 33PGDLFD Delhi Fire All Call Fire Dispatch
230 2024-07-22T18:22:58-05:00 33PGDLFE Delhi Fire-EMS Fire Dispatch
238 2024-07-23T01:08:52-05:00 33MMREPAGE MMR Ambulance Page EMS Dispatch
242 2024-07-22T22:44:48-05:00 33SAESAPG SAESA Ambulance pager EMS Dispatch
255 2024-07-22T13:28:31-05:00 HSTAC3 Bioterrorism 3 Federal
311 2024-07-22T18:57:49-05:00 19EFD Elsie Fire Admin Fire-Talk
315 2024-07-23T09:13:03-05:00 19FE911 Fire-EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
346 2024-07-23T01:22:40-05:00 19TRAVEL Statewide Roaming Interop
347 2024-07-22T12:27:43-05:00 19TRANSIT Clinton Transit Transportation
366 2024-07-23T09:06:56-05:00 65PGEMS EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
367 2024-07-22T18:03:59-05:00 65PFG01 Station 1 Lupton Fire Page Fire Dispatch
369 2024-07-22T18:04:37-05:00 65PGF03 Rose City Fire Page Fire Dispatch
372 2024-07-22T18:06:02-05:00 65PFG07 Station 7 Clear Lake Area Fire Page Fire Dispatch
390 2024-07-22T16:07:18-05:00
453 2024-07-22T23:53:49-05:00
506 2024-07-23T06:00:12-05:00 35PGEMS1 EMS Station 1 Paging EMS Dispatch
509 2024-07-22T18:06:26-05:00 35PGF09 Oscoda Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
510 2024-07-22T18:05:09-05:00 65FPG05 South Branch Station 5 Page Fire Dispatch
511 2024-07-22T18:06:22-05:00 35PGPLF Plainfield Twp Fire Page Fire Dispatch
537 2024-07-23T06:58:57-05:00
579 2024-07-23T07:46:55-05:00
605 2024-07-23T00:16:36-05:00 19BTHFPG Bath Township Fire Page Fire Dispatch
1006 2024-07-23T08:35:56-05:00 MSP1 MSP District 1 Law Talk
1008 2024-07-23T08:32:02-05:00 STATW1 Statewide District - 1 Interop
1010 2024-07-22T19:33:11-05:00 G-EVENT01 Event channel 1 Multi-Tac
1012 2024-07-23T07:34:02-05:00 G-EVENT03 Event channel 3 Multi-Tac
1019 2024-07-22T19:44:30-05:00 G-EVENT10 Event channel 10 Multi-Tac
1021 2024-07-22T13:56:29-05:00 G-EVENT12 Event channel 12 Multi-Tac
1022 2024-07-22T14:10:44-05:00 G-EVENT13 Event channel 13 Multi-Tac
1023 2024-07-22T12:11:51-05:00 G-EVENT14 Event channel 14 Multi-Tac
1025 2024-07-23T01:16:10-05:00 H-EVENT16 Event channel 16 Multi-Tac
1026 2024-07-23T08:51:59-05:00 H-EVENT17 Event channel 17 Multi-Tac
1027 2024-07-22T11:17:44-05:00 H-EVENT18 Event channel 18 Multi-Tac
1028 2024-07-22T16:11:55-05:00 H-EVENT19 Event channel 19 Multi-Tac
1031 2024-07-22T18:40:07-05:00 H-EVENT22 Event channel 22 Multi-Tac
1034 2024-07-22T20:59:34-05:00 H-EVENT25 Event channel 25 Multi-Tac
1040 2024-07-23T09:17:21-05:00 REGD1N Central Region: Dispatch (Posts 11 / 12) Law Dispatch
1093 2024-07-23T09:15:01-05:00 78P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1100 2024-07-22T19:05:59-05:00 GOV1 Governor's Security Detail 1 Law Talk
1107 2024-07-23T09:14:46-05:00 06P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1109 2024-07-23T09:03:42-05:00 RAP2 RAP 2 Law Tac
1111 2024-07-22T21:02:48-05:00 DNR06 District 6 Dispatch Law Dispatch
1112 2024-07-23T07:52:53-05:00 DNR09 District 9: Dispatch Law Dispatch
1140 2024-07-23T08:40:34-05:00 MAJCOM1 Tactical Military
1141 2024-07-23T09:03:07-05:00 ANG Tactical Military
1149 2024-07-23T07:54:17-05:00 DOCSCOM Southern Region Common Corrections
1158 2024-07-23T09:14:40-05:00 REGD3N Tri-Cities Region: Dispatch (Posts 31, 32) Law Dispatch
1181 2024-07-23T06:47:22-05:00 30P911 Police Dispatch [Patched from 155.310 MHz] Law Dispatch
1191 2024-07-23T08:35:07-05:00 19PD911 Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
1195 2024-07-22T20:55:08-05:00 FEDMA Federal Mutual Aid for all federal agencies Federal
1196 2024-07-22T13:26:24-05:00 DEMOTG1 Tech Training - System demo channel Public Works
1217 2024-07-23T07:00:40-05:00 FMLP Fire Management Lower Peninsula Fire-Tac
1219 2024-07-23T00:34:32-05:00 35COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
1220 2024-07-23T08:37:23-05:00 MAJCOM2 Tactical Military
1228 2024-07-23T08:59:48-05:00 CGRCOP1 Camp Grayling Ops 1 Military
1237 2024-07-23T09:16:43-05:00 38P911 County Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1238 2024-07-23T04:30:27-05:00 38COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
1244 2024-07-22T17:17:23-05:00 ESCALL1 ESU: Statewide 1 Law Tac
1251 2024-07-23T09:10:37-05:00 RAP4 RAP 4 Law Tac
1256 2024-07-23T09:16:11-05:00 29P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1258 2024-07-22T19:19:11-05:00 23P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1260 2024-07-23T09:17:13-05:00 46P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1261 2024-07-22T11:13:36-05:00 SOD (SO24) Aviation Division / K9 Teams Law Tac
1281 2024-07-23T06:07:30-05:00 33SCLM1 Maintenance Techs for State Crime Labs Public Works
1300 2024-07-22T16:07:08-05:00 PGNRVR Pigeon River Public Works
1389 2024-07-23T09:05:37-05:00 65P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1395 2024-07-23T09:15:47-05:00 I-EVENT31 Event channel 31 (Law Enforcement) Law Tac
1396 2024-07-22T19:12:22-05:00 I-EVENT32 Event channel 32 (Law Enforcement) Law Tac
1397 2024-07-23T09:16:42-05:00 I-EVENT33 Event channel 33 (Law Enforcement) Law Tac
1399 2024-07-22T13:42:34-05:00 I-EVENT35 Event channel 35 (Law Enforcement) Law Tac
1401 2024-07-22T17:35:24-05:00 I-EVENT37 Event channel 37 (Law Enforcement) Law Tac
1402 2024-07-22T16:36:32-05:00 I-EVENT38 Event channel 38 (Law Enforcement) Law Tac
1403 2024-07-22T20:12:12-05:00 I-EVENT39 Event channel 39 (Law Enforcement) Law Tac
1433 2024-07-23T08:31:31-05:00 65WBRH MyMichigan West Branch Hospital
1462 2024-07-23T03:17:56-05:00 78OMH Owosso Memorial Hospital: EMS-to-Hospital Hospital
1482 2024-07-23T01:46:43-05:00 29COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
1500 2024-07-22T18:17:49-05:00 29MMMC EMS to MyMichigan Medical Center Gratiot Hospital
1552 2024-07-22T18:05:24-05:00 65F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1553 2024-07-23T06:15:49-05:00 JNET-1 Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team 1 Law Tac
1561 2024-07-23T09:16:45-05:00 38ALEG1 Henry Ford Health E.R. EMS to Hospital 1 Hospital
1563 2024-07-23T08:29:17-05:00 46CVHCKMN Promedica: Charles and Virginia Hickman Hospital Hospital
1567 2024-07-22T15:31:26-05:00 AIR LZ 1 Air Landing Zone Coordination 1 EMS-Tac
1579 2024-07-23T01:13:16-05:00 65E911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
1588 2024-07-23T09:15:14-05:00 78E911 EMS Dispatch [Patched to 155.175 MHz] EMS Dispatch
1589 2024-07-23T07:36:07-05:00 78FD911 Fire Dispatch [Patched to 154.355 MHz] Fire Dispatch
1590 2024-07-23T05:51:49-05:00 78FG1 County Fireground 1 Fire-Tac
1605 2024-07-22T18:59:12-05:00 78HTFD Hazelton Twp. Fire Fire-Talk
1611 2024-07-23T08:08:09-05:00 MMRSOUTH MMR South: Clinton, Eaton, Ingham and Shiawassee Counties EMS Dispatch
1621 2024-07-23T05:51:48-05:00 78STFD Shiawassee Twp. Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
1627 2024-07-23T07:45:51-05:00 73COFD County Fire Fire Dispatch
1634 2024-07-23T05:23:44-05:00 73ALMED Fire/EMS Coordination [All-Med] Interop
1690 2024-07-23T09:09:52-05:00 73CIPD1 City Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
1707 2024-07-23T07:21:23-05:00 73MBSAD Airport Fire Admin Fire-Talk
1755 2024-07-22T20:14:00-05:00 73CHSOP Chesaning-Brady Fire Ops Fire-Tac
1769 2024-07-22T19:44:14-05:00 73TRIOP Tri Township Fire Ops Fire-Tac
1803 2024-07-23T08:42:51-05:00 73MMR1 MMR1 Saginaw and Bay Counties EMS Dispatch
1816 2024-07-23T06:40:57-05:00 06MMR MMR Northeast Arenac County Dispatch EMS Dispatch
1845 2024-07-23T07:35:35-05:00 73SMMC2 St. Mary's Hospital Security Security
1908 2024-07-23T09:09:03-05:00 78BKROW Baker College Owosso Campus Safety Law Tac
1911 2024-07-23T09:11:42-05:00 78SATA Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency Transportation
1927 2024-07-23T01:48:19-05:00 29LEIN LEIN Law Talk
1928 2024-07-22T17:23:05-05:00 29PTAC1 Police Tactical Ops 1 Law Tac
1929 2024-07-23T07:38:31-05:00 29FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
1980 2024-07-22T12:38:11-05:00 56COLE Coleman Fire Fire-Tac
1983 2024-07-22T14:08:47-05:00 56EDEN Edenville Fire Fire-Tac
1985 2024-07-22T16:59:16-05:00 56LARKN Larkin Twp. Fire Fire-Tac
1986 2024-07-22T14:24:46-05:00 56LEE Lee Fire Fire-Tac
1999 2024-07-23T08:53:39-05:00 MOTECH1 Motorola Engineering Technicians 1 Public Works
2003 2024-07-23T08:39:38-05:00 47ATG Countywide Announcement Broadcast Multi-Dispatch
2005 2024-07-23T08:35:59-05:00 MSP2 MSP District 2 Law Talk
2006 2024-07-23T01:37:21-05:00 STATW2 Statewide District - 2 Interop
2007 2024-07-23T09:16:47-05:00 REGD2N Metro Post 21: North Dispatch Law Dispatch
2008 2024-07-23T09:07:40-05:00 REGD2S Metro Post 22: South Dispatch Law Dispatch
2011 2024-07-23T09:17:06-05:00 REGD2LEIN Metro Posts 21, 22: LEIN Law Talk
2013 2024-07-22T18:49:44-05:00 393FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2014 2024-07-23T09:16:03-05:00 82P911 Dispatch Law Dispatch
2019 2024-07-23T09:10:06-05:00 09P911 County Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2020 2024-07-23T08:51:13-05:00 09LEIN LEIN Law Talk
2064 2024-07-23T08:29:51-05:00 LAWNET A Livingston And Washtenaw Narcotics Enforcement Team 4 Law Tac
2065 2024-07-23T07:42:24-05:00 DRANO4 Downriver Area Narcotics Organization 4: South Law Tac
2089 2024-07-23T09:16:22-05:00 GAMECOM Gaming Division - Calling Law Tac
2093 2024-07-22T16:42:47-05:00 DNR08 District 8: Dispatch Law Dispatch
2104 2024-07-22T09:33:46-05:00 DOCNORTH Northern Region Corrections
2105 2024-07-22T14:39:42-05:00 DOCFAT Fugitive Apprehension Team Corrections
2112 2024-07-23T09:15:54-05:00 DOC8202 Wayne County 2 Corrections
2134 2024-07-23T09:05:40-05:00 47COM Countywide Common Interop
2139 2024-07-23T07:35:00-05:00 47PD451 Hamburg Police Proprietary Law Tac
2146 2024-07-23T09:15:49-05:00 47PD911 Countywide Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2147 2024-07-23T09:01:10-05:00 47FD911 Countywide Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2148 2024-07-23T09:15:43-05:00 47MD911 Countywide EMS Dispatch [Simulcast on 154.010 MHz] EMS Dispatch
2151 2024-07-23T07:57:34-05:00 47EMER1 Emergency Scene 1 Multi-Tac
2153 2024-07-23T02:50:53-05:00 47PD269 Brighton Police Proprietary Law Tac
2157 2024-07-23T08:52:43-05:00 47KENSINGTON HCMP Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
2158 2024-07-23T09:17:07-05:00 82HTPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2164 2024-07-23T05:54:28-05:00 81COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
2165 2024-07-23T07:37:18-05:00 47LEIN LEIN Law Talk
2171 2024-07-23T09:14:24-05:00 73COPD1 County Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2173 2024-07-23T09:13:26-05:00 58P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2188 2024-07-23T09:16:51-05:00 GAMEGTC Gaming Division - Greektown Casino Law Tac
2189 2024-07-23T06:00:00-05:00 SGCB3 Gaming Division Law Tac
2190 2024-07-23T08:28:29-05:00 ATFDET A.T.F. Detroit Region Federal
2192 2024-07-23T06:26:17-05:00 740P911 Shelby Twp. Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2204 2024-07-22T18:07:19-05:00 73COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
2207 2024-07-23T08:03:19-05:00 WATERLO8 Waterloo Recreation Area Law Talk
2208 2024-07-23T06:33:58-05:00 PRBBAY Bay City State Recreation Area Law Talk
2214 2024-07-22T14:06:53-05:00 ALGNAC9A Algonac State Park: Primary Law Talk
