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Columbus Division of Fire, Franklin County Fire and EMS

US > Ohio > Multiple Counties

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 Columbus Division of Fire, Franklin County Fire and EMS

Columbus Area Fire & EMS...... Monitoring dispatch, fireground & interop audio for Columbus Fire, MECC and other suburban fire depts. See feed notes for full details.

Status: See feed notes regarding digital switchover and audio quailty/issues
Public Safety
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Feed Notes

Note about digital radio switch over: With dispatch centers having switched from analog to digital systems, this feed will be a work-in-progress. Work is being done to address current audio quality issue. Talkgroups monitored will be altered accordingly. Please bear with us through the process and thanks for listening.
Current status: Configuring/testing new scanner.

This audio feed broadcasts Central Ohio Fire/EMS dispatch, fireground and interop channels.

  • Columbus Division of Fire (dispatching Columbus, Bloom Twp, Clinton Twp, Franklin Twp, Grandview Heights, Hamilton Twp, Madison Twp, Minerva Park and Rickenbacker)
  • Metropolitan Emergency Communications Center (dispatching Jefferson Twp, Mifflin Twp, Plain Twp, Truro Twp, Violet Twp, Whitehall and DSCC)
  • Grove City (dispatching Jackson Twp and Pleasant Twp)
  • Dublin/Northwest (dispatching Norwich Twp and Washington Twp) *
  • Prairie Twp
  • Upper Arlington
  • Westerville
  • Worthington *
  • CMH and LCK airports **

Current equipment:

  • Uniden BCD996XT
  • HP desktop

References & Resources:

· Franklin County Public Safety Trunking System, Columbus, Ohio - Scanner Frequencies
· Ohio MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications (P25)
· Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System (COIRS) Trunking System, Multiple Counties, Ohio - Scanner Frequencies
· Franklin County Radio Reference Wiki
· Central Ohio Fire Station Location Map
· Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Map
· Central Ohio Fire Source
· Columbus Fire Station Listing
· Columbus Division of Fire live dispatches via PulsePoint WebApp
· Forums

Talkgroups being monitored:

