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Montrose County Public Safety and State Police

US > Colorado > Montrose (County)

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Montrose County Public Safety and State Police

My ISP(Charter Spectrum) has bad service. I'm sorry if it cuts in & out. Montrose City, County, EMS, Fire, & CSP Troop 5C This is only for the Montrose area.
Public Safety
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Feed Notes

Charter is my ISP and they have an inconsistent service and at least twice a day this feed goes offline for about five to ten random times.

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In an effort to protect Public Safety personnel, DO NOT post details about an ongoing SWAT incident or undercover operation in progress.
Details include frequencies, talk groups, exact address, officer movements, and another other information that might put an officers safety at risk.
Doing so is a perfect example of why many cities have taken Police traffic and especially SWAT incidents encrypted.
At the conclusion of the event, it is okay to post any news from the situation.

Talkgroups Hosted:
CSP Troop 5C Dispatch (Delta, Gunnison, N. Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray)
Montrose County Mutual Aid Channel
Montrose County Sheriff Dispatch
Montrose Police Channel-1 (Dispatch)
Montrose Fire Dispatch
Montrose Fire/EMS Operations
Montrose Airport Fire Department

Montrose City Police Department


SAM UNITS = Sergeants

LINCOLN UNITS = Lieutenants

DAVID UNITS = Detectives



Montrose Sheriff Department


MC UNITS (100 - 199)= ???

MC UNITS (200 - 299)= ???

MC UNITS (300 - 399)= JAIL

MC UNITS (400 - 499)= ???

MC UNITS (500 - 599)= ???


Colorado State Patrol Troop 5C


Montrose Fire Protection District

Station One / District 1 EMS & Fire
441 South Uncompahgre Ave.
Montrose, CO 81401

Station Two / District 2 EMS & Fire
65960 Racine Road
Montrose, CO 81401

Station Three / District 3 EMS & Fire
62840 Spring Creek Road
Montrose, CO 81401

APCO Information (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials)

CODES: PD - Property Damage     PI - Personal Injury     F – Fatality (CODE FRANK)
Code Charlie = Drugs
Code Sam = Sex Offender
Code 1  At Your Convenience
Code 2  Right Away (non-emergency)
Code 3  Emergency (red light & siren)      
Code 4  OK

ETOH - when used in a medical or legal context, is an abbreviation for ethanol (i.e. alcohol)

HTO - Habitual Traffic Offender

Status of "May apply for Colorado license" will appear for surrendered or expired licenses when driver has no pending issues at state.  

THIS DRIVING RECORD IS INCOMPLETE, AWAITING HISTORY FROM PREVIOUS STATE - This message will appear on a CO record any time a driver applies for a CDL. It will appear whether the driver is from another state, or if it is the first time a CO driver has applied for a CDL. If the issue date is more than about a month old, and there is no additional information on the history part of the record from another state, then there is nothing else to be added to the record. CO does not have a process to check on the record after the message is added, so the message will not be taken out of the record.  

CANCEL/DENY OJ-UR NOT CLEAR - OJ-UR stands for Outstanding Judgement-Unpaid Referee.  

ADULT CDL 60 DAY EC/PS TEMPORARY - It is important to note that this is for an "Adult CDL (Commercial Driver License)" driver. The EC/PS indicates that this person was stopped for an alcohol offense, driver's license taken, and a 60 day temporary permit was issued subsequent to a hearing request. The EC/PS relates to Express Consent / Per Se which is legal (from statute) that basically means that a person who applies for a driving privilege in Colorado gives their express consent to an alcohol test if driving stop is alcohol related.  

Revoke Refusal - Blood alcohol refusal. This revocation takes precedence over all suspensions.  

Deny Driver License Compact - Driver had problem out of state. Reinstatement fee required in Colorado to clear up.  

'ECS' - Express consent - The Express Consent Law requires that any driver submit to a chemical test if a police officer has reasonable ground to believe the person is driving under the influence or that their ability to operate a vehicle is impaired due to alcohol, drugs or both.  