2228 2024-07-23T09:01:58-05:00 47FD001 Hamburg Proprietary Fire-Talk
2230 2024-07-22T20:12:46-05:00 47FD003 Brighton Proprietary Fire-Talk
2232 2024-07-22T18:23:01-05:00 47FD005 Putnam Proprietary Fire-Talk
2235 2024-07-23T06:10:29-05:00 47FD008 Green Oak Proprietary Fire-Talk
2237 2024-07-23T09:17:04-05:00 HVAD1 Huron Valley Division 1 Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2238 2024-07-23T09:17:02-05:00 HVAD2 Huron Valley Division 2 Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2239 2024-07-23T09:17:03-05:00 HVAD3 Huron Valley EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
2242 2024-07-22T20:33:26-05:00 58SPEV1 Special Events 1 Multi-Tac
2249 2024-07-23T09:17:22-05:00 58F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2252 2024-07-23T08:58:07-05:00 58MRH3 Med Control 3 Hospital
2254 2024-07-22T15:14:00-05:00 50COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
2264 2024-07-22T15:52:23-05:00 82SPEV1 Special Events 1 (All Radios) Law Tac
2265 2024-07-23T09:05:24-05:00 82SPEV2 Special Events 2 (All Radios) Law Tac
2268 2024-07-23T09:16:27-05:00 74P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2270 2024-07-22T22:59:25-05:00 74LEIN L.E.I.N. Law Talk
2273 2024-07-23T07:39:19-05:00 74OPS1A Western On-Scene Interoperability - All Agencies Interop
2275 2024-07-22T22:04:51-05:00 CBFQH1 U.S. Border Patrol HQ Federal
2280 2024-07-22T13:46:47-05:00 BRIGTN8 Brighton State Recreation Area Law Talk
2281 2024-07-23T07:06:39-05:00 ILDLAK8 Island Lake Rec Area Law Talk
2283 2024-07-22T14:28:42-05:00 STERLNG9A Sterling State Park: Primary Law Talk
2289 2024-07-23T08:56:48-05:00 ALGNAC9B Algonac State Park: Secondary Law Talk
2296 2024-07-22T17:30:58-05:00 MPC1 Michigan [Statewide] Power Channel 1 Utilities
2298 2024-07-22T18:50:40-05:00 58F18L Station 18: Luna Pier Fireground Fire-Talk
2301 2024-07-22T22:29:07-05:00 58F24 Station 24: Ida Fireground Fire-Talk
2302 2024-07-22T13:22:06-05:00 58F36 Station 36: LaSalle Twp. Fireground Fire-Talk
2305 2024-07-22T18:31:42-05:00 58FBED Station 47: Bedford Twp. Fireground Fire-Talk
2311 2024-07-22T22:17:44-05:00 58F35 Station 35: Monroe Twp. Fireground Fire-Talk
2313 2024-07-23T09:17:16-05:00 50MASH Central Dispatch Law Dispatch
2321 2024-07-23T09:17:24-05:00 50CHPD Chesterfield Twp. Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2322 2024-07-23T09:15:46-05:00 50CHLEIN Chesterfield Twp. Police LEIN Law Talk
2325 2024-07-23T06:40:14-05:00 50CHEVENT1 Chesterfield Twp. Special Events 1 Interop
2329 2024-07-23T09:08:43-05:00 50CHFD Chesterfield Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2337 2024-07-23T07:39:48-05:00 58LEIN LEIN Law Talk
2344 2024-07-23T09:15:53-05:00 58JAIL Sheriff Department Main Jail Corrections
2345 2024-07-23T08:53:57-05:00 58DORM Sheriff Department Dunbar Road Correctional Facility Corrections
2356 2024-07-23T09:16:16-05:00 58MO911 Monroe City Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2360 2024-07-23T09:14:44-05:00 58ROAD Road Commission Primary Public Works
2397 2024-07-23T07:49:50-05:00 CHREG2S Region 2 MCC: Detroit (HEMS) Hospital
2402 2024-07-23T08:12:47-05:00 25F911/25FIREM Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2403 2024-07-22T19:45:12-05:00 25FG2 Countywide Fireground 2 Fire-Tac
2424 2024-07-23T08:38:37-05:00 25EMS1 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2591 2024-07-23T09:17:04-05:00 HVAD8 Special Events 3 EMS-Tac
2594 2024-07-22T14:28:57-05:00 82EMD1 Emergency Management Operations 1 Emergency Ops
2601 2024-07-23T06:25:24-05:00 METRO Blue Water Ops Public Works
2602 2024-07-22T13:33:54-05:00 METRO A Oakland County Public Works
2608 2024-07-23T04:19:43-05:00 D2FAT1 Fugitive Apprehension Team 1 Law Tac
2628 2024-07-23T09:10:03-05:00 73COV Covenant Hospital (EMS-to-Hospital) Hospital
2641 2024-07-23T01:48:41-05:00 56MIDL MyMichigan Medical Center Midland: Ambulance to hospital Hospital
2643 2024-07-22T19:26:59-05:00 73ASMH EMS - Ascension St. Mary's Hospital Hospital
2657 2024-07-23T03:05:17-05:00 47SJLH St. Joseph Livingston - Howell Hospital
2660 2024-07-23T09:16:10-05:00 50JAIL Sheriff Jail Ops Corrections
2669 2024-07-22T14:19:58-05:00 50SPEV4 Special Events 4 Interop
2686 2024-07-22T21:14:55-05:00 74LHMCH Lake Huron Medical Center Hospital
2687 2024-07-23T09:16:58-05:00 74MCPH McLaren Port Huron Hospital
2694 2024-07-23T08:08:34-05:00 74F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2695 2024-07-23T09:15:22-05:00 74E911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2704 2024-07-22T22:01:19-05:00 74F02 Brockway Twp Proprietary Fire-Talk
2707 2024-07-22T15:07:48-05:00 74PD835 Yale Police Proprietary Law Talk
2718 2024-07-23T07:47:06-05:00 74F05 Emmett Proprietary Fire-Talk
2723 2024-07-22T17:21:15-05:00 74F11ST1 Kimball Proprietary Station 1 Fire-Talk
2724 2024-07-22T19:19:50-05:00 74F12 Marine City Proprietary Fire-Talk
2728 2024-07-23T06:04:28-05:00 562COM Marysville Common Interop
2729 2024-07-23T08:11:50-05:00 74PD562 Marysville Police Proprietary Law Talk
2740 2024-07-23T05:44:54-05:00 74F16 Port Huron Twp Proprietary Fire-Talk
2741 2024-07-22T15:53:45-05:00 74F17 St. Clair Proprietary Fire-Talk
2747 2024-07-22T22:32:03-05:00 74DRUG Countywide Narcotics Enforcement Common Law Tac
2749 2024-07-22T11:02:04-05:00 174MAR Sheriff Marine Division Law Talk
2781 2024-07-23T09:10:03-05:00 74THEMS Tri-Hospital EMS Proprietary EMS-Talk
2797 2024-07-23T05:55:39-05:00 DETPM1 People Mover Primary Ops Transportation
2809 2024-07-23T09:09:00-05:00 82P965 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2822 2024-07-23T07:35:50-05:00 81 FIRE 1 Ann Arbor City Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2826 2024-07-23T09:02:22-05:00 81 INTEROP 3 Interoperability 3 Law Tac
2827 2024-07-22T20:27:43-05:00 81 INTEROP 4 Interoperability 4 Fire-Tac
2835 2024-07-23T07:57:54-05:00 50RMPD Richmond Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2841 2024-07-23T09:15:31-05:00 50MSEM1 Medstar Ambulance 911 Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2842 2024-07-23T09:16:45-05:00 50MSEM2 Medstar Ambulance EMS Transport Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2849 2024-07-23T09:13:57-05:00 50WTFD1 Washington Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2854 2024-07-23T09:15:28-05:00 82EWP911 CEW Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2868 2024-07-23T09:00:54-05:00 RLEMS1 Richmond-Lenox EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2871 2024-07-23T06:59:14-05:00 50COURT Court Officers and Services Law Talk
2872 2024-07-23T09:14:08-05:00 50CTPD Clinton Twp. Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2873 2024-07-22T10:06:33-05:00 50STATION 11 Station 11 Law Talk
2875 2024-07-23T09:13:48-05:00 50EPSS Police Dispatch Eastpointe, St. Clair Shores Law Dispatch
2878 2024-07-22T13:31:15-05:00 50FRPD Fraser Public Safety Police Law Tac
2879 2024-07-23T09:13:43-05:00 SERESA LAW 3 Police Dispatch Roseville, Fraser Law Dispatch
2880 2024-07-23T08:34:54-05:00 50SHPD Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2881 2024-07-23T09:07:12-05:00 50UTPD Utica Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2882 2024-07-23T09:17:09-05:00 50MCCPD Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2886 2024-07-23T08:15:11-05:00 63THC Total Health Care Dispatch EMS Dispatch
2887 2024-07-23T08:16:22-05:00 50EOC1 Emergency Operations Center 1 Emergency Ops
2888 2024-07-23T08:54:02-05:00 50EOC2 Emergency Operations Center 2 Emergency Ops
2891 2024-07-23T08:31:03-05:00 50SHFD Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2894 2024-07-23T07:15:28-05:00 50HTFD Harrison Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2897 2024-07-22T13:44:40-05:00 50NHFD New Haven Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2898 2024-07-23T08:59:19-05:00 50NBFD New Baltimore Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2899 2024-07-22T19:08:10-05:00 50RMFD Richmond Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
2903 2024-07-23T09:15:08-05:00 82HPPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
2910 2024-07-23T08:06:38-05:00 82HEMS1 HEMS: Switchboard / Calling Hospital
2911 2024-07-23T08:08:41-05:00 82STJOES EMS to Hospital Saint Joes Hospital
2915 2024-07-23T09:14:25-05:00 82SPEV4 Special Events 4 (All Radios) Law Tac
2916 2024-07-22T13:55:46-05:00 82SPEV5 Special Events 5 (All Radios) Law Tac
2932 2024-07-22T15:33:24-05:00 50SCCID St. Clair Shores Police Criminal Investigations Division Law Talk
2939 2024-07-22T11:51:45-05:00 50EPCID Eastpointe Police Criminal Investigation Division Law Talk
2969 2024-07-23T08:02:07-05:00 50SHDPW DPW and Water Departments Public Works
2984 2024-07-23T06:38:19-05:00 50STHTSMC Sterling Heights Medical Center Hospital
2985 2024-07-23T08:17:29-05:00 50MCLRN2 McLaren-Macomb 2 Hospital
2986 2024-07-23T08:47:32-05:00 50SJMAC Ascension Macomb St. John Hospital Health Center Hospital
2987 2024-07-22T13:22:15-05:00 63BEA EMS to Beaumont Royal Oak Hospital
2988 2024-07-23T09:04:39-05:00 50SJOMH Henry Ford Macomb Hosp Hospital
2989 2024-07-23T08:04:54-05:00 63WBHT William Beaumont Troy Hospital
2991 2024-07-23T07:12:25-05:00 63SJNOH St John Oakland Hospital
3005 2024-07-23T08:16:24-05:00 STATW5 Statewide District - 5 Interop
3006 2024-07-23T09:11:14-05:00 STATW6 Statewide District - 6 Interop
3067 2024-07-23T07:28:21-05:00 D5NORTH Southwest Region: North Dispatch (Posts 51, 52) Law Dispatch
3069 2024-07-23T09:12:53-05:00 D6NORTH Grand Valley Region: North Dispatch (Posts 62, 63) Law Dispatch
3091 2024-07-22T18:32:25-05:00 70CAR Sheriff: Car-To-Car Law Talk
3097 2024-07-23T05:20:57-05:00 D62POST Post 62: Hart Post Channel Law Talk
3100 2024-07-23T06:42:40-05:00 34P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3149 2024-07-23T04:56:07-05:00 80LEIN LEIN Law Talk
3150 2024-07-23T09:08:37-05:00 59P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3152 2024-07-23T07:46:37-05:00 59E911 EMS Dispatch (Patched with 155.175 MHz.) EMS Dispatch
3153 2024-07-23T07:18:47-05:00 59F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3156 2024-07-23T08:54:55-05:00 59SPEV1 Special Events 1 Interop
3187 2024-07-23T09:17:23-05:00 08P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3194 2024-07-23T04:15:19-05:00 53P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3203 2024-07-23T09:07:23-05:00 64P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3212 2024-07-22T20:36:57-05:00 53MD911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
3218 2024-07-23T09:08:16-05:00 64LIFE DISP Oceana County Dispatch EMS Dispatch
3219 2024-07-23T08:54:38-05:00 64F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3241 2024-07-23T09:12:26-05:00 67P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3242 2024-07-23T08:57:41-05:00 54P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3243 2024-07-23T09:12:05-05:00 62P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3279 2024-07-23T09:13:11-05:00 18P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3280 2024-07-23T09:09:06-05:00 37P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3282 2024-07-22T14:16:08-05:00 FMPLAIN Plainwell Area Fire-Tac
3301 2024-07-23T09:06:06-05:00 18F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3302 2024-07-23T07:44:06-05:00 18COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