Columbus Division of Fire (CFD)
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
48003A9 EMS 2EMS Medical OpsEMS-Tac
80005A9 EMS 1EMS Medical OpsEMS-Tac
272011A10 FIREFire/EMS Automated DispatchFire Dispatch
304013A10 ALPHAMinor incident opsFire-Tac
49601fABN1 FGFireground - Bn1Fire-Tac
528021ABN2 FGFireground - Bn2Fire-Tac
560023ABN3 FGFireground - Bn3Fire-Tac
592025ABN4 FGFireground - Bn4Fire-Tac
624027ABN5 FGFireground - Bn5Fire-Tac
656029ABN6 FGFireground - Bn6Fire-Tac
68802bABN7 FGFireground - Bn7Fire-Tac
72002dABN1 ALTFireground alternate - Bn1Fire-Tac
75202fABN2 ALTFireground alternate - Bn2Fire-Tac
784031ABN3 ALTFireground alternate - Bn3Fire-Tac
816033ABN4 ALTFireground alternate - Bn4Fire-Tac
848035ABN6 ALTFireground alternate - Bn6Fire-Tac
880037ABN7 ALTFireground alternate - Bn7Fire-Tac
912039ABN5 ALTFireground alternate - Bn5Fire-Tac
36960e7ABN1 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
39520f7ABN2 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
4208107ABN3 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
4368111ABN8 FGFireground special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4464117ABN4 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
459211fABN8 TAC1Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4720127ABN5 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
4976137ABN6 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
5168143A10 DISPUnit to dispatcherFire-Talk
5232147ABN7 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
5392151A9 FRWYEMS freeway operationsFire-Tac
555215bA9 RESCUEColumbus FD rescue training/opsEMS-Talk
5712165ACOLS DISDisaster operationsFire-Talk
13392345A10 HAZMATHazmat training/operationsFire-Talk
57002deaaDX10 FIREColumbus Fire/EMS Automated DispatchFire Dispatch
57040ded0DXCFD EMS1EMS Medical OpsFire-Tac
57052dedcDXBN-1FGFireground - Battalion 1Fire-Tac
57065dee9DXBN-2FGFireground - Battalion 2Fire-Tac
57078def6DXBN-3FGFireground - Battalion 3Fire-Tac
57090df02DXBN-4FGFireground - Battalion 4Fire-Tac
57104df10DXBN-5FGFireground - Battalion 5Fire-Tac
57117df1dDXBN-6FGFireground - Battalion 6Fire-Tac
57138df32DXBN-7FGFireground - Battalion 7Fire-Tac
Metropolitan Emergency Communications Center (MECC)
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
368017AMECC IC2Incident command 2Fire-Tac
80161f5AMECC IC3Incident command 3Fire-Tac
80481f7AMECC IC1Incident command 1Fire-Tac
1048028fAMEC CNTRFire/EMS dispatchFire Dispatch
10512291AMECC FG1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
13168337AMECC EMSEMS operationsEMS-Tac
13200339AMECC FG2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
13328341AMECC OPSOther operationsFire-Talk
13360343AMECC FG3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
57377e021DXMECC ALRTMECC AlertFire Dispatch
57383e027DXMECC IC1MECC Incident Command 1Fire-Tac
Suburban Franklin County Departments
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
336015AUA DISPUpper Arlington FD dispatchFire Dispatch
97603dAPT EMSPrairie Twp EMS operationsFire-Talk
1040041AUA FGUpper Arlington firegroundFire-Tac
1072043AUA EMSUpper Arlington EMS opsFire-Tac
1104045AUA TACUpper Arlington tacticalFire-Talk
70881bbAWES DISPWesterville FD dispatchFire Dispatch
71201bdAWES FGWesterville FD firegroundFire-Tac
10608297APRA DISPPrairie Twp FD dispatchFire Dispatch
10640299APT TAC1Prairie Twp FD tactical 1Fire-Tac
1070429dANOR DISPNorwich Twp dispatchFire Dispatch
1073629fANOR FGNorwich Twp firegroundFire-Tac
13424347ANOR EMSNorwich Twp EMSEMS-Tac
13840361APT TAC2Prairie Twp FD tactical 2Fire-Tac
61338ef9aDXPT DSPPrairie Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61339ef9bDXPT EMSPrairie EMSFire-Tac
61340ef9cDXPT TAC1Prairie Fire TAC-1Fire-Tac
61341ef9dDXPT TAC2Prairie Fire TAC-2Fire-Tac
61342ef9eDXPT OPSPrairie Fire OpsFire-Tac
Franklin County - Areawide
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
13904365AMETRO ALERTAll-County urgent/emergency broadcastsInterop
1296051A9 POLICE-FIREPolice-Fire commonInterop
Grove City
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
61080ee98DSW ALERTSouthwest Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61081ee99DSW EMS 1Southwest EMS 1EMS Dispatchs
61082ee9aDSW-OPSSouthwest OperationsFire-Tac
61083ee9bDSW FG-1Southwest Fireground 1Fire-Tac
61084ee9cDSW TAC-1Southwest Tac 1Fire-Tac
61085ee9dDSW FG-2Southwest Fireground 2Fire-Tac
61086ee9eDSW TAC-2Southwest Tactical 2Fire-Tac
61087ee9fDSW FG-3Southwest Fireground 3Fire-Tac
61088eea0DSW TAC-3Southwest Tactical 3Fire-Tac
Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System (COIRS) *
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
200334e41DNW ALERTNorthwest Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
200564e58DWOR DISPWorthington Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
Additional Talkgroups **
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
37280e9ABN1 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
37600ebABN1 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
37920edABN1 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
39840f9ABN2 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
40160fbABN2 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
40480fdABN2 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
4240109ABN3 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
427210bABN3 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
430410dABN3 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
4496119ABN4 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
452811bABN4 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
456011dABN4 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
4624121ABN8 TAC2Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4656123ABN8 TAC3Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4752129ABN5 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
478412bABN5 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
481612dABN5 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
484812fABN8 TAC4Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
5008139ABN6 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
504013bABN6 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
507213dABN6 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
5264149ABN7 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
529614bABN7 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
532814dABN7 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
5424153ABN8 ALTFireground-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
1136047AMECC IC4Incident command 4Fire-Tac
1168049AMECC INTInteroperability patchingFire-Tac
48003ACO EMSCounty EMS BackupEMS-Tac
80005ACFD EMSColumbus EMS BackupEMS-Tac
112007AE MECCTRMEC Center dispatch backupFire Dispatch
144009AE MECFG1MEC Center fireground 1 backupFire-Tac
17600bAE MECFG2MEC Center fireground 2 backupFire-Tac
1136047AMECC IC4Incident command 4Fire-Tac
272011ACFD FIREColumbus Fire backupFire Dispatch
49601fACFD FG1Columbus Fireground 1 BackupFire-Tac
528021ACFD FG2Columbus Fireground 2 BackupFire-Tac
1136047ACO FG1County Fireground 1 BackupFire-Tac
1168049ACO FG2County Fireground 2 BackupFire-Tac
80801f9ACO FIRECounty Fire backupFire Dispatch
1329633fACOW FDCity of Westerville - Backup Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
75681d9ACMH FGCRAA Fire/Rescue ops (Port Columbus)Interop
8976231ACMH ARFFCRAA Fire/Rescue dispatch/ops (Port Columbus)Fire Dispatch
9040235ALCK ARFFCRAA Fire/Rescue ops (Rickenbacker)Fire Dispatch
16656411ALCK FGCRAA Fire/Rescue ops (Rickenbacker)Fire-Tac
200344e42DNW EMS 1Northwest Fire - EMS Operations 1EMS-Tac
200354e43DNW EMS 2Northwest Fire - EMS Operations 2EMS-Tac
200364e44DNW FG 1Northwest Fire Fireground 1Fire-Tac
200374e45DNW FG 2Northwest Fire Fireground 2Fire-Tac
200774e6dDNW EMS 3Northwest Fire - EMS Operations 3EMS-Tac
200784e6eDNW TAC 1Northwest Fire - Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
200794e6fDNW TAC 2Northwest Fire - Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
200804e70DNW FG 3Northwest Fire - Fireground 3Fire-Tac
200814e71DNW TAC 3Northwest Fire - Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
200574e59DWOR FTAC1Worthington Fireground 1Fire-Tac
200584e5aDWOR FTAC2Worthington Fireground 2Fire-Tac
61116eebcDSW PD-FDSouthwest Police-FireMulti-Tac
61117eebdDSW-MUTL 1Southwest Mutual Aid 1Multi-Talk
61118eebeDSW-MUTL 2Southwest Mutual Aid 2Multi-Talk
61182eefeDXCMH ARFFPort Columbus Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61183eeffDXCMH FGPort Columbus FiregroundFire-Tac
61184ef00DXLCK DISPRickenbacker Fire DispatchLaw Dispatch
61185ef01DXLCK ARFFRickenbacker Fire OpsFire Dispatch
61186ef02DXLCK FGRickenbacker FiregroundFire-Tac

Feel free to use the Contact Broadcaster link for questions and feedback.

  * Currently not being scanned
** Not included in normal scanning. May be available during special circumstances or major incidents
Last Updated: 9/24/2016