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Charles County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Maryland State Police

US > Maryland > Charles (County) [Washington-Baltimore]

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Charles County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, Maryland State Police Public Safety
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Feed Notes

Charles County Sheriff, Fire and EMS, and MSP (Maryland State Police) Online Scanner Feed is where this feed is hosted. Monitoring the Charles County System with 3 Uniden Scanners, and Whistler Scanners when needed. Set to use the Control Channel frequency of 853.2625mHz. The System is a Motorola Smartnet Type II w Analog & Digital- P25 Audio. 

Fire/EMS Talkgroups:

Audio Type, Alpha,and Description Tags

A CCFD MA Calv Mutual Aid to Calvert Interop

A CCFD MA Mutual Aid Interop

A CCFD 10A12 Marine Rescue A Fire-Tac

A CCFD 10A13 Marine Rescue B Fire-Tac

A CCFD 10B12 Emergency 3 Emergency Ops

D CCFD 10A1 Dispatch Fire Dispatch

D CCFD 10A2 (Minor) Ops Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A3 Major Incident 10 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A4 Water Supply 11 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A5 Water Supply Incident 12 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A6 CC PG line  Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10E1 Special Events 1 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10E3 Special Events 2 Fire-Tac

D CCFD C10 MA3 MAR 3 Fire-Tac

D CCFD C11 MA4 MAR 4 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A7  CC PG Water Supply Incident 21 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A8 Incident 22 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10B3 Incident 30 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10B4 Incident 31 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10B5 Incident 32 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10B6 Incident 40 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10B7 Incident 41 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10B8 Incident 42 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10E4 Special Events 3 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10E6 Special Events 4 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10E7 Special Events 5 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10E9 Special Events 6 Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A12 Marine Rescue A Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10A13 Marine Rescue B Fire-Tac

D CCFD 10B1212 Emer 3 Emergency Ops

Law Enforcement Talkgroups

Audio Type, Alpha,and Description Tags

D CCSO  District 1 (La Plata) Law Dispatch

D CCSO District 3 (Waldorf) Law Dispatch

D MSP H LaPlata H Law Dispatch

D MdTA Nice Bridge PD Law Dispatch


  • Feed CAN and WILL be TURNED DOWN for SAFETY and/or possible Personal information.

  • Don't Re-POST ALERTS, made on this Feed, without CITING this as a SOURCE as either " online Feed 24874" or  "Charles County Fire Online Scanner Feed"  (hint hint). 

    • Also, follow-up until complete fruition: UPDATE your POST accordingly.

  • Do NOT contact people or disseminate semi-private or semi-confidential information.  It is the Feed/App Users responsibility to deal with all sensitive information in a SENSITIVE manner: Do NOT spread Rumors, Lies, Innuendo, Half-Truths & Gossip as the truth.  

  • We only make ALERTS, on some incidents.

    • NUMEROUS ALERTS, may be made. In the initial moments and/or minutes of an incident.  Often, with details, facts and information, as quickly as - can be "Compiled, Comprehended, Typed and Posted"; While, some, if not all, information in "ALERTS", may be: completely WRONG, FALSE, MISLEADING or simply MISUNDERSTOOD. We, do make the very best attempt, to give, the very best information, at the moment, We press ENTER. "Corrective Alerts " maybe posted moments, minutes or hours later," or possibly not at all.  We, too, get things wrong and apologize beforehand.

  • Feed is NOT for entertainment purposes, it's REAL :

It is REAL LIFE for all people involved; "Context & Comprehension" is imperative: tuning-in in the last moments of an incident, MAY NOT lend either of those. Hours of active monitoring is important: events, may have previously aired or not aired with "context clues," of either (a/an) Dispatcher's, Volunteer Firemen's and/or EMS provider's/ Paid EMS's current demeanor. In no way, are all dimensions of a "Situation" presented on a 1-Dimensional Audio Device. To elaborate further, "Previous Events" may have induced "additional stresses" on People; which is inherent with constant dropping of adrenaline & testosterone into the human body; UNTIL the Listener has experienced such: Judgment should be reserved until: possibly weeks, months and/or even years later: Prejudgment and lack of context can be detrimental up-to and including LIFE; whether that be to the Community and/or it's First Responder personnel.

Thanks to all of the mostly Volunteer First Responders

for your time, effort and dedication

to our Community!

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  • Ask the local Charles County Department of Emergency Services to provide Fire & EMS feeds and/or Real-Time Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) info, to help Community safety, knowledge of current conditions and public awareness & monitoring. 

    •  List of Official Feeds

    • Official Feed Application page

  • Examples of County Public Safety agencies that provide Real-Time (CAD) info:



  •  If a Real EMERGENCY Dial 911!!!

  • If a Non-Emergency or a Citizen needs assistance, attempt to locate a local Fire Dept and/or EMS phone number and Call to see if they can help, things like "Basement flooding," "Help with changing an Oxygen tank," or a "Tree across a Roadway," etc... may be requested.
     ∙ CCSO  24hrs Non emergency line at 301-932-7777 301-932-2222

  •  Scanner feed APPS:

    • ​Broadcastify is the origin of all Scanner streaming, their App has a self-contained Volume Slider that typically doesn't effect the phone, tablet of other device's whole system volume control.  All scanner app are streams from broadcastify's servers, sharing the same stream accross many different apps.

      •  To listen to 2 feeds at once, on 2 Apps: Scanner Radio Deluxe (iOS or Android) & 5-0 Radio (iOS) together will allow you to possibly monitor both Fire and Police.  

      • Scanner Radio Deluxe will allow ALERTS based on number of listeners, it also will play over top of other Applications & Phone Calls (on iOS) , As well don't forget to Press Play again on some Scanner Apps after leaving Wi-Fi and returning to Cell coverage, most won't resume Playing on their own. 


Other FEED: Charles Co. Sheriff Dispatch  D1/ D3 or Charles County Fire & EMS respectively and