3307 2024-07-23T09:14:42-05:00 PRBGRH Grand Haven State Park Law Talk
3308 2024-07-23T08:38:51-05:00 HOFF7 Hoffmaster State Park Law Talk
3312 2024-07-23T08:51:04-05:00 PBRKMKG Muskegon State Park Law Talk
3314 2024-07-23T07:29:17-05:00 VANB7 Van Buren State Park Law Talk
3315 2024-07-23T07:35:12-05:00 WARREN7 Warren Dunes State Park Law Talk
3316 2024-07-23T08:04:15-05:00 YS/GL7 Yankee Springs/Gun Lake State Park Law Talk
3323 2024-07-23T00:54:11-05:00 37COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
3324 2024-07-23T09:15:36-05:00 70POL2 Police Dispatch 2 "County" Law Dispatch
3346 2024-07-23T06:32:47-05:00 62F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
3360 2024-07-22T21:45:31-05:00 62LEIN LEIN Law Talk
3387 2024-07-22T12:36:03-05:00 61COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
3389 2024-07-23T09:05:00-05:00 PRBHOL Holland State Park Law Talk
3464 2024-07-23T09:11:24-05:00 39COURT Sheriff: Courthouse Security Law Talk
3514 2024-07-23T09:13:21-05:00 41LIFE DISP Kent County Dispatch EMS Dispatch
3543 2024-07-23T05:44:01-05:00 18HOSP MyMichigan E.R. Hospital
3545 2024-07-23T06:41:30-05:00 18CMCH McLaren Central Michigan E.R. - Mount Pleasant Hospital
3552 2024-07-22T09:36:17-05:00 61HOSP EMS-to-Hospital Hospital
3554 2024-07-23T05:52:59-05:00 64HOSP County Hospital Hospital
3563 2024-07-22T20:22:05-05:00 54MCA Medical Control Authority Hospital
3565 2024-07-22T12:37:03-05:00 61MCA Medical Control Authority Hospital
3578 2024-07-22T12:37:11-05:00 61EMS EMS Talk Around EMS-Talk
3594 2024-07-22T23:34:41-05:00 67E911 Osceola EMS EMS Dispatch
3623 2024-07-23T08:30:35-05:00 39LIFE DISP Kalamazoo County Dispatch EMS Dispatch
3628 2024-07-23T08:22:49-05:00 08E911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
3645 2024-07-22T14:27:39-05:00 D3FAT1 District 3: Fugitive Apprehension Team Law Tac
3647 2024-07-22T12:41:31-05:00 D6FAT1 Fugitive Apprehension Team Law Tac
3832 2024-07-23T09:03:54-05:00 37TRIBE Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3845 2024-07-23T09:10:30-05:00 54EMS EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
3901 2024-07-22T12:36:42-05:00 61EMER Emergency Emergency Ops
3902 2024-07-23T09:12:41-05:00 61P911A Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
3903 2024-07-23T09:15:22-05:00 61F911A Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4003 2024-07-23T07:58:03-05:00 STATW7 Statewide District - 7 Interop
4004 2024-07-22T10:29:41-05:00 D71POST Post 71: Cadillac Post Channel Law Talk
4017 2024-07-22T18:07:51-05:00 DNR04 District 4: Dispatch Law Dispatch
4035 2024-07-23T09:00:12-05:00 REGD7 Northern Region: Dispatch Law Dispatch
4036 2024-07-23T03:56:10-05:00 04P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4037 2024-07-22T15:01:05-05:00 51P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4038 2024-07-23T08:50:02-05:00 83P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4039 2024-07-23T08:57:26-05:00 68P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4054 2024-07-23T09:01:53-05:00 60P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4063 2024-07-23T09:13:58-05:00 FMGAYLO Gaylord Area Fire-Tac
4064 2024-07-22T20:55:17-05:00 FMATLAN Atlanta Area Fire-Tac
4068 2024-07-22T11:08:48-05:00 FMROSCO Roscommon Area Fire-Tac
4069 2024-07-23T09:06:44-05:00 72P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4078 2024-07-22T12:09:01-05:00 MITCHELL14 Mitchell State Park District Law Talk
4082 2024-07-22T11:40:48-05:00 NHIGGINS5 North Higgins Lake State Park Law Talk
4083 2024-07-22T13:05:03-05:00 HWPINES Hartwick Pines State Park Law Talk
4086 2024-07-23T09:05:17-05:00 LEELAN4 Leelanau State Park Law Talk
4088 2024-07-22T21:26:50-05:00 SILVR4B Silver Lake State Park (Sand Dunes) Law Talk
4089 2024-07-23T08:59:59-05:00 WILDRNS4 Wilderness State Park Law Talk
4091 2024-07-23T09:17:00-05:00 BURT LK Burt Lake State Park Law Talk
4093 2024-07-23T08:11:21-05:00 OTSELK3 Otsego Lake State Park Law Talk
4097 2024-07-23T08:56:03-05:00 24TRIBE Tribal Police Law Dispatch
4124 2024-07-23T08:28:55-05:00 69OMH Otsego Memorial Hospital - Gaylord Hospital
4131 2024-07-23T09:11:09-05:00 20COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
4132 2024-07-23T09:01:37-05:00 51E911 County EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
4134 2024-07-23T07:45:29-05:00 72LEIN LEIN Law Talk
4139 2024-07-23T06:56:53-05:00 72EMER County Emergency Interop
4153 2024-07-22T16:08:00-05:00 CGFIRE Camp Grayling Fire Department Fire-Tac
4154 2024-07-23T09:05:55-05:00 71P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4163 2024-07-23T08:23:22-05:00 NOROPNE MDOT North East Region Public Works
4164 2024-07-23T08:24:00-05:00 NOROPNW MDOT North West Region Public Works
4170 2024-07-22T14:18:52-05:00 05P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4171 2024-07-23T09:12:15-05:00 24P911 Emmet County Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4172 2024-07-23T09:03:08-05:00 16P911 CCE Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4173 2024-07-23T09:09:11-05:00 15P911 CCE Police Charlevoix County Dispatch Law Dispatch
4174 2024-07-23T08:53:25-05:00 40P911 Countywide Police Dispatch [Patched to 154.800 MHz.] Law Dispatch
4194 2024-07-23T08:58:05-05:00 20F911 Countywide Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4199 2024-07-22T19:00:58-05:00 FRED EMS Frederic Twp. EMS EMS-Talk
4202 2024-07-23T07:49:18-05:00 28COM Countywide Common Interop
4225 2024-07-23T06:29:25-05:00 16CHEB McLaren Northern Michigan, Cheboygan Campus Hospital
4229 2024-07-23T06:22:34-05:00 28MMC Munson Medical Center E.R. Hospital
4234 2024-07-23T09:02:33-05:00 MMRNW1 MMR Northwest 1 EMS-Talk
4288 2024-07-23T08:57:53-05:00 20P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4290 2024-07-23T09:13:20-05:00 71E911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
4291 2024-07-23T01:39:23-05:00 71F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4301 2024-07-23T09:03:44-05:00 05FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4311 2024-07-23T09:12:11-05:00 28LEIN LEIN Law Talk
4320 2024-07-23T08:56:31-05:00 28JAIL Sheriff County Jail Corrections
4328 2024-07-22T16:56:57-05:00 28GTFG1 County Fireground 1 Fire-Tac
4334 2024-07-23T08:28:06-05:00 45F911 Fire and Rescue Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4335 2024-07-23T08:24:58-05:00 10FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4336 2024-07-23T08:46:52-05:00 83FE911 Fire and EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4350 2024-07-23T08:58:42-05:00 ONWAYSP Onaway State Park Law Talk
4362 2024-07-23T07:57:24-05:00 83DB Sheriff Detective Bureau Law Tac
4414 2024-07-23T09:01:49-05:00 72HLEPG Houghton Lake EMS Page EMS Dispatch
4416 2024-07-22T19:45:55-05:00 72PGHTFD Higgins Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
4418 2024-07-22T18:46:28-05:00 72PGMTFD Markey Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
4503 2024-07-23T08:33:15-05:00 45LEIN Leelanau LEIN Law Talk
4506 2024-07-22T10:50:24-05:00 FMMANIS Manistee National Forest Fire Management Fire-Tac
4511 2024-07-23T03:20:23-05:00 68E911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
4547 2024-07-23T05:33:01-05:00 24E911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
4553 2024-07-23T09:02:08-05:00 72WE911 EMS West Dispatch (Denton Twp and Houghton Lake Amb. ALS) EMS Dispatch
4554 2024-07-23T09:10:16-05:00 72WF911B Fire West Fire-Tac
4572 2024-07-23T00:36:05-05:00 USCGTVC U.S. Coast Guard Station: Traverse City Ops Military
4586 2024-07-23T07:24:37-05:00 MCCOM Mackinaw City Common Interop
4590 2024-07-23T07:41:18-05:00 15FG55 Melrose Township Fire and Rescue: Fireground Fire-Tac
4591 2024-07-23T07:11:32-05:00 AEROMED4 Aero Med 4 - Traverse City - (Helicopter/Fixed Wing) EMS Dispatch
4613 2024-07-23T08:51:13-05:00 05F911PG County Fire Page Fire Dispatch
4614 2024-07-23T09:15:39-05:00 28FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4620 2024-07-23T00:53:04-05:00 60FEMID Fire/EMS Briley/Loud/Avery/Canada Creek Dispatch Fire Dispatch
4626 2024-07-23T07:39:02-05:00 15PG53 Charlevoix City EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
4642 2024-07-22T11:26:14-05:00 16FG64 Topinabee Fireground Fire-Tac
4647 2024-07-22T13:47:48-05:00 16FG69 Inverness Twp Fireground Fire-Tac
4668 2024-07-22T23:59:05-05:00 24FG45 Petoskey Department of Public Safety Fireground Fire-Tac
4669 2024-07-23T02:57:56-05:00 24FG46 Resort Bear Creek Fire and Rescue Fireground Fire-Tac
4670 2024-07-22T09:30:08-05:00 24FG47 Springvale Township Fire Department Fireground Fire-Tac
4671 2024-07-22T14:06:55-05:00 24FG48 Readmond Friendship Fire and Rescue Fireground Fire-Tac
4674 2024-07-22T10:12:44-05:00 15PG56 Charlevoix Township Fire Department Paging Fire Dispatch
4676 2024-07-23T08:54:20-05:00 24JAIL County Jail Law Talk
4693 2024-07-22T13:35:16-05:00 16PG69 Inverness Twp. Fire Page Fire Dispatch
4698 2024-07-22T10:38:24-05:00 24PG43 Harbor Springs Fire Page Fire Dispatch
4705 2024-07-22T09:20:05-05:00 24PG47 Springvale Township Fire Department Paging Fire Dispatch
4721 2024-07-23T08:01:24-05:00 16PG68N Cheboygan Life Support North Page Fire Dispatch
4722 2024-07-22T22:28:38-05:00 16PG68S Cheboygan Life Support South Page Fire Dispatch
4723 2024-07-23T04:19:22-05:00 24PG40 Emmet EMS Page EMS Dispatch
4836 2024-07-22T20:07:45-05:00 57OPS1 Fire Ground Operations 1 Fire-Tac
4837 2024-07-22T19:06:38-05:00 57OPS2 Fire Ground Operations 2 Fire-Tac
4863 2024-07-23T06:45:46-05:00 D7AUXCOM District 7 AuxCom Law Talk
4967 2024-07-23T09:15:07-05:00 10P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4968 2024-07-23T09:08:16-05:00 45P911 Leelanau Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
4974 2024-07-23T08:28:04-05:00 40FEPAGE County Fire-EMS Page Fire Dispatch
5010 2024-07-22T11:31:50-05:00 DNR03 District 3 Dispatch Law Dispatch
5011 2024-07-23T06:48:35-05:00 DOCNCOM Northern Region Common Corrections
5032 2024-07-23T09:13:31-05:00 69LEIN LEIN Law Talk
5033 2024-07-23T08:57:57-05:00 28P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
5039 2024-07-23T09:00:48-05:00 69E911 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
5048 2024-07-22T12:43:47-05:00 STRTSP Straights State Park Law Talk
5050 2024-07-22T09:41:37-05:00 TAHFALS03 Tahquamenon Falls State Park Law Talk
5087 2024-07-22T21:58:37-05:00 17COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies) Interop
5091 2024-07-23T05:00:23-05:00 17P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
5101 2024-07-23T03:00:47-05:00 24NMH McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital Hospital
5102 2024-07-22T13:15:03-05:00 48HNJH Helen Newberry Joy Hospital Hospital
5125 2024-07-23T04:56:07-05:00 20MMR MMR Northwest Dispatch Crawford County EMS Dispatch
5144 2024-07-23T09:13:52-05:00 PETOSK3 Petoskey State Park Law Talk
5174 2024-07-23T09:07:15-05:00 57P911 Missaukee Police Law Enforcement Law Dispatch
5177 2024-07-22T20:50:50-05:00 57F300 McBain Fire Department Fire-Talk
5193 2024-07-23T06:59:34-05:00 SPCUCOM Upper Peninsula Park Campgrounds Common Law Talk
5206 2024-07-23T09:06:26-05:00 15F911 County Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