Adult instruction permit - Written test has been taken but not driving test.  

FTA - Failure to Appear  

SUSPENSION/REVOCATION DEFINITION - A revoked license is when the state takes your privileges away. The penalty is more severe than a suspension. In some cases, you need to retest to get the license back along with paying the necessary fees. A suspension is when they suspend your privileges, but you don’t have to necessarily retest. The license can be suspended more easily than revoked.  

Implied Consent - Under an implied consent law, any person who operates a motor vehicle in the state is deemed to have previously consented to a DUI chemical test at the time that they signed the papers to receive their drivers license. Violations that specify "implied consent" can range from failing the DUI test to refusing to take the test, depending upon the applicable state statute.  

NCIC - National Crime Information Center. This database is checked along with the NDR database on some drivers.  

Colorado tries to rely on "Plain Speak" and not "10 Codes" when it is used, dispatchers drop the 10 from the code.
I've Highlighted the more common codes used.

10-1   Unable To Copy Re-Locate
10-2   Signals Good
10-3   Stop Transmitting
10-4   Acknowledgement/Okay
10-5   Relay
10-6   Busy Stand-By
10-7   Out Of Service
10-8   In Service
10-9   Repeat 
10-10  Fight In Progress
10-11  Dog Case
10-12  Stand By (stop)
10-13  Weather & Road Report
10-14  Report Of Prowler
10-15  Civil Disturbance
10-16  Domestic Trouble
10-17  Meet Complainant
10-18  Complete Assgn. Quickly
10-20  Location
10-21  Call----By Telephone
10-22  Disregard
10-23  Arrived At Scene
10-24  Assignment Completed
10-25  Report In Person To----
10-26  Detaining Subject, Expid
10-27  Drivers License Info.
10-28  Vehicle Registration
10-29  Check Records For Want

10-30  Illegal Use Of Radio
10-31  Crime In Progress
10-32  Man With Gun
10-33  Emergency
10-34  Riot
10-35  Major Crime Alert
10-36  Correct Time
10-37  Inves. Susp. Vehicle
10-39  Urgent (light/siren)
10-40  Silent Run
10-41  Beginning Tour Of Duty
10-42  Ending Tour Of Duty

10-43  Information
10-44  Request  Patrol For---
10-45  Animal Carcass In Road
10-46  Assist Motorist
10-47  Emerg. Road Repairs Needed
10-48  Traffic Standard Repair
10-49  Traffic Light Out
10-50  Traffic Accident-F, PI, PD
10-51  Wrecker Needed
10-52  Ambulance Needed
10-53  Road Blocked
10-54  Livestock On Highway
10-55  Intoxicated Driver
10-56  Intoxicated Person
10-57  Hit & Run--F, PI, Pd
10-58  Direct Traffic
10-59  Convoy Or Escort
10-60  Squad In Vicinity
10-61  Personnel In Area
10-62  Reply To Message
10-63  Prepare To Make Written Cpy.
10-64  Message For Local Del.
10-65  Net Message Assgn.
10-66  Message Cancellation
10-67  Clear To Read Net Msg.
10-68  Dispatch Information
10-69  Message Received
10-70  Fire Alarm
10-71  Advise Nature Of Fire(size, type, contents of bldg.)
10-72  Report Progress On Fire
10-73  Smoke Report
10-74  Negative
10-75  Traffic Stop
10-76  En Route
10-77  ETA
10-78  Need Assistance
10-79  Notify Coroner
10-82  Reserve Lodging
10-84  If Meeting----Advise ETA
10-85  Will Be Late
10-87  Pick Up Checks For Dist.
10-88  Advise Telephone # Of----
10-90  Bank Alarm
10-91  Unnecessary Use Of Radio
10-93  Blockade
10-95  Prisoner/Subject In Custody
10-96  Mental Subject

10-98  Prison/Jail Break
10-99  Records Indicate Want/Stolen