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San Diego County Fire - East

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San Diego County Fire - East

HD Coverage: HEARTLAND FIRE (Alpine, El Cajon, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lemon Grove, Santee, Spring Valley, Barona, Campo Reservation, Santa Ysabel Reservation, Alpine, Viejas, & Sycuan) WILDLAND Response, CALFIRE/MONTE VISTA, MED AIR & FIRE AIR
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Below are the channels as they are programmed into my scanner. I use the Whistler Group TRX-1 ( plugged into an old Macbook pro and use "Audio Hijack" to stream the audio to Broadcastify.

Heartland Fire Talkgroups 

Zone 1 talkgroups are used by Coronado, Bonita, Heartland Fire Dept (Lemon Grove, La Mesa, El Cajon), Santee and Lakeside.

Zone 2 talkgroups are used by Barona, Campo Reservation, Santa Ysabel Reservation, Alpine, Viejas, Sycuan and for primary wildland response for all of Heartland FCA.

DEC  HEX  Mode   Alpha Tag Description Tag  
727 2d7 D HCF 1A DISP Dispatch ("Heartland") 1A   Fire Dispatch 
723 2d3 D HCF 1B ZONE Zone 1B   Fire-Tac 
729 2d9 D HCF 1C Medical Command 1C   Fire-Tac 
51 033 D HCF 1D Tac 1D   Fire-Tac 
53 035 D HCF 1E Tac 1E   Fire-Tac 
725 2d5 D HCF 1F Command 1F   Fire-Tac 
731 2db D HCF 1G Tac 1G   Fire-Tac 
69 045 D HCF 1H Tac 1H   Fire-Tac 
71 047 D HCF 1I Command 1I   Fire-Tac 
57 039 D HCF 1J Tac 1J   Fire-Tac 
59 03b D HCF 1K Tac 1K   Fire-Tac 
75 04b D HCF 1L Command 1L   Fire-Tac 
77 04d D HCF 1M Tac 1M   Fire-Tac 
55 037 D HCF 1N Gillespie Field Incidents 1N   Fire-Tac 
1333 535 D HCF 2A ADMIN Admin 2A   Fire-Tac 
1335 537 D HCF 2B ZONE Zone 2B   Fire-Tac 
1339 53b D HCF 2C Medical Command 2C   Fire-Tac 
63 03f D HCF 2D Tac 2D - Structure Incidents (Barona/Campo/Santa Ysabel Reservations)   Fire-Tac 
65 041 D HCF 2E Tac 2E - Structure Incidents (Barona/Campo/Santa Ysabel Reservations)   Fire-Tac 
1337 539 D HCF 2F Command 2F - Structure Incidents (Barona/Campo/Santa Ysabel Reservations)   Fire-Tac 
1341 53d D HCF 2G Tac 2G - Structure Incidents (Alpine/Viejas/Sycuan)   Fire-Tac 
67 043 D HCF 2H Tac 2H - Structure Incidents (Alpine/Viejas/Sycuan)   Fire-Tac 
1355 54b D HCF 2I Command 2I - Structure Incidents (Alpine/Viejas/Sycuan)   Fire-Tac 
1357 54d D HCF 2J Tac 2J - Wildland Response   Fire-Tac 
81 051 D HCF 2K Tac 2K - Wildland Response   Fire-Tac 
1359 54f D HCF 2L Command 2L - Wildland Response   Fire-Tac 
61 03d D HCF 2M Tac 2M - Wildland Response   Fire-Tac 
73 049 D HCF 2N Tac 2N - Wildland Response   Fire-Tac 
1353 549 D HCF EMG 1/2P Central Fire Emergency (1P/2P)   Fire-Tac 
305 131 D HFR-ADM Heartland Fire and Rescue Admin  Fire-Talk 
447 1bf D HCF ACP Alpine Admin   Fire-Talk 
471 1d7 D HCF LKS Lakeside Admin   Fire-Talk 
475 1db D HCF SMG San Miguel Admin   Fire-Talk 
477 1dd D HCF SNT Santee Admin   Fire-Talk 


San Diego County Fire Authority Talkgroups 

The San Diego County Fire Authority (CFA) contracts with CAL FIRE Monte Vista ECC to dispatch county fire agencies using talkgroups in RCS Fire Zone 10 and 11.

DEC  HEX  Mode   Alpha Tag Description Tag  
255 0ff D CFA 10B ADMN Administration 10B  Fire-Talk 
259 103 D CFA 10E Tac 10E  Fire-Tac 
39 027 D CFA 11A TRVL Travel 11A Countywide  Fire-Talk 
41 029 D CFA 11B Tac 11B  Fire-Tac 
43 02b D CFA 11C Command 11C (Battalion 26)  Fire-Tac 
45 02d D CFA 11D Tac 11D (Battalion 26)  Fire-Tac 
47 02f D CFA 11E Tac 11E  Fire-Tac 
49 031 D CFA 11F Command 11F (Battalion 34)  Fire-Tac 
95 05f D CFA 11G Tac 11G (Battalion 34)  Fire-Tac 
97 061 D CFA 11H Tac 11H  Fire-Tac 
99 063 D CFA 11I Command 11I (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
105 069 D CFA 11J Tac 11J (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
107 06b D CFA 11K Tac 11K  Fire-Tac 
109 06d D CFA 11L Command 11L (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
111 06f D CFA 11M Tac 11M (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
133 085 D CFA 11N Training Misc 11N  Fire-Tac 
143 08f D CFA 10K Tac 10K  Fire-Tac 
145 091 D CFA 10L Command 10L (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
257 101 D CFA 10G Tac 10G (Battalion 58)  Fire-Tac 
261 105 D CFA 10H Tac 10H  Fire-Tac 
263 107 D CFA 10J Tac 10J (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
265 109 D CFA 10I Command 10I (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
339 153 D CFA 10M Tac 10M (Incident)  Fire-Tac 
341 155 D CFA 10N Training Misc 10N  Fire-Tac