5210 2024-07-23T08:54:00-05:00 16F911 CCE Fire Cheboygan Dispatch Fire Dispatch
5214 2024-07-23T02:54:17-05:00 24F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
5224 2024-07-22T19:50:40-05:00 57F200 Lake Missaukee Fire Fire-Talk
5226 2024-07-23T05:03:49-05:00 57F911 Missaukee Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
5227 2024-07-23T08:21:46-05:00 57E911 Missaukee EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
5238 2024-07-23T09:17:22-05:00 SLBECOM Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: Common Federal
5243 2024-07-22T10:01:02-05:00 SLBEMTC Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: Maintenance Federal
5253 2024-07-23T08:57:11-05:00 45ICS1 Leelanau Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
5309 2024-07-22T15:06:54-05:00 57F100 Merritt Area Fire Fire-Talk
5313 2024-07-22T14:20:36-05:00 28PAREMS Kingsley EMS 2A EMS-Talk
5342 2024-07-23T08:35:11-05:00 69PGEM6 EMS Station 6 Page EMS Dispatch
5344 2024-07-23T07:50:29-05:00 40F911 Countywide Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
5345 2024-07-23T09:10:24-05:00 40E911 Countywide EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
5346 2024-07-23T08:16:05-05:00 40SPEV2 Special Events 2 - Fireground Interop
5370 2024-07-23T07:42:56-05:00 83PGFE Fire-EMS Dispatch Page Fire Dispatch
5374 2024-07-23T06:42:17-05:00 CGRNGCTL Camp Grayling Range Control Military
5379 2024-07-23T09:05:38-05:00 EFRTRANS Emmet Friendship Center Transportation Bus Transportation
5400 2024-07-22T17:02:56-05:00 72FIRE PAGE Countywide Fire Paging (Severe WX Alerts) Fire Dispatch
5435 2024-07-22T19:08:23-05:00 83FOPS1 Wexford Fire Operations 1 Fire-Tac
5438 2024-07-22T17:10:39-05:00 60PGFE03 Hillman/Rust Fire Page Fire Dispatch
5440 2024-07-22T13:33:16-05:00 69FD02 Gaylord Fire Tactical Fire-Tac
5441 2024-07-23T03:47:21-05:00 69FD03 Elmire Fire Tactical Fire-Tac
5445 2024-07-22T13:08:23-05:00 69PGGLFD Gaylord Paging (Station 2) Fire Dispatch
5446 2024-07-23T03:31:04-05:00 69PGEFD Elmira Fire Paging (Station 3) Fire Dispatch
5497 2024-07-23T08:45:23-05:00 GLEOPS 5497 Operations 5497 Utilities
5500 2024-07-23T08:31:03-05:00 GLEOPS 5500 Operations 5500 Utilities
5503 2024-07-22T10:40:35-05:00 Boyne City 1 Boyne City 1 Utilities
5506 2024-07-23T08:46:08-05:00 GLEOPS 5506 Operations 5506 Utilities
5509 2024-07-23T09:10:11-05:00 Boyne City 2 Boyne City 2 Utilities
5521 2024-07-23T09:00:32-05:00 GLEDISP Primary Dispatch Utilities
5525 2024-07-23T07:29:41-05:00 GLEOPS 5525 Operations 5525 Utilities
5528 2024-07-23T09:15:16-05:00 GLEOPS 5528 Operations 5528 Utilities
5553 2024-07-22T22:56:51-05:00 60PGFHILL Hillman Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
5556 2024-07-22T13:07:32-05:00 60EPAGE Hillman Ambulance Page EMS Dispatch
5570 2024-07-23T07:36:41-05:00 20BCCOM Beaver Creek Twp. Common Interop
5572 2024-07-23T08:51:17-05:00 20GRCOM Grayling Twp. Fire Common Fire-Tac
5574 2024-07-22T10:47:33-05:00 72PGLTFEMS Lyon Twp Fire and EMS paging Fire Dispatch
6003 2024-07-23T08:07:54-05:00 STATW8 Statewide District - 8 Interop
6019 2024-07-23T08:09:58-05:00 D8EAST U.P. Region: East Dispatch (Posts 82, 83) Law Dispatch
6020 2024-07-22T18:26:51-05:00 D8CENTR U.P. Region: Central Dispatch (Post 84) Law Dispatch
6044 2024-07-22T14:23:10-05:00 FMSAULT Sault Ste. Marie area Fire-Tac
6048 2024-07-23T06:38:15-05:00
6053 2024-07-22T11:37:06-05:00 49FE7 Garfield Twp Proprietary Multi-Talk
6054 2024-07-23T09:04:30-05:00 49FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
6062 2024-07-22T19:54:09-05:00 49LEIN LEIN Law Talk
6066 2024-07-23T09:09:36-05:00 49P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
6115 2024-07-22T10:07:45-05:00 17BMPD Bay Mills Tribal Police Proprietary channel Law Talk
6119 2024-07-22T15:29:50-05:00 FMFIR1 Fire Management 1 Fire-Tac
6139 2024-07-22T14:04:59-05:00 48FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
6147 2024-07-23T03:06:01-05:00 49MI911 Mackinac Island FIRE/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
6152 2024-07-22T20:01:34-05:00 17FE911 Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire Dispatch
6208 2024-07-22T17:38:02-05:00 49MIMC Mackinac Island Medical Center Hospital
6386 2024-07-22T11:25:32-05:00 49PG-GTFD Garfield Township Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
6387 2024-07-22T11:22:56-05:00 49PG-HENFR Hendricks Township Fire/MFR Paging Multi-Dispatch
6390 2024-07-22T11:35:18-05:00 49PG-PTEMS Portage Township EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
6419 2024-07-23T09:04:51-05:00 49RDCOM County Road Commission Public Works
6837 2024-07-22T16:58:49-05:00 61PGNSEMS Norton Shores EMS Station 2 Paging EMS Dispatch
7034 2024-07-22T16:02:39-05:00 FMUP Upper Peninsula Fire-Tac
7035 2024-07-23T07:56:23-05:00 538P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
7150 2024-07-22T18:25:47-05:00 FWSUP2 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Upper Peninsula 2 Federal
8014 2024-07-23T09:16:43-05:00 BUSOP Detroit Transit Ops Transportation
8015 2024-07-23T04:43:27-05:00 BUSPO Detroit Transit Police Law Tac
8029 2024-07-23T08:40:45-05:00 DEPSC02 Public Safety Common 2 Interop
8040 2024-07-23T09:15:09-05:00 DPD01 Central District Dispatch - (Precincts 1, 3) Law Dispatch
8043 2024-07-23T09:15:05-05:00 DPD02 Southwestern District Dispatch - (Precincts 2, 4) Law Dispatch
8044 2024-07-23T04:00:27-05:00 DPD02D Precinct 2 - Desk Channel Law Talk
8046 2024-07-23T09:10:43-05:00 DPD03 Northeastern Dispatch (Precincts 7, 11,16 (Highland Park) Law Dispatch
8047 2024-07-23T09:15:50-05:00 DPD03D Precinct 3 - Desk Channel Law Talk
8049 2024-07-23T09:16:20-05:00 DPD04 Northwestern District Dispatch - (Precincts 6, 8) Law Dispatch
8050 2024-07-23T06:44:22-05:00 DPD04D Precinct 4 - Desk Channel Law Talk
8052 2024-07-23T08:20:59-05:00 DPD05 Citywide Special Events "Track 5" Law Dispatch
8055 2024-07-23T09:17:08-05:00 DPD06 Western District Dispatch - (Precints 10, 12) Law Dispatch
8058 2024-07-23T09:16:09-05:00 DPD07 Eastern District Dispatch - (Precints 5, 9) Law Dispatch
8064 2024-07-22T17:52:45-05:00 DPD09 Evidence Technicians Law Tac
8067 2024-07-22T15:06:10-05:00 DPD10 Gaming Division (Casinos) Law Tac
8068 2024-07-23T03:41:25-05:00 DPD10D Precinct 10 - Desk Channel Law Talk
8070 2024-07-23T01:14:21-05:00 DPD11 Command (Taskforce Base) Law Tac
8073 2024-07-23T01:44:19-05:00 DPD12 Command Law Tac
8076 2024-07-22T17:59:45-05:00 DPD13 Traffic Enforcement Law Talk
8082 2024-07-22T15:43:19-05:00 DPDCID3 Detectives 3 Law Tac
8089 2024-07-23T09:15:30-05:00 DPDCM05 Command - 5 (Tow Truck Dispatch) Law Talk
8090 2024-07-23T06:46:58-05:00 DPDCM06 Command - 6 Law Talk
8103 2024-07-22T13:51:00-05:00 DPDCID14 Detectives 14 Law Tac
8132 2024-07-22T09:43:06-05:00 DPDTA10 Citywide Tac - 10 Law Tac
8157 2024-07-23T08:36:14-05:00 DWSAT1 Security 1 Public Works
8177 2024-07-23T09:14:58-05:00 DWS OPS DWS Operations Public Works
8207 2024-07-22T17:38:43-05:00 DWSCC Control Center Public Works
8209 2024-07-23T05:42:55-05:00 DPDCID34 Detectives 34 Law Tac
8219 2024-07-23T09:17:24-05:00 DFDEDSP1 Dispatch EMS Dispatch
8232 2024-07-22T19:12:39-05:00 DFDES1 Scene 1 EMS-Tac
8234 2024-07-22T10:33:15-05:00 DFDES3 Scene 3 EMS-Tac
8235 2024-07-22T16:43:48-05:00 DFDES4 Scene 4 EMS-Tac
8239 2024-07-23T09:16:28-05:00 DFDFDSP1 Detroit Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
8244 2024-07-22T14:03:52-05:00 DFDFS1 Battalion 1 Fire Scene Fire-Tac
8246 2024-07-23T04:02:21-05:00 DFDFS3 Battalion 3 Fire Scene Fire-Tac
8247 2024-07-22T14:31:43-05:00 DFDFS4 Battalion 4 Fire Scene Fire-Tac
8248 2024-07-22T17:57:56-05:00 DFDFS5 Battalion 5 Fire Scene Fire-Tac
8249 2024-07-22T17:53:21-05:00 DFDFS6 Battalion 6 Fire Scene Fire-Tac
8251 2024-07-23T06:14:17-05:00 DFDFS8 Battalion 8 Fire Scene Fire-Tac
8253 2024-07-23T09:11:09-05:00 DFDFSX Spare Fire Scene 10 Fire-Tac
8257 2024-07-23T08:49:18-05:00 DPDACU1 Animal Control 1 Public Works
8260 2024-07-23T09:10:03-05:00 DPRP1 Detroit Parks & Recreation Patrol "Station 800" Security
8309 2024-07-23T09:07:00-05:00 DPWLY Livernois Yard Public Works
8335 2024-07-22T13:04:34-05:00 VR-2 Citywide Interop
8349 2024-07-23T03:51:19-05:00 DETHD Health Department EMS-Talk
8350 2024-07-23T09:11:57-05:00 WSUPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
8351 2024-07-23T08:45:35-05:00 WSUPD2 Police Secondary Law Talk
8503 2024-07-22T10:28:44-05:00 82HEMS3 EMS to Hospital Hospital
8505 2024-07-23T09:07:10-05:00 DPSPOL1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
8518 2024-07-23T07:55:03-05:00 DDOT1 Detroit Department of Transportation Buses 1 Transportation
8519 2024-07-23T08:28:25-05:00 DDOT2 Detroit Department of Transportation Buses 2 Transportation
8522 2024-07-22T20:27:16-05:00 DDOT5 Detroit Department of Transportation Buses 5 Transportation
8523 2024-07-23T09:17:18-05:00 DDOT6 Detroit Department of Transportation Buses 6 Transportation
11149 2024-07-23T05:41:30-05:00 CESCC Security Command Center Utilities
11152 2024-07-23T07:55:09-05:00 EDCONTROL Electrical Distribution Control Utilities
11153 2024-07-23T07:59:34-05:00 58EDDUNBAR Electrical Distribution Monroe County Utilities
11164 2024-07-23T09:12:07-05:00 46ROAD1 Road Commission Primary Public Works
11165 2024-07-23T08:36:37-05:00 46ROAD2 Road Commission Secondary Public Works
11169 2024-07-23T09:16:49-05:00 38JCPD911 Jackson City Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
11172 2024-07-23T09:10:09-05:00 38F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
11173 2024-07-22T17:31:31-05:00 38COL RES Columbia Twp. Fire Rescue Paging Fire Dispatch
11175 2024-07-22T18:05:32-05:00 38FG01 Countywide Fireground 1 Fire-Tac
11194 2024-07-23T08:57:37-05:00 38LEIN County LEIN Law Talk
11196 2024-07-22T13:57:21-05:00 38BT Blackman Twp. DPS Proprietary Law Talk
11197 2024-07-23T08:10:01-05:00 38JCPDLEIN Jackson City LEIN Law Talk
11271 2024-07-22T14:24:27-05:00 46F89 Addison Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
11272 2024-07-23T09:17:06-05:00 46APD1 Police Adrian City Dispatch Law Dispatch
11280 2024-07-23T08:28:46-05:00 46COURT Sheriff: Courthouse Security Law Tac
11286 2024-07-23T09:15:55-05:00 46F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
11291 2024-07-22T21:00:53-05:00 46FSPEV Fire Special Events Fire-Tac
11300 2024-07-22T14:27:53-05:00 46JSPEV9 Police/Fire Special Events 9 Multi-Tac
11302 2024-07-23T00:53:41-05:00 46POPS4 Sheriff Car-to-Car Law Tac
11304 2024-07-23T02:48:58-05:00 46LEIN LEIN Law Talk
11307 2024-07-22T22:06:41-05:00 46LSPEV Police Special Events Law Tac
11323 2024-07-22T21:51:51-05:00 46TRNSPT Sheriff Corrections Division: Transport Law Tac
11332 2024-07-22T11:13:41-05:00 23PGERF Eaton Rapids City/Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
11336 2024-07-23T03:45:16-05:00 23PGRXND Roxand Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
11340 2024-07-22T11:58:15-05:00 ELDISCNTL Electrical Distribution Control Norton Shores Utilities
11343 2024-07-22T22:48:10-05:00 58EDTEMP Electrical Distribution Temperance Utilities
11344 2024-07-23T08:34:48-05:00 29EDALMA Electrical Distribution Alma Utilities
11345 2024-07-23T03:07:34-05:00 EDBAYCITY Bay City Electric Distribution Utilities
11347 2024-07-23T07:17:59-05:00 10EDBENZIE Benzie County Electric Distribution Utilities
