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Columbus Division of Fire, Franklin County Fire and EMS

US > Ohio > Multiple Counties

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 Columbus Division of Fire, Franklin County Fire and EMS

Columbus Area Fire & EMS...... Monitoring dispatch, fireground & interop audio for Columbus Fire, MECC and other suburban fire depts. See feed notes for full details.

Status: New scanner implemented to improve audio quality
Public Safety
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Feed Notes

Note about digital radio switch over: A new scanner has been impelemented to solve audio quality issues caused by this summer's switch to the new digital radio systems. Monitoring will continue and additional configuration changes may be made to fine tune overall audio quality. Feed Notes will be updated soon with current talkgroups being monitored.

This audio feed broadcasts Central Ohio Fire/EMS dispatch, fireground and interop channels.

  • Columbus Division of Fire (dispatching Columbus, Bloom Twp, Clinton Twp, Franklin Twp, Grandview Heights, Hamilton Twp, Madison Twp, Minerva Park and Rickenbacker)
  • Metropolitan Emergency Communications Center (dispatching Jefferson Twp, Mifflin Twp, Plain Twp, Truro Twp, Violet Twp, Whitehall and DSCC)
  • Grove City (dispatching Jackson Twp and Pleasant Twp)
  • Dublin/Northwest (dispatching Norwich Twp and Washington Twp)
  • Prairie Twp
  • Upper Arlington
  • Westerville
  • Worthington
  • CMH and LCK airports **

Current equipment:

  • Uniden BCD536HP
  • HP desktop
  • UPS battery backup

References & Resources:

· Franklin County Public Safety Trunking System, Columbus, Ohio - Scanner Frequencies
· Ohio MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications (P25)
· Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System (COIRS) Trunking System, Multiple Counties, Ohio - Scanner Frequencies
· Franklin County Radio Reference Wiki
· Central Ohio Fire Station Location Map
· Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Map
· Central Ohio Fire Source
· Columbus Fire Station Listing
· Columbus Division of Fire live dispatches via PulsePoint WebApp
· Forums

Talkgroups being monitored:

