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Amateur DMR Talk Group 3139

US > Ohio

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 Amateur DMR Talk Group 3139

Ohio Statewide TG 3139 & other OH Regional TGs from Repeater / Hotspot Amateur Radio Operators

Status: Some SDR component probably crashed :( Or power failure... working to restore feed.
Amateur Radio
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Feed Notes

Amateur Digital Mobile Radio DMR Talk Group 3139 and other Regional OH TGs

Feed Features:

- Listen to nearly all the DMR Statewide and Regional Talkgroups on 1 feed.

- Track Metadata will show Last Heard/TX with timestamp and callsign/RID.

- *** NOTE: at times there is a substantial audio delay upwards of a minute or more. This occurs at the server, for which I have no control.

Station hardware/software currently consists of:

- MMDVM/Pi-Zero Hotspot hardware running Pi-Star for DMR Network Interface.

- RTL2832U Generic RTL-SDR, Software Defined Radio USB Receiver.

- AMD A6 Vision Win 7 Laptop running CubicSDR (Receives NFM raw audio from RTL-SDR Dongle) and linked to DSD+ FastLane for Mototrbo decoding via Virtual Cable digital audio link.

- "Broadcast Using This Tool" encoder as the Broadcastify source client.

- Python Script to manage metadata.

Event Log: (newest now at top)

2020-03-07 : Outage occurred yesterday around 3pm. Seems to have been caused by an issue on BM server 3108, as it affected two different Pi-star hotspots both using 3108. Since 3108 is scheduled to be decommissioned May 30, 2020 anyway, the Brandmeister server for this feed is changed to 3101.

2019-11-20 : Transferred the whole setup to a different Win 7 Laptop. Getting the RTL2832U to be detected by CubicSDR was no easy task. The trick seemed to be applying every known windows update, and also the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Update. Seems to be stable so far. *** Update *** Not entirely stable. A few days later now, and I think I got all the glitches worked out. Also moved to a different BM server.

2019-09-19 : The fine folks at Broadcasty moved this feed to a different server, at my request, to reduce latency a bit. Was running a minute +, but now seems to be around 45 sec. *** Also added a scheduled restart of the streaming client twice per day, which seems to make the biggest difference. Shortest latency I've seen so far is 35 Seconds.

2019-09-16 : Major power outage. Took a while to figure out which versions of the code I had been running. Need to do a better job of version tracking :/

2019-06-10 : Python script updates: Added additional error handling in the callsign fetch routine, and throttled down the activity detection loop to reduce cpu load. Seem to be getting continuous uptime on the Python script now.

2019-05-25 : Something appears to have changed with the API at, and the callsign parsing is now broken. Support ticket has been submitted. **UPDATE: The fine folks at have applied a patch and the callsign lookup is working once again.

2019-05-22 : Seemed to just be getting parts of QSOs on BM3108, so moved to 3103 for now. Seems to have improved.

2019-05-21 : CubicSDR has been very stable. Progress. However the MMDVM lost its wifi connection and I could not reset it remotely. No RX for the last 18 hrs or so :(

2019-05-18 : Lots of unmanageable crashes with the SDR# receiver component. Abandoning SDR# for now and trying CubicSDR to see if will be stable.

2019-04-30 : All or parts of the system were offline over the weekend, Did not catch until today. Newer SDR# version not as stable as hoped. Working on app crash detection and auto-restart to help alleviate.

2019-04-09 : Discontinued use of the old version of SDR# due to frequent crashes. Got a newer version to produce acceptable waveforms/minimal errors with the added benefit of being stable. Well, time will tell anyway...

2019-03-31 : Added some error handling for an infrequent Python/JSON parsing error for the callsign lookup. Hoping this will eliminate the resulting script crashes.

2019-03-29 : Had some sub-optimal RSSI levels to the pi-zero wifi that was causing dropouts. Moved to better location.

2019-03-17 : Back online after an extensive outage due to MMDVM issue. Have identified and fixed (mostly) the problem but have a little more reconfiguring to do to make stable.

2019-03-07 : Fixed Python script to correctly parse times that exceed 90 seconds, which were formerly causing the Callsign to not display. TX times exceeding 90s will now appear as "1m 31s" for example. Also corrected parsing for TX times less than 1s. Will now appear as "<1s" instead of blank.

2019-03-02 : Expanded Python script to now perform a RID lookup to get the Callsign of Last TX. It is web-based for now and a bit slow at times, and buggy, but mostly works.

2019-02-24 : Created* Python script to parse Talkgroup and Radio ID along with a timestamp for Last Heard metadata. Will display on ScannerRadio App and other media players. *(edit: Ha more like countless hours of trial and error).

2019-02-15 : Outage most of the day to Pi-Star wi-fi losing its mind. Reboot brought it back.

2019-02-13 : Outage due to high wind event/power loss/brownout. Hotspot got scrambled and was no longer transmitting for most of the day.

2019-02-10 : Added Ohio NE, Central, SE, SW and OH TAC TGs since not a lot of activity on 3139.

2019-02-04 : Have been experiencing a lot of crashes with RadioFeed, so changed the Broadcastify Encoder Client to "Broadcast Using This Tool".

2019-02-03 : Was getting frequent stuttering on BM3101 so moved to 3108, seems to have improved.