11348 2024-07-23T08:11:57-05:00 EDBOYNE Boyne Electric Distribution Utilities
11350 2024-07-23T06:40:14-05:00 EDCADILAC Cadillac Electric Distribution Utilities
11351 2024-07-23T07:30:44-05:00 EDCLARE Electrical Distribution Clare County Utilities
11352 2024-07-22T12:14:13-05:00 EDCLDWTR Electrical Distribution Battle Creek South Utilities
11353 2024-07-23T09:00:45-05:00 EDKENTE Electrical Distribution Kent County East Utilities
11358 2024-07-23T08:22:48-05:00 EDGRAPID Electrical Distribution Grand Rapids Utilities
11360 2024-07-23T09:14:19-05:00 EDHAMITN Hamilton Electrical Distribution Utilities
11361 2024-07-23T07:03:51-05:00 GREENVED Greenville Electric Distribution Utilities
11362 2024-07-23T08:16:49-05:00 EDHAMLTN Electrical Distribution Hamilton Utilities
11363 2024-07-23T08:46:01-05:00 EDHASTNG Electrical Distribution Hastings Utilities
11364 2024-07-22T21:14:15-05:00 EDBJACK Electrical Distribution Jackson Utilities
11366 2024-07-22T21:10:01-05:00 EDLANSNG Electrical Distribution Lansing Utilities
11367 2024-07-23T08:18:04-05:00 EDLUDNGTN Electrical Distribution Ludington Utilities
11368 2024-07-23T08:54:20-05:00 EDMIDLND Electrical Distribution Midland South Utilities
11369 2024-07-23T08:40:14-05:00 OPS369 Electrical Distribution Ottawa/Allegan Utilities
11370 2024-07-22T23:59:38-05:00 EDKENTN Electrical Distribution Kent County North Utilities
11371 2024-07-23T06:59:58-05:00 78EDOWOSSO Electrical Distribution Owosso Utilities
11374 2024-07-23T08:49:39-05:00 EDSAGNWS Electrical Distribution Saginaw South Utilities
11375 2024-07-22T17:06:09-05:00 EDSMONROE Electrical Distribution South Monroe Utilities
11377 2024-07-22T18:24:22-05:00 EDTAWAS Electrical Distribution Tawas Utilities
11378 2024-07-23T09:14:40-05:00 28EDTRAVERSE Traverse City Electric Distribution Utilities
11379 2024-07-23T08:08:15-05:00 EDWBRNCH West Branch Electric Distribution Utilities
11389 2024-07-22T09:20:02-05:00 JXSNBASE Jackson Base Utilities
11394 2024-07-23T02:03:32-05:00 EDROYALOAK Electrical Distribution Royal Oak Utilities
11404 2024-07-22T10:57:24-05:00 ALMA GAS Gratiot and Mecosta Gas Operations Utilities
11406 2024-07-22T18:10:35-05:00 GASARENAC Gas Distribution Arenac County Utilities
11407 2024-07-23T06:53:19-05:00 GASMISKE Missaukee Area Gas Distribution Utilities
11408 2024-07-22T12:53:08-05:00 GASGENSEE Genesee County East Utilities
11409 2024-07-23T09:15:51-05:00 63GSOAKLAND Gas Service - Oakland County Utilities
11410 2024-07-22T18:17:10-05:00 GDHASTNG Gas Distribution Hastings Utilities
11411 2024-07-23T09:15:21-05:00 63GSOAK Gas Service - SW Oakland/NW Wayne Counties Utilities
11414 2024-07-23T08:35:24-05:00 LANSGAS Lansing Area Gas Utilities
11415 2024-07-23T02:03:27-05:00 GASOKLAND Oakland County Utilities
11418 2024-07-22T19:25:10-05:00 GDMDLNDN Gas Distribution Midland North Utilities
11419 2024-07-23T08:39:40-05:00 GASOWOSO Gas Distribution Owosso Utilities
11420 2024-07-23T09:03:59-05:00 63GASOAKL Oakland County Gas Distribution Utilities
11421 2024-07-22T18:26:58-05:00 GASSAGNW Gas Distribution Saginaw Utilities
11436 2024-07-22T13:47:47-05:00 GDOAKLAND Gas Distribution Oakland Utilities
11658 2024-07-22T13:36:01-05:00 09ACNTL Animal Control Law Dispatch
11660 2024-07-23T08:02:11-05:00 56FIRE County Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
11661 2024-07-23T06:30:58-05:00 583MCFD Midland City Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
11662 2024-07-23T08:51:02-05:00 56EMS EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
11692 2024-07-23T09:13:21-05:00 26EMS MyMichigan Ambulance: Gladwin County EMS Dispatch
11696 2024-07-23T09:12:40-05:00 583DART Dial-A-Ride Transportation Transportation
11697 2024-07-23T09:17:14-05:00 583DPW1 City of Midland DPW 1 Public Works
11698 2024-07-23T09:17:22-05:00 583DPW2 City of Midland DPW 2 Public Works
11700 2024-07-22T20:06:25-05:00 583GRG City of Midland Garage Public Works
11701 2024-07-23T09:03:14-05:00 583LDFL City of Midland Landfill Public Works
11703 2024-07-22T13:29:41-05:00 583PKS2 City of Midland Parks 2 Public Works
11714 2024-07-23T07:56:15-05:00 73MCTEC Mosquito Control Ch. 4 Technicians Public Works
11738 2024-07-22T14:15:40-05:00 56PGLEE Lee Twp. Fire Page Fire Dispatch
11739 2024-07-23T06:37:08-05:00 56PGCOL Coleman Fire Page Fire Dispatch
11754 2024-07-22T12:23:49-05:00 56PGDNR DNR Fire Management Page Fire Dispatch
11755 2024-07-22T14:05:00-05:00 56PGEDEN Edenville Fire Page Fire Dispatch
11756 2024-07-22T17:14:32-05:00 56PGE10 EMS Station 10 Coleman Page EMS Dispatch
11757 2024-07-23T00:10:48-05:00 56PGE8 EMS Station 8 Midland City Page EMS Dispatch
11758 2024-07-22T15:27:08-05:00 56PGE9 EMS Station 9 Sanford Page EMS Dispatch
11766 2024-07-23T03:58:51-05:00 56PGMFD1 Station 1 Page Fire Dispatch
11767 2024-07-22T10:16:44-05:00 56PGMFD2 Station 2 Page Fire Dispatch
11768 2024-07-22T18:45:04-05:00 56PGMFD3 Station 3 Page Fire Dispatch
11769 2024-07-23T06:30:33-05:00 56PGMFDA All Stations Page Fire Dispatch
11770 2024-07-22T17:07:05-05:00 56PGMFDR Rescue 1 Page Fire Dispatch
11772 2024-07-22T23:03:15-05:00 56PGMTFD Midland Twp. Fire Page Fire Dispatch
11777 2024-07-22T09:24:45-05:00 56 PARKS County Parks Public Works
11801 2024-07-23T09:16:38-05:00 41SPHLSEC1 Security Dispatch Security
11806 2024-07-23T09:16:32-05:00 41SPHLSEC2 Security Secondary Security
11856 2024-07-22T13:56:34-05:00 38PG RESCUE Blackman/Leoni Twp. Fire/Rescue Paging Fire Dispatch
11871 2024-07-22T11:58:07-05:00 HWTCE BLANCH Blanchard office Utilities
11878 2024-07-23T08:59:57-05:00 HWTCE PORTLND Portland headquarters Utilities
11889 2024-07-23T08:54:00-05:00 38DHHS Dept. of Health and Human Service: Jackson Security
11922 2024-07-23T08:43:14-05:00 23FIREA Fire Dispatch Out County Fire Dispatch
11923 2024-07-23T09:12:05-05:00 23FIREB Fire Dispatch Delta, Grand Ledge, Windsor Fire Dispatch
11942 2024-07-23T06:58:52-05:00 23PGEAMS Eaton Area EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
11967 2024-07-23T06:51:49-05:00 06ROAD Road Commission 1 Public Works
12029 2024-07-23T08:56:28-05:00 50WRBMD Warren Building Management Department Public Works
12030 2024-07-22T20:59:00-05:00 50SHCID Police CID Law Tac
12062 2024-07-23T07:47:36-05:00 METFCP1 Freeway Courtesy Patrol 1 Public Works
12067 2024-07-23T09:11:44-05:00 TACOMF1 Detroit Arsenal: Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12071 2024-07-23T09:12:45-05:00 TACOMP1 Detroit Arsenal: Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12080 2024-07-23T08:25:01-05:00 SANGFD Selfridge Air National Guard Base: Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12081 2024-07-22T17:33:02-05:00 50RVCOM Roseville Citywide Common Interop
12118 2024-07-23T09:13:43-05:00 867OPS1 Clay Twp Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12119 2024-07-22T20:29:45-05:00 74DISP Countywide PSAP-to-PSAP Interop
12123 2024-07-23T09:13:46-05:00 82LEIN L.E.I.N. Law Talk
12124 2024-07-22T09:41:11-05:00 823100 Road Patrol Law Tac
12125 2024-07-23T08:43:41-05:00 82VICE Detectives Law Tac
12127 2024-07-23T08:57:58-05:00 82WATER1 Marine Division 1 Law Tac
12128 2024-07-23T09:15:42-05:00 82COURT Court Security Law Talk
12129 2024-07-23T09:15:38-05:00 82TRANS Transport Division (Channel 8) Law Talk
12132 2024-07-22T19:31:47-05:00 82PARKS Parks Division Law Talk
12133 2024-07-23T06:29:32-05:00 82 CMY County Maintenance Yard Public Works
12142 2024-07-22T21:28:11-05:00 82CDIV1 Corrections Division 1 Corrections
12143 2024-07-23T09:07:20-05:00 82CDIV2 Corrections Division 2 Corrections
12148 2024-07-23T08:03:55-05:00 82JAIL4 Corrections 4 Corrections
12150 2024-07-22T13:20:35-05:00 82WEB1 Warrant Enforcement Bureau 1 Law Tac
12151 2024-07-23T08:41:55-05:00 82WEB2 Warrant Enforcement Bureau 2 Law Tac
12153 2024-07-23T09:07:29-05:00 676F911 Dispatch Ch-1 Fire Dispatch
12154 2024-07-23T09:11:42-05:00 676P911 Dispatch Law Dispatch
12155 2024-07-23T06:06:37-05:00 867P911 Clay Twp. Police Administration Law Talk
12171 2024-07-23T09:14:27-05:00 174COR Sheriff Corrections Division Law Talk
12190 2024-07-23T09:04:20-05:00 74COURT Court Security Law Talk
12194 2024-07-22T22:36:47-05:00 76P911 Police Dispatch [Patched to 155.535 MHz.] Law Dispatch
12198 2024-07-23T09:04:48-05:00 NTPDISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12201 2024-07-22T18:31:29-05:00 NTFDISP Northville Township Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12203 2024-07-22T23:48:52-05:00 82NCFD Northville City Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12206 2024-07-23T09:16:39-05:00 82CTPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12229 2024-07-22T12:52:33-05:00 73RCD02 Road Commission Dist 02 Public Works
12230 2024-07-23T08:43:07-05:00 73RCD03 Road Commission Dist 03 Public Works
12233 2024-07-22T11:44:10-05:00 73RCD06 Road Commission Dist 06 Public Works
12257 2024-07-23T06:54:03-05:00 81UMSF University of Michigan Survival Flight EMS Dispatch
12261 2024-07-23T00:00:39-05:00 CNRPD1 Canadian National Railway 1 Law Tac
12275 2024-07-23T09:11:47-05:00 50MCRC1 Road Commission Public Works
12277 2024-07-23T09:08:22-05:00 50AC1 Animal Control 1 Law Talk
12278 2024-07-23T09:08:16-05:00 50AC2 Animal Control 2 Law Talk
12284 2024-07-22T15:26:04-05:00 58LET2 Lake Erie Transit Secondary Transportation
12285 2024-07-23T09:17:08-05:00 58LET1 Lake Erie Transit Dispatch Transportation
12299 2024-07-23T07:56:59-05:00 81 INTEROP13 Interoperability 13 Fire-Tac
12302 2024-07-23T09:16:18-05:00 81METRO EAST East [County] Zone Dispatch Law Dispatch
12303 2024-07-23T09:16:13-05:00 81METRO WEST West [County] Zone Dispatch Law Dispatch
12306 2024-07-23T09:12:42-05:00 81METRO LEIN County/Metro LEIN Law Talk
12313 2024-07-23T09:01:34-05:00 81CHELSEA1 Chelsea Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12314 2024-07-22T09:32:46-05:00 81CHELSEA2 Chelsea Police Tactical Law Tac
12315 2024-07-23T09:11:46-05:00 81EMU1 Eastern Michigan University DPS Dispatch Law Dispatch
12325 2024-07-23T07:04:26-05:00 81 METRO WEST 2 West [County] Zone Tactical Law Tac
12326 2024-07-23T08:09:31-05:00 81 METRO EAST 2 East [County] Zone Tactical Law Tac
12328 2024-07-23T09:15:13-05:00 81 JAIL Corrections Division: Jail Corrections
12333 2024-07-23T08:47:36-05:00 81 FIRE 2 Superior Twp./Ypsilanti City and Township Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12334 2024-07-23T09:09:03-05:00 81 FIRE 3 Paid On Call Departments Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12336 2024-07-23T08:55:09-05:00 81FG01 Ann Arbor City Base 1 Fireground Fire-Talk
12340 2024-07-22T19:44:23-05:00 81FG05 Dexter Area Base 5 Fireground Fire-Talk
12341 2024-07-22T11:08:53-05:00 81FG07 Manchester Twp Base 7 Fireground Fire-Talk
12347 2024-07-23T08:59:39-05:00 81FG16 Scio Twp Base 16 Fireground Fire-Talk
12350 2024-07-22T23:43:05-05:00 81UMMD University of Michigan Medical Center Hospital
12351 2024-07-23T08:02:43-05:00 81UMER University of Michigan Emergency Room Hospital
12352 2024-07-23T08:49:49-05:00 81SJER St. Joseph Hospital Ann Arbor Emergency Room Hospital
12354 2024-07-23T07:35:11-05:00 81CHLER Chelsea Hospital Emergency Room Hospital
12355 2024-07-22T17:29:41-05:00 81AAVA Ann Arbor Veterans Hospital Hospital
12357 2024-07-23T01:54:50-05:00 81MOTT Motts Children Hospital Hospital