Columbus Division of Fire (CFD)
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
48003A9 EMS 2EMS Medical OpsEMS-Tac
80005A9 EMS 1EMS Medical OpsEMS-Tac
272011A10 FIREFire/EMS Automated DispatchFire Dispatch
304013A10 ALPHAMinor incident opsFire-Tac
49601fABN1 FGFireground - Bn1Fire-Tac
528021ABN2 FGFireground - Bn2Fire-Tac
560023ABN3 FGFireground - Bn3Fire-Tac
592025ABN4 FGFireground - Bn4Fire-Tac
624027ABN5 FGFireground - Bn5Fire-Tac
656029ABN6 FGFireground - Bn6Fire-Tac
68802bABN7 FGFireground - Bn7Fire-Tac
72002dABN1 ALTFireground alternate - Bn1Fire-Tac
75202fABN2 ALTFireground alternate - Bn2Fire-Tac
784031ABN3 ALTFireground alternate - Bn3Fire-Tac
816033ABN4 ALTFireground alternate - Bn4Fire-Tac
848035ABN6 ALTFireground alternate - Bn6Fire-Tac
880037ABN7 ALTFireground alternate - Bn7Fire-Tac
912039ABN5 ALTFireground alternate - Bn5Fire-Tac
36960e7ABN1 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
39520f7ABN2 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
4208107ABN3 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
4368111ABN8 FGFireground special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4464117ABN4 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
459211fABN8 TAC1Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4720127ABN5 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
4976137ABN6 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
5168143A10 DISPUnit to dispatcherFire-Talk
5232147ABN7 TAC1Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
5392151A9 FRWYEMS freeway operationsFire-Tac
555215bA9 RESCUEColumbus FD rescue training/opsEMS-Talk
5712165ACOLS DISDisaster operationsFire-Talk
13392345A10 HAZMATHazmat training/operationsFire-Talk
57002deaaDX10 FIREColumbus Fire/EMS Automated DispatchFire Dispatch
57040ded0DXCFD EMS1EMS Medical OpsFire-Tac
57052dedcDXBN-1FGFireground - Battalion 1Fire-Tac
57065dee9DXBN-2FGFireground - Battalion 2Fire-Tac
57078def6DXBN-3FGFireground - Battalion 3Fire-Tac
57090df02DXBN-4FGFireground - Battalion 4Fire-Tac
57104df10DXBN-5FGFireground - Battalion 5Fire-Tac
57117df1dDXBN-6FGFireground - Battalion 6Fire-Tac
57138df32DXBN-7FGFireground - Battalion 7Fire-Tac
Metropolitan Emergency Communications Center (MECC)
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
368017AMECC IC2Incident command 2Fire-Tac
80161f5AMECC IC3Incident command 3Fire-Tac
80481f7AMECC IC1Incident command 1Fire-Tac
1048028fAMEC CNTRFire/EMS dispatchFire Dispatch
10512291AMECC FG1Fireground 1Fire-Tac
13168337AMECC EMSEMS operationsEMS-Tac
13200339AMECC FG2Fireground 2Fire-Tac
13328341AMECC OPSOther operationsFire-Talk
13360343AMECC FG3Fireground 3Fire-Tac
57377e021DXMECC ALRTMECC AlertFire Dispatch
57383e027DXMECC IC1MECC Incident Command 1Fire-Tac
Suburban Franklin County Departments
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
336015AUA DISPUpper Arlington FD dispatchFire Dispatch
97603dAPT EMSPrairie Twp EMS operationsFire-Talk
1040041AUA FGUpper Arlington firegroundFire-Tac
1072043AUA EMSUpper Arlington EMS opsFire-Tac
1104045AUA TACUpper Arlington tacticalFire-Talk
70881bbAWES DISPWesterville FD dispatchFire Dispatch
71201bdAWES FGWesterville FD firegroundFire-Tac
10608297APRA DISPPrairie Twp FD dispatchFire Dispatch
10640299APT TAC1Prairie Twp FD tactical 1Fire-Tac
1070429dANOR DISPNorwich Twp dispatchFire Dispatch
1073629fANOR FGNorwich Twp firegroundFire-Tac
13424347ANOR EMSNorwich Twp EMSEMS-Tac
13840361APT TAC2Prairie Twp FD tactical 2Fire-Tac
61338ef9aDXPT DSPPrairie Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61339ef9bDXPT EMSPrairie EMSFire-Tac
61340ef9cDXPT TAC1Prairie Fire TAC-1Fire-Tac
61341ef9dDXPT TAC2Prairie Fire TAC-2Fire-Tac
61342ef9eDXPT OPSPrairie Fire OpsFire-Tac
Franklin County - Areawide
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
13904365AMETRO ALERTAll-County urgent/emergency broadcastsInterop
1296051A9 POLICE-FIREPolice-Fire commonInterop
Grove City
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
61080ee98DSW ALERTSouthwest Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61081ee99DSW EMS 1Southwest EMS 1EMS Dispatchs
61082ee9aDSW-OPSSouthwest OperationsFire-Tac
61083ee9bDSW FG-1Southwest Fireground 1Fire-Tac
61084ee9cDSW TAC-1Southwest Tac 1Fire-Tac
61085ee9dDSW FG-2Southwest Fireground 2Fire-Tac
61086ee9eDSW TAC-2Southwest Tactical 2Fire-Tac