12358 2024-07-23T08:04:01-05:00 CFPYPSI Center for Forensic Psychiatry: Ypsilanti Law Talk
12378 2024-07-23T09:16:34-05:00 50JJC Juvenile Justice Center Law Talk
12391 2024-07-23T07:53:47-05:00 50SPEV15 Special Events 15 Interop
12398 2024-07-22T21:21:14-05:00 82LOWERHURON HCMP Police: South District Dispatch Law Dispatch
12411 2024-07-23T08:55:52-05:00 82RTPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12412 2024-07-23T09:16:52-05:00 RTWPFD Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12413 2024-07-22T17:22:15-05:00 82RTPD2 Police Secondary Law Tac
12415 2024-07-22T17:18:38-05:00 82PCFG Plymouth City Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12486 2024-07-23T05:53:01-05:00 81ROAD1 Road Commission Dispatch Public Works
12488 2024-07-23T09:16:47-05:00 81ROAD3 Road Commission County Interop Public Works
12539 2024-07-22T10:07:43-05:00 50FTRAIN Fire Training Fire-Talk
12555 2024-07-23T09:15:29-05:00 09FC911 Bay City Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12556 2024-07-23T08:48:43-05:00 09FT911 Bay County Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12561 2024-07-23T09:16:51-05:00 239P911 Bay City Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12562 2024-07-23T06:57:52-05:00 82HTFD1 Fire Base 22 Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12564 2024-07-22T14:15:36-05:00 82HTPD2 Police Proprietary Law Talk
12586 2024-07-23T01:24:14-05:00 47SJLB St. Joseph Livingston - Brighton Hospital
12598 2024-07-23T08:27:03-05:00 82 WYOMING Roads District 1: Wyoming Yard (Detroit City) Public Works
12599 2024-07-23T07:44:02-05:00 82 NORTON Roads District 2: Norton Yard Public Works
12600 2024-07-23T08:24:31-05:00 82 WAYNE Roads District 3: Wayne Yard Public Works
12601 2024-07-23T07:40:23-05:00 82 SIBLEY Roads District 4: Sibley Yard Public Works
12602 2024-07-23T08:36:32-05:00 82 GODDARD Roads District 5: Goddard Yard Public Works
12603 2024-07-23T09:17:22-05:00 82 FREEWAY Roads District 6: Urban Freeway Yard (Detroit City) Public Works
12605 2024-07-23T07:35:03-05:00 82 CONST 1 Roads Construction 1 Public Works
12610 2024-07-23T04:56:42-05:00
12619 2024-07-23T09:16:37-05:00 50SERESA FD Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12620 2024-07-23T06:13:09-05:00 81PS1 Manchester Community Schools Schools
12627 2024-07-23T09:10:45-05:00 50MSEM3 Medstar Ambulance Ops EMS-Talk
12657 2024-07-22T16:55:48-05:00 09RDCOM Road Commission - 911 Contact Public Works
12659 2024-07-22T17:08:13-05:00 09HTADM Hampton Twp Admin Fire-Talk
12747 2024-07-23T09:15:47-05:00 82LFD1 Base 7 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12773 2024-07-23T09:14:17-05:00 82RPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12775 2024-07-23T08:45:45-05:00 82RFD1 Romulus City Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12780 2024-07-23T09:17:23-05:00 82VBPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
12781 2024-07-23T09:16:39-05:00 82VBFD1 Fire Dispatch (Patched to 151.100 MHz.) Fire Dispatch
12782 2024-07-23T00:09:09-05:00 82STFD1 Fire Base 18 Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12791 2024-07-23T07:37:53-05:00 25MTA5 Your Ride Dispatch Flint-East District Transportation
12796 2024-07-23T07:25:38-05:00 25MTA10 Your Ride Dispatch Otisville District Transportation
12799 2024-07-23T07:38:56-05:00 25MTA13 Talkaround (Bus dispatch/bus to bus/security/facilities maintenance/vehicle mechanics) Transportation
12835 2024-07-23T08:50:48-05:00 81SJMH1 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor: Security Security
12836 2024-07-23T08:37:52-05:00 81SJMH2 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Ann Arbor: Shuttle Vans Transportation
12850 2024-07-22T10:14:01-05:00 44GLTA1 Greater Lapeer Transportation Authority Dispatch Transportation
12868 2024-07-23T07:35:41-05:00 44ROADS2 Road Commission 2 Public Works
12902 2024-07-23T08:10:20-05:00 82VBCOM Township Common Multi-Tac
12905 2024-07-22T18:06:56-05:00 82VBPD2 Police Secondary Law Talk
12955 2024-07-23T08:42:22-05:00 82GPLEIN Grosse Pointe Park LEIN / Car-to-Car Law Talk
12956 2024-07-23T09:10:54-05:00 82GCLEIN Grosse Pointe City LEIN / Car-to-Car Law Talk
12957 2024-07-23T09:13:55-05:00 82GFLEIN Grosse Pointe Farms LEIN / Car-to-Car Law Talk
12958 2024-07-23T07:42:07-05:00 82GSLEIN Grosse Pointe Shores LEIN / Car-to-Car Law Talk
12959 2024-07-23T07:48:56-05:00 82GWLEIN Grosse Pointe Woods LEIN / Car-to-Car Law Talk
12960 2024-07-23T07:32:25-05:00 82HWLEIN Harper Woods LEIN / Car-to-Car Law Talk
12965 2024-07-23T09:09:37-05:00 82EWF911 CEW Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
12966 2024-07-23T00:25:12-05:00 82EWFT1 CEW Fire Tactical 1 Fire-Tac
12968 2024-07-23T06:21:59-05:00 82EWSJH CEW: St. John Hospital Hospital
12981 2024-07-23T05:39:00-05:00 25PFLT1 City 9-1-1: Dispatch [Patched to 2415] Law Dispatch
13057 2024-07-22T18:44:43-05:00 PROMED2 ProMedica Air 2 - Toledo, Ohio EMS-Talk
13062 2024-07-23T09:04:21-05:00 MMR WEST MMR West Dispatch: Gratiot, Isabella and Clare Counties EMS Dispatch
13067 2024-07-23T09:17:23-05:00 08F911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
13075 2024-07-23T09:13:58-05:00 FWSLBS2 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Ludington Biological Station 2 Federal
13085 2024-07-22T14:16:26-05:00 R6LIFE DISP Northern Ops Dispatch EMS Dispatch
13147 2024-07-23T06:28:57-05:00 37CMU1 Central Michigan University Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
13155 2024-07-22T15:32:50-05:00 82RTFDER Fire En Route Public Works
13176 2024-07-23T09:10:14-05:00 37LEIN LEIN Law Talk
13184 2024-07-23T09:08:00-05:00 AEROMED1 Aero Med 1 - Grand Rapids EMS Dispatch
13226 2024-07-22T16:13:37-05:00 49PG-CTEMS Clark Township EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
13229 2024-07-22T16:07:40-05:00 49PG-MIEMS Mackinac Island EMS Page EMS Dispatch
13234 2024-07-23T07:24:22-05:00 49PG-SIEMS Straits Area (St. Ignace) EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
13252 2024-07-22T16:55:41-05:00 37ALLCALL Countywide Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
13259 2024-07-22T16:13:43-05:00 18PG05FD Garfield Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
13260 2024-07-22T10:10:51-05:00 18F03PAGE Harrison Fire Page Fire Dispatch
13261 2024-07-22T19:29:04-05:00 18F04PAGE Lincoln Twp. Fire Page Fire Dispatch
13274 2024-07-23T01:03:46-05:00 41PGREMS243 Rockford EMS Page Unit 243 EMS Dispatch
13275 2024-07-22T22:20:57-05:00 41PGREMS246 Rockford EMS Page 1 (Unit 246) EMS Dispatch
13276 2024-07-23T01:19:29-05:00 41PGREMS240 Rockford EMS Page 2 (Unit 240) EMS Dispatch
13278 2024-07-23T07:50:32-05:00 41RAMB Rockford Ambulance: EMS Units EMS Dispatch
13303 2024-07-22T19:21:38-05:00 61MED2 MED 2 - Trinity Health Muskegon ER Hospital
13321 2024-07-23T06:05:48-05:00 37FD911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
13322 2024-07-22T21:50:37-05:00 37TAC8 Deerfield Fire Proprietary Fire-Tac
13325 2024-07-22T22:13:33-05:00 37TAC11 Nottawa/Sherman Fire Proprietary Fire-Tac
13327 2024-07-23T09:14:06-05:00 37TAC14 Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Fire Proprietary Fire-Tac
13336 2024-07-22T21:25:20-05:00 37F11PG Nottawa/Sherman Fire Page Fire Dispatch
13337 2024-07-23T09:01:53-05:00 62COA Commission On Aging Senior Transit Buses Transportation
13349 2024-07-22T12:03:39-05:00 03TRANS Allegan County Transit Transportation
13365 2024-07-23T06:00:41-05:00 03F0303 Dorr Fire Tactical Fire-Tac
13384 2024-07-23T08:24:25-05:00 03F911E Fire East Dispatch Fire Dispatch
13385 2024-07-22T22:12:13-05:00 03F911W Fire West Dispatch Fire Dispatch
13394 2024-07-23T07:55:34-05:00 03JAIL Sheriff Corrections/Jail Law Talk
13398 2024-07-23T01:50:17-05:00 03LIFE DISP Allegan County Dispatch EMS Dispatch
13402 2024-07-23T08:30:34-05:00 03PEMS Plainwell EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
13437 2024-07-23T09:15:28-05:00 03WAEMS Wayland EMS EMS Dispatch
13493 2024-07-22T20:23:39-05:00 41PDN Law Enforcement North Dispatch Law Dispatch
13494 2024-07-22T20:37:53-05:00 41PDS Law Enforcement South Dispatch Law Dispatch
13495 2024-07-22T22:48:15-05:00 41PDW Law Enforcement West Dispatch Law Dispatch
13506 2024-07-23T09:14:54-05:00 41AROPS1 Operations 1 Public Works
13510 2024-07-23T09:16:17-05:00 41ARUTLY Utility 1 Public Works
13514 2024-07-23T09:08:43-05:00 41WKDPW Walker DPW Public Works
13528 2024-07-23T08:02:12-05:00 41ARARFF ARFF Dispatch Fire Dispatch
13529 2024-07-23T07:20:52-05:00 41ARPOL Police Patrol Law Dispatch
13532 2024-07-23T09:01:16-05:00 41FDN Fire North Fire Dispatch
13533 2024-07-23T09:14:59-05:00 41FDE Fire East Fire Dispatch
13534 2024-07-23T09:14:34-05:00 41FDW Fire West Fire Dispatch
13578 2024-07-22T12:42:42-05:00 41WYF Wyoming Fireground Fire-Talk
13620 2024-07-23T08:00:22-05:00 41PGARFF ARFF Paging Fire Dispatch
13654 2024-07-22T17:03:02-05:00 41PGWY3 Wyoming Gezon Parkway Station 3 Paging Fire Dispatch
13666 2024-07-23T08:57:54-05:00 41ARMANT Maintenance - Snow Operations Public Works
13698 2024-07-23T06:36:13-05:00 03LIFE PG Allegan County Page EMS Dispatch
13720 2024-07-23T08:59:07-05:00 GRFDPAGING Grand Rapids Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
13723 2024-07-22T20:36:22-05:00 41GRPDN Police North Dispatch Law Dispatch
13724 2024-07-22T14:03:45-05:00 41GRPDS Police South Dispatch Law Dispatch
13746 2024-07-22T11:39:20-05:00 41PGKW3 Kentwood Eastern Ave Station 3 Paging Fire Dispatch
13748 2024-07-23T06:58:06-05:00 41GRFD1 Fire Dispatch Ch. 1 Fire Dispatch
13749 2024-07-22T09:20:31-05:00 41GRFD2 Fireground 2 Ch. 2 Fire-Tac
13767 2024-07-22T11:46:34-05:00 70F01OPS Allendale Township Fire OPS Fire-Tac
13768 2024-07-22T16:04:00-05:00 70F02OPS Olive Township Fire OPS Fire-Tac
13770 2024-07-22T12:03:17-05:00 70F04OPS Coopersville Fire OPS Fire-Tac
13779 2024-07-23T05:29:15-05:00 70F08OPS Georgetown Township Fire OPS Fire-Tac
13784 2024-07-22T15:03:40-05:00 70F11OPS Holland City OPS Fire-Tac
13785 2024-07-23T01:33:18-05:00 70F12OPS Holland Twp OPS Fire-Tac
13786 2024-07-22T21:44:12-05:00 70F13OPS Hudsonville Fire OPS Fire-Tac
13787 2024-07-22T09:30:26-05:00 70F14OPS Jamestown Twp. Fire OPS Fire-Tac
13789 2024-07-22T19:48:15-05:00 70F15OPS Park Township OPS Fire-Tac
13791 2024-07-22T21:30:23-05:00 70F17OPS Spring Lake Twp OPS Fire-Tac
13792 2024-07-22T10:46:52-05:00 70F18OPS Marne Twp OPS Fire-Tac
13793 2024-07-22T22:58:12-05:00 70F19OPS Zeeland City OPS Fire-Tac
13798 2024-07-23T07:01:16-05:00 70COURT1 Courthouse OPS 1 Law Talk
13799 2024-07-22T10:56:25-05:00 70COURT2 Courthouse OPS 2 Law Talk
13800 2024-07-23T08:50:57-05:00 70COURT3 Hudsonville District Court Law Talk
13809 2024-07-23T09:11:52-05:00 70NORTHF Fire North Dispatch Fire Dispatch
13810 2024-07-23T09:09:57-05:00 70SOUTHF Fire South Dispatch Fire Dispatch
13826 2024-07-23T08:57:44-05:00 70HOPESEC Hope College Campus Safety Dispatch Law Dispatch
13828 2024-07-23T07:26:38-05:00 70STREETS1 Holland DPW 1 Public Works
13830 2024-07-22T21:47:05-05:00 70HPCAR Holland Police Car to Car Law Tac
13861 2024-07-23T09:01:46-05:00 70POLTAC Police Teletype Information Law Tac
13869 2024-07-23T09:12:35-05:00 70NOCH North Ottawa Hospital EMS Ops Hospital
13870 2024-07-22T16:45:53-05:00 70NOCH2 North Ottawa EMS 2 EMS-Tac
13882 2024-07-23T09:12:50-05:00 70POL1 Police Dispatch 1 "Prime" Law Dispatch
13897 2024-07-23T02:12:17-05:00 70SOK9 Sheriff K9 Tactical Law Tac
13976 2024-07-22T11:14:40-05:00 37F091PG Shepherd Fire Station 1 Page Fire Dispatch
13977 2024-07-22T17:42:32-05:00 37F092PG Shepherd Fire Station 2 Page Fire Dispatch
13986 2024-07-22T18:49:06-05:00 54POSSE County Sheriff Posse Law Tac
14025 2024-07-23T09:06:21-05:00 781P911 Traverse City Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
14035 2024-07-22T13:11:00-05:00 28BFIRE Blair Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
14036 2024-07-23T08:05:41-05:00 28MFIRE Metro Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
14038 2024-07-23T06:49:05-05:00 28CFIRE City Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
14039 2024-07-23T08:07:49-05:00 28LLFIRE Long Lake Township Fire/EMS Proprietary Fire-Talk
14041 2024-07-22T13:11:17-05:00 28GEMS Green Lake Township Fire/EMS Proprietary Fire-Talk
14050 2024-07-23T07:30:32-05:00 28ROAD Road Commission Public Works
14054 2024-07-23T00:25:07-05:00 28METRO1 Metro Fire Station 1 Fire-Tac
14056 2024-07-22T19:07:09-05:00 28METRO11/12 Metro Fire Station 11/12 Fire-Tac
14065 2024-07-23T05:12:20-05:00 28BLAIR5 Blair Fire/EMS Station 5 Fire-Tac
14067 2024-07-22T11:05:01-05:00 28PEN7 Peninsula Fire/EMS Station 7 Fire-Tac
14068 2024-07-22T13:13:54-05:00 28PAGE1 Pagegroup 1 Fire Dispatch
14070 2024-07-22T18:47:24-05:00 28PAGE2 Pagegroup 2 Fire Dispatch
14071 2024-07-22T18:22:52-05:00 28MMRPAGE MMR Paging EMS Dispatch
14081 2024-07-22T19:31:17-05:00 73PGCHS Chesaning Paging Fire Dispatch
14098 2024-07-22T18:22:46-05:00 28RFIRE Rural Fire Proprietary Fire-Talk
14112 2024-07-22T11:32:37-05:00 38PG CON Concord Fire and Rescue Paging Fire Dispatch
14116 2024-07-22T13:42:57-05:00 38PG JAC Jackson City Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
14118 2024-07-22T10:50:34-05:00 38PG NAP Napoleon Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
14121 2024-07-22T12:11:03-05:00 38PG PARSAND Parma-Sandstone Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
14125 2024-07-22T11:06:43-05:00 38PG SUM Summit Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
14129 2024-07-22T16:05:05-05:00 38PG HEN ALL Henrietta Twp. Fire All Call Paging Fire Dispatch
14147 2024-07-22T14:28:38-05:00 28ROAD1 Road Commission Operations 1 Public Works
16897 2024-07-23T09:11:05-05:00
22008 2024-07-23T09:07:04-05:00 USCG DET AIR U.S. Coast Guard: Air Station Detroit S.A.N.G. Base Military
22010 2024-07-23T08:56:52-05:00 UNFCP1 Freeway Courtesy Patrol 1 Public Works
22022 2024-07-22T21:49:46-05:00 343PDTAC1 Police Tactical Ops 1 Law Tac
22025 2024-07-23T02:20:57-05:00 09MEDSTAR Medstar Ambulance Dispatch EMS Dispatch
22038 2024-07-23T09:10:00-05:00 DOC8203 Detroit Detention Center 1 Corrections
22040 2024-07-23T05:14:11-05:00 82AASEC1 Airport Security Security
22042 2024-07-23T08:04:01-05:00 939FD911 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22044 2024-07-23T08:52:57-05:00 82AASEC2 Airport Security Security
22047 2024-07-23T06:52:00-05:00 939P911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
22049 2024-07-22T22:50:51-05:00 939PCAR Police Car-to-Car Law Talk
22050 2024-07-23T08:53:01-05:00 82AAMRM Metro Airport Runway Maintenance Public Works
22051 2024-07-23T08:22:31-05:00 82AAWRM Willow Run Maintenance Public Works
22052 2024-07-23T08:32:26-05:00 82AASTA8 Electricians Public Works
22053 2024-07-23T09:12:34-05:00 Airport Airport Ops Law Talk
22079 2024-07-23T09:17:21-05:00 82WCCCD NWPA WCCCD Police: Northwest Police Authority Law Dispatch
22083 2024-07-22T20:57:18-05:00 82DHPDEVENT15 Police Special Events 15 Law Tac
22084 2024-07-23T09:11:43-05:00 82DHFD1 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22085 2024-07-23T05:25:06-05:00 82DHFD2 Fireground Fire-Tac
22086 2024-07-23T09:16:59-05:00 82DHPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
22094 2024-07-23T08:47:24-05:00 82GCFD1 Garden City Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22096 2024-07-22T21:35:14-05:00 82GCPD2 Westland - Garden City Secondary Dispatch Law Dispatch
22099 2024-07-23T08:18:59-05:00 82IFD1 Inkster Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22101 2024-07-23T09:16:45-05:00 82ISPD1 Wayne - Inkster Primary Dispatch Law Dispatch
22102 2024-07-23T09:16:36-05:00 82WAPD2 Wayne - Inkster Secondary Dispatch Law Dispatch
22109 2024-07-23T09:16:13-05:00 82WLPD1 Westland - Garden City Primary Dispatch Law Dispatch
22111 2024-07-22T10:46:44-05:00 WLPDDB Police Detective Bureau Law Tac
22119 2024-07-23T09:17:06-05:00 82WWFD1 Wayne/Westland Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22123 2024-07-22T16:52:36-05:00 82WWLEIN2 Western Wayne Channel 2 [LEIN] Law Talk
22134 2024-07-22T23:19:40-05:00 82WWPOLCOM1 Western Wayne Police Common 1 Law Tac
22140 2024-07-23T07:21:47-05:00 ICENFO1 Immigration Customs Enforcement: National Fugitive Operations 1 Federal
22142 2024-07-23T08:59:08-05:00 BELLE ISLE9 Belle Isle State Park Ops Law Talk
22145 2024-07-23T09:02:15-05:00 D2BELLE ISLE Metro Post 22: Belle Isle Detachment Law Talk
22175 2024-07-23T08:52:08-05:00 50WRFD1 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22176 2024-07-23T07:31:26-05:00 50WRT2 Fire Tac 2 Fire-Tac
22184 2024-07-23T08:34:41-05:00 50CLPD911 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
22187 2024-07-23T09:06:07-05:00
22201 2024-07-23T08:49:03-05:00 82WWFA STA 5 Station 5 - Tone Outs Fire Dispatch
22205 2024-07-23T08:49:07-05:00 25PAT1 Patriot Ambulance Service Channel 1 Dispatch EMS Dispatch
22209 2024-07-23T09:07:41-05:00 REGD2S Metro Post 22: South Dispatch [Patch to Detroit Police] Law Dispatch
22222 2024-07-22T22:49:34-05:00 DPDOP2 Precinct 2: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22223 2024-07-23T00:41:09-05:00 DPDOP3 Precinct 3: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22224 2024-07-22T19:48:56-05:00 DPDOP4 Precinct 4: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22225 2024-07-22T21:30:41-05:00 DPDOP5 Precinct 5: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22226 2024-07-22T17:38:56-05:00 DPDOP6 Precinct 6: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22227 2024-07-22T13:34:20-05:00 DPDOP7 Precinct 7: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22228 2024-07-22T21:29:57-05:00 DPDOP8 Precinct 8: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22229 2024-07-23T08:38:56-05:00 DPDOP9 Precinct 9: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22230 2024-07-23T09:12:49-05:00 DPDOP10 Precinct 10: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22231 2024-07-22T12:47:24-05:00 DPDOP11 Precinct 11: Car-to-Car Law Tac
22236 2024-07-23T07:55:25-05:00 WLDPS SEWER Dept. of Public Services: Sewer System Public Works
22245 2024-07-23T09:13:48-05:00 343PD911 Dearborn/Melvindale Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
22246 2024-07-22T10:10:43-05:00 343PDCAR Police Car-to-Car Law Tac
22252 2024-07-23T08:15:19-05:00 82PTFD1 Township Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22260 2024-07-22T15:06:03-05:00 82PTFSA Township Fire All Stations Alerting Fire Dispatch
22266 2024-07-23T06:18:36-05:00 82HEMS EMS to Hospital: Beaumont Wayne Hospital
22270 2024-07-22T10:27:15-05:00 82HEMS4 EMS to Hospital: Garden City Osteopathic Hospital
22271 2024-07-23T08:50:22-05:00 82HEMS5 EMS to Hospital: St. Joseph Hospital
22273 2024-07-22T20:13:04-05:00 82HEMS7 EMS to Hospital: St. Mary's Hospital
22274 2024-07-23T08:49:28-05:00 82HEMS8 EMS to Hospital: Beaumont Canton Hospital
22275 2024-07-23T08:49:23-05:00 82HEMS9 EMS to Hospital: Taylor Hospital
22276 2024-07-22T13:27:25-05:00 82HEMS10 EMS to Hospital: Beaumont Dearborn Hospital
22284 2024-07-23T06:40:17-05:00 81CUCS1 Concordia University Campus Safety 1 Law Talk
22299 2024-07-22T10:18:04-05:00 63MEDSTAR MedStar LifeFlight Beaumont Health - Royal Oak EMS Dispatch
22334 2024-07-22T13:13:16-05:00 74MVILLEGAPAGE Marysville FD General Alarm Page Fire Dispatch
22337 2024-07-23T09:00:11-05:00 343FD911 Dearborn/Melvindale Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22338 2024-07-23T01:27:56-05:00 343FG1 Dearborn/Melvindale Fireground 1 Fire-Tac
22340 2024-07-23T09:13:32-05:00 50WRPD Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
22343 2024-07-23T09:15:43-05:00 82UMDPSS1 Dearborn: Campus Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
22347 2024-07-23T07:25:40-05:00 81PG SMA Salem Twp. Fire All Call Fire Dispatch
22349 2024-07-23T09:02:52-05:00 81PG SA1 Saline Area Fire Station Call Fire Dispatch
22351 2024-07-23T08:47:12-05:00 81PG DX0 Dexter Area Fire All Station Call Fire Dispatch
22361 2024-07-23T09:15:50-05:00 903PD911 Ann Arbor: DPSS Dispatch [Patched to U of M TRS] Law Dispatch
22362 2024-07-23T09:12:10-05:00 903PDMMS Ann Arbor: DPSS Michigan Medicine Security Dispatch Security
22378 2024-07-23T08:34:50-05:00 50WRPRK Parks Division Public Works
22382 2024-07-23T09:17:16-05:00 50WRWAT Waste Water Public Works
22383 2024-07-23T07:13:59-05:00 50WRWTP Water Treatment Plant Public Works
22385 2024-07-23T03:23:23-05:00 50WRCERT Citizen Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) Emergency Ops
22404 2024-07-23T09:13:48-05:00 09RDN Road Commission - North Garage Public Works
22409 2024-07-22T11:58:52-05:00 09RDMN1 Tac 1 Public Works
22418 2024-07-23T00:16:55-05:00 81PG CH0 Chelsea Fire Authority All Station Call Fire Dispatch
22422 2024-07-22T17:37:00-05:00 81PG AGA Augusta Twp. Fire All Call Fire Dispatch
22426 2024-07-22T20:13:22-05:00 81PG ATA Ann Arbor Twp. Fire All Call Fire Dispatch
22427 2024-07-23T02:57:43-05:00 81PG AT0 Ann Arbor Twp. Fire All Station Call Fire Dispatch
22432 2024-07-22T22:50:32-05:00 81PG AA1 Ann Arbor City Fire Station 1 Call Fire Dispatch
22433 2024-07-22T20:04:50-05:00 81PG AA2 Ann Arbor City Fire Battalion Chief Call Fire Dispatch
22434 2024-07-22T18:44:51-05:00 81PG AA3 Ann Arbor City Fire Station 3 Call Fire Dispatch
22435 2024-07-23T06:54:45-05:00 81PG AA4 Ann Arbor City Fire Station 4 Call Fire Dispatch
22436 2024-07-22T20:04:50-05:00 81PG AA5 Ann Arbor City Fire Station 5 Call Fire Dispatch
22437 2024-07-23T07:20:25-05:00 81PG AA6 Ann Arbor City Fire Station 6 Call Fire Dispatch
22438 2024-07-23T01:14:56-05:00 81PG MTA Manchester Twp. Fire All Call Fire Dispatch
22440 2024-07-22T11:17:20-05:00 81PG SC1 Scio Twp. Fire Station Call Fire Dispatch
22441 2024-07-22T20:13:22-05:00 81PG SUA Superior Twp. Fire All Call Fire Dispatch
22444 2024-07-22T12:53:40-05:00 81PG SU2 Superior Twp. Fire Station 2 Call Fire Dispatch
22446 2024-07-22T20:15:37-05:00 81PG PI0 Pittsfield Twp. Fire All Station Call Fire Dispatch
22447 2024-07-23T01:44:02-05:00 81PG PI1 Pittsfield Twp. Fire Station 1 Call Fire Dispatch
22448 2024-07-23T02:54:43-05:00 81PG PI2 Pittsfield Twp. Fire Station 2 Call Fire Dispatch
22449 2024-07-22T23:20:49-05:00 81PG PI3 Pittsfield Twp. Fire Station 3 Call Fire Dispatch
22450 2024-07-23T02:15:18-05:00 81PG YP1 Ypsilanti City Fire Station Call Fire Dispatch
22451 2024-07-22T21:49:21-05:00 81PG YT0 Ypsilanti Twp Fire All Station Call Fire Dispatch
22452 2024-07-23T08:40:36-05:00 81PG YT1 Ypsilanti Twp Fire Station 1 Call Fire Dispatch
22453 2024-07-22T23:21:33-05:00 81PG YT3 Ypsilanti Twp Fire Station 3 Call Fire Dispatch