61087ee9fDSW FG-3Southwest Fireground 3Fire-Tac
61088eea0DSW TAC-3Southwest Tactical 3Fire-Tac
Central Ohio Interoperable Radio System (COIRS) *
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
200334e41DNW ALERTNorthwest Fire - DispatchFire Dispatch
200564e58DWOR DISPWorthington Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
Additional Talkgroups **
DECHEXModeAlpha TagDescriptionTag
37280e9ABN1 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
37600ebABN1 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
37920edABN1 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn1Fire-Tac
39840f9ABN2 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
40160fbABN2 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
40480fdABN2 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn2Fire-Tac
4240109ABN3 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
427210bABN3 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
430410dABN3 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn3Fire-Tac
4496119ABN4 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
452811bABN4 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
456011dABN4 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn4Fire-Tac
4624121ABN8 TAC2Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4656123ABN8 TAC3Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
4752129ABN5 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
478412bABN5 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
481612dABN5 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn5Fire-Tac
484812fABN8 TAC4Fireground tactical-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
5008139ABN6 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
504013bABN6 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
507213dABN6 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn6Fire-Tac
5264149ABN7 TAC2Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
529614bABN7 TAC3Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
532814dABN7 TAC4Fireground tactical - Bn7Fire-Tac
5424153ABN8 ALTFireground-special - Bn8Fire-Tac
1136047AMECC IC4Incident command 4Fire-Tac
1168049AMECC INTInteroperability patchingFire-Tac
48003ACO EMSCounty EMS BackupEMS-Tac
80005ACFD EMSColumbus EMS BackupEMS-Tac
112007AE MECCTRMEC Center dispatch backupFire Dispatch
144009AE MECFG1MEC Center fireground 1 backupFire-Tac
17600bAE MECFG2MEC Center fireground 2 backupFire-Tac
1136047AMECC IC4Incident command 4Fire-Tac
272011ACFD FIREColumbus Fire backupFire Dispatch
49601fACFD FG1Columbus Fireground 1 BackupFire-Tac
528021ACFD FG2Columbus Fireground 2 BackupFire-Tac
1136047ACO FG1County Fireground 1 BackupFire-Tac
1168049ACO FG2County Fireground 2 BackupFire-Tac
80801f9ACO FIRECounty Fire backupFire Dispatch
1329633fACOW FDCity of Westerville - Backup Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
75681d9ACMH FGCRAA Fire/Rescue ops (Port Columbus)Interop
8976231ACMH ARFFCRAA Fire/Rescue dispatch/ops (Port Columbus)Fire Dispatch
9040235ALCK ARFFCRAA Fire/Rescue ops (Rickenbacker)Fire Dispatch
16656411ALCK FGCRAA Fire/Rescue ops (Rickenbacker)Fire-Tac
200344e42DNW EMS 1Northwest Fire - EMS Operations 1EMS-Tac
200354e43DNW EMS 2Northwest Fire - EMS Operations 2EMS-Tac
200364e44DNW FG 1Northwest Fire Fireground 1Fire-Tac
200374e45DNW FG 2Northwest Fire Fireground 2Fire-Tac
200774e6dDNW EMS 3Northwest Fire - EMS Operations 3EMS-Tac
200784e6eDNW TAC 1Northwest Fire - Fire Tac 1Fire-Tac
200794e6fDNW TAC 2Northwest Fire - Fire Tac 2Fire-Tac
200804e70DNW FG 3Northwest Fire - Fireground 3Fire-Tac
200814e71DNW TAC 3Northwest Fire - Fire Tac 3Fire-Tac
200574e59DWOR FTAC1Worthington Fireground 1Fire-Tac
200584e5aDWOR FTAC2Worthington Fireground 2Fire-Tac
61116eebcDSW PD-FDSouthwest Police-FireMulti-Tac
61117eebdDSW-MUTL 1Southwest Mutual Aid 1Multi-Talk
61118eebeDSW-MUTL 2Southwest Mutual Aid 2Multi-Talk
61182eefeDXCMH ARFFPort Columbus Fire DispatchFire Dispatch
61183eeffDXCMH FGPort Columbus FiregroundFire-Tac
61184ef00DXLCK DISPRickenbacker Fire DispatchLaw Dispatch
61185ef01DXLCK ARFFRickenbacker Fire OpsFire Dispatch
61186ef02DXLCK FGRickenbacker FiregroundFire-Tac

Feel free to use the Contact Broadcaster link for questions and feedback.

  * Currently not being scanned
** Not included in normal scanning. May be available during special circumstances or major incidents
Last Updated: 9/28/2016