22454 2024-07-22T15:41:43-05:00 81PG YT4 Ypsilanti Twp Fire Station 4 Call Fire Dispatch
22457 2024-07-22T14:49:34-05:00 81PG NFA Northfield Twp. Fire All Call Fire Dispatch
22462 2024-07-23T01:52:14-05:00 81PG MI1 Milan Area Fire Station Call Fire Dispatch
22513 2024-07-23T09:09:04-05:00 74CLAYDC Clay Twp FD Duty Crew Page Fire Dispatch
22525 2024-07-23T02:20:17-05:00 74PORTHURONGA Port Huron Twp FD General Alarm Page Fire Dispatch
22612 2024-07-23T07:25:53-05:00 82DETSEC Security - Detroit Security
22613 2024-07-23T06:04:10-05:00 DTEHQSEC DTE Headquarters Security - Detroit Security
22622 2024-07-22T18:27:50-05:00 74EDMARYSVLE Marysville Electrical Distribution Utilities
22623 2024-07-22T12:15:38-05:00 OPS 623 Operations 22623 Utilities
22624 2024-07-23T07:26:15-05:00 58EDNEWPORT Newport Electrical Distribution Utilities
22637 2024-07-23T07:26:03-05:00 81EDANNARBOR Ann Arbor Electrical Distribution Utilities
22638 2024-07-23T07:47:50-05:00 82EDCANIFF Caniff (Detroit) Electrical Distribution Utilities
22652 2024-07-23T09:06:08-05:00 81WCC1 Washtenaw Community College Police 1 Law Talk
22657 2024-07-22T12:39:32-05:00 343COURT1 Police District Court Officers 1 Law Talk
22664 2024-07-23T08:36:52-05:00 343PDETAC Police East Zone Tactical Law Tac
22710 2024-07-23T03:34:35-05:00 343PDWTAC West Zone Tactical Law Tac
22732 2024-07-23T09:09:18-05:00 218FORESTRY DPW: Forestry Public Works
22739 2024-07-23T09:11:31-05:00 218REFUSE DPW: Garbage Trucks Public Works
22740 2024-07-23T07:52:22-05:00 218STREETS Street Department Public Works
22748 2024-07-22T18:47:36-05:00 25PGCLIO1 Clio 1 Paging Fire Dispatch
22784 2024-07-23T09:03:40-05:00 18CCMT County Mass Transit Transportation
22818 2024-07-23T08:48:13-05:00 908PSURV1 Police Surveillance 1 Law Tac
22851 2024-07-23T08:47:41-05:00 82CFD1 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
22951 2024-07-23T05:39:54-05:00 82EDREDFORD Redford Electrical Distribution Utilities
22953 2024-07-23T07:45:50-05:00 82TROMBLY Detroit - Trombly Service Center Utilities
22954 2024-07-22T14:06:45-05:00 82EDWWAYNE Western Wayne Electrical Distribution Utilities
22955 2024-07-22T13:43:22-05:00
23009 2024-07-22T10:57:54-05:00 62PG19 Hesperia Station 19 Fire Page Fire Dispatch
23013 2024-07-22T21:44:46-05:00 37F08PG Deerfield Fire Page Fire Dispatch
23017 2024-07-22T21:36:52-05:00 37F12PG Isabella Northeast Fire Page Fire Dispatch
23018 2024-07-22T22:39:12-05:00 37F14PG Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Fire Command Page Fire Dispatch
23060 2024-07-22T11:04:36-05:00 64PGFRYR Ferry Twp. Rescue Page Fire Dispatch
23067 2024-07-23T08:54:38-05:00 64LIFE PG Oceana County Page EMS Dispatch
23068 2024-07-22T18:41:29-05:00 64PGPTWA Pentwater Fire Department Page Fire Dispatch
23071 2024-07-22T20:39:07-05:00 64PGSLBA Shelby-Benona Fire Department Page Fire Dispatch
23154 2024-07-23T08:05:17-05:00 08ROAD1 Road Commission 1 Public Works
23155 2024-07-23T06:21:17-05:00 08ROAD2 Road Commission 2 Public Works
23158 2024-07-23T08:46:40-05:00 08ROAD6 Road Commission 6 Public Works
23186 2024-07-22T17:54:34-05:00 61P911B Police B Law Talk
23221 2024-07-23T06:40:50-05:00 61EWLAA White Lake EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
23222 2024-07-23T09:17:24-05:00 61ETRINITY Trinity Health EMS EMS Dispatch
23276 2024-07-23T09:14:55-05:00 41AMRDISP Kent County Dispatch EMS Dispatch
23329 2024-07-23T08:59:11-05:00 18ROAD Road Commission Public Works
23334 2024-07-23T08:52:23-05:00 61TRINTR Trinity Health EMS Transport EMS-Talk
23350 2024-07-23T08:00:33-05:00 41PAGE Airport Alert Paging Emergency Ops
23383 2024-07-22T12:00:28-05:00 61MEDOP MEDCOM Operations Hospital
23416 2024-07-22T11:14:40-05:00 37F14FFPG Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Firefighters Page Fire Dispatch
23446 2024-07-23T08:41:15-05:00 GRANDCFP1 Freeway Courtesy Patrol - Grand Rapids 1 Public Works
23491 2024-07-22T12:52:27-05:00 14PGRFDFT Rockford Fire Paging - fulltime Fire Dispatch
23505 2024-07-23T08:58:43-05:00 70STREETS2 Holland DPW 2 Public Works
32043 2024-07-22T11:09:26-05:00
32045 2024-07-23T07:29:35-05:00
32096 2024-07-23T09:15:43-05:00 63FHFD1 Farmington Hills Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32114 2024-07-22T16:59:43-05:00 58PG30 Bedford Twp. Fire Paging - District 1 Temperance Fire Dispatch
32115 2024-07-23T08:43:21-05:00 58PG47 Bedford Twp. Fire Paging - District 2 Lambertville Fire Dispatch
32116 2024-07-23T02:37:38-05:00 58PG56 Bedford Twp. Fire Paging - District 3 Samaria Fire Dispatch
32117 2024-07-22T14:18:27-05:00 58PG30AC Bedford Twp. Fire Paging - All Call Fire Dispatch
32118 2024-07-23T06:02:10-05:00 58PG33 Berlin Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32119 2024-07-23T09:00:33-05:00 58PG22 Dundee Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32120 2024-07-22T14:08:21-05:00 58PG27 Erie Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32123 2024-07-23T08:34:03-05:00 58PG32-1 Frenchtown Twp. Fire Paging District 1 Fire Dispatch
32124 2024-07-23T05:44:34-05:00 58PG32-2 Frenchtown Twp. Fire Paging District 2 Fire Dispatch
32126 2024-07-23T09:15:54-05:00 58PG24 Ida Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32127 2024-07-22T13:18:21-05:00 58PG36 LaSalle Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32128 2024-07-22T20:30:34-05:00 58PG37 London-Maybee-Raisinville Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32131 2024-07-23T08:17:15-05:00 58PG41 Monroe City Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32132 2024-07-22T21:50:47-05:00 58PG35 Monroe Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32133 2024-07-23T08:46:02-05:00 58PG39 Morin Point Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32136 2024-07-22T22:14:28-05:00 58PG29 Whiteford Twp. Fire Paging Fire Dispatch
32147 2024-07-22T22:00:19-05:00 63ATFD1 Addison Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32150 2024-07-23T08:56:59-05:00 63AHFD1 Auburn Hills Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32151 2024-07-23T09:12:54-05:00 63AHFD2 Auburn Hills Fire 2 Fire-Tac
32156 2024-07-23T08:43:29-05:00 63BIFD1 Birmingham Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32159 2024-07-23T08:54:30-05:00 63CTFD1 Commerce Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32160 2024-07-22T22:21:25-05:00 63BTFD1 Brandon Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32165 2024-07-23T09:12:04-05:00 63BTFD1 Bloomfield Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32175 2024-07-23T09:14:39-05:00 63FEFD1 Ferndale Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32184 2024-07-22T15:24:21-05:00 63GTFD1 Groveland Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32191 2024-07-23T08:50:28-05:00 63HPFD1 Hazel Park Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32194 2024-07-22T21:39:44-05:00 63HTFD1 Highland Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32198 2024-07-23T09:16:50-05:00 63HOFD1 Holly Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32201 2024-07-23T08:29:49-05:00 63ITFD1 Independence Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32205 2024-07-23T02:29:49-05:00 63LTFD1 Lyon Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32229 2024-07-23T08:31:21-05:00 63MHFD1 Madison Heights Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32232 2024-07-23T06:58:19-05:00 63MIFD1 Milford Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32236 2024-07-22T16:50:50-05:00 63NOFA1 North Oakland Fire Authority 1 Fire Dispatch
32237 2024-07-22T16:39:01-05:00 63NOFA2 North Oakland Fire Authority 2 Fire-Talk
32240 2024-07-23T09:11:09-05:00 63NVFD1 Novi Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32244 2024-07-22T18:41:36-05:00 63NVFD5 Novi Fire 5 Fire-Talk
32246 2024-07-22T11:22:43-05:00 63OTFD1 Oakland Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32250 2024-07-23T09:13:29-05:00 63ORTFD1 Orion Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32254 2024-07-23T09:14:00-05:00 63OXFD1 Oxford Fire 1 Fire-Talk
32255 2024-07-23T08:18:09-05:00 63OXFD2 Oxford Fire 2 Fire-Talk
32258 2024-07-22T17:28:27-05:00 63RCFD1 Rochester Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32262 2024-07-23T09:15:37-05:00 63RHFD1 Rochester Hills Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32264 2024-07-22T10:42:57-05:00 63RHFD3 Rochester Hills Fire 3 Fire-Talk
32267 2024-07-22T23:23:50-05:00 63WLFD Walled Lake Fire Fire-Talk
32268 2024-07-23T09:12:14-05:00 63ROFD1 Royal Oak Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32269 2024-07-22T11:34:40-05:00 63ROFD2 Royal Oak Fire 2 Fire-Tac
32271 2024-07-23T09:15:53-05:00 63SLFD1 South Lyon Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32274 2024-07-23T09:11:53-05:00 63SOFD1 Southfield Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32275 2024-07-22T16:31:26-05:00 63SOFD2 Southfield Fire 2 Fire-Talk
32280 2024-07-22T13:21:14-05:00 63SPFD1 Springfield Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32298 2024-07-23T09:04:41-05:00 63WAFD1 Waterford Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32299 2024-07-22T20:15:25-05:00 63WAFD2 Waterford Twp. Fire Secondary Fire-Talk
32305 2024-07-23T09:17:07-05:00 63WBTFD1 West Bloomfield Twp. Fire 1 Fire Dispatch
32308 2024-07-22T19:51:54-05:00 63WBTFD4 West Bloomfield Twp. Fire 4 Fire-Talk
32316 2024-07-23T08:05:40-05:00 63WLTFD1 White Lake Twp. Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32320 2024-07-23T09:16:19-05:00 63WXFD1 Wixom Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32339 2024-07-22T22:31:41-05:00 63BIPOL1 Birmingham Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
32367 2024-07-23T04:49:23-05:00 63FHPOL1 Farmington Hills Police 1 Law Dispatch
32432 2024-07-22T16:51:25-05:00 63P911N Sheriff North Dispatch Law Dispatch
32451 2024-07-22T10:24:26-05:00 63SLEMS South Lyon EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch
32506 2024-07-23T09:10:07-05:00 63TRPOL1 Troy Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
32518 2024-07-23T01:37:53-05:00 63WTPOL1 Waterford Twp. Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
32526 2024-07-22T18:50:56-05:00 63WBTPOL1 West Bloomfield Twp. Police: Dispatch Law Dispatch
32613 2024-07-23T05:35:28-05:00 46LISDBUS1 Lenawee Intermediate School District: Transportation 1 Schools
32679 2024-07-23T07:12:22-05:00 63MHFD3 Madison Heights Fire 3 Fire-Talk
32685 2024-07-22T23:49:22-05:00 82PGSTFD Sumpter Township Fire Page Fire Dispatch
32732 2024-07-23T09:01:41-05:00 63TRFDISP Troy Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32735 2024-07-23T00:21:01-05:00 63TRFG3 Troy Fire 3 Fire-Tac
32738 2024-07-22T21:28:20-05:00 63TRFG6 Troy Fire 6 Fire-Tac
32747 2024-07-23T07:36:22-05:00 50FRCAR Fraser Police Car-Car Law Tac
32750 2024-07-22T19:52:14-05:00 82BFD1 Belleville Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32752 2024-07-23T08:58:10-05:00 METMON2 Monroe County Operations 2 Public Works
32753 2024-07-23T09:05:10-05:00 METMON3 Monroe County Operations 3 Public Works
32806 2024-07-23T08:56:56-05:00 74PGTHEMS Tri-Hospital EMS Paging EMS Dispatch
32845 2024-07-22T19:00:26-05:00 82PGBFD Belleville Fire Paging Toneouts Fire Dispatch
32874 2024-07-22T20:38:12-05:00 81EMUBSEC Eastern Michigan University DPS: Building Security Security