Wake County

Talkgroups Seen in the past 24 Hours - Times are in CT
TG Seen Display Description Service
7248 2021-04-11T21:04:35-05:00 WCGSASECURIT Wake County GSA Security Security
13312 2021-04-11T22:31:56-05:00 SHP C3 PATCH NCSHP Troop C District 3 Wake County Patch Law Dispatch
15200 2021-04-11T22:00:05-05:00 GO RAL OPS 1 Go Raleigh OPS 1 Transportation
15216 2021-04-11T18:01:56-05:00 GO RAL OPS 2 Go Raleigh OPS 2 Transportation
15232 2021-04-11T17:43:39-05:00 GO RAL MAINT Go Raleigh Maintenance Transportation
15248 2021-04-11T12:22:30-05:00 GO RAL SUP Go Raleigh Supervisors Transportation
15264 2021-04-11T20:33:12-05:00 NCSU Wolfline Wolfline Bus System Transportation
19824 2021-04-11T22:36:13-05:00 TRICOM Wake County Tri-comm Intersystem (Wake County Comm Centers Communication) Multi-Dispatch
28016 2021-04-11T18:51:55-05:00 MutAid 1W Wake Co Fire Mutual Aid 1 Wake (Multi-Agency Use) Fire-Talk
28144 2021-04-11T00:02:51-05:00 MutAid 5W Wake Co Fire Mutual Aid 5 Wake (Multi-Agency Use) Fire-Talk
32016 2021-04-11T22:48:13-05:00 WSO DISP1 Wake Co Sheriff Dispatch 1 (Dispatch/Emergency) Law Dispatch
32032 2021-04-11T07:55:37-05:00 WSO DISP2 Wake Co Sheriff Dispatch 2 (Traffic) Law Dispatch
32048 2021-04-11T20:18:31-05:00 WSO DISP3 Wake Co Sheriff Dispatch 3 (Check out Channel) Law Dispatch
32064 2021-04-11T19:28:29-05:00 WSO DISP4 Wake Co Sheriff Dispatch 4 (Emergency Alternate) Law Dispatch
32112 2021-04-11T10:32:13-05:00 WSOPAT1 Wake Co Sheriff Patrol 1 Law Tac
32544 2021-04-11T10:48:40-05:00 WSOC2C2 Car to Car 2 Law Tac
32640 2021-04-11T22:48:08-05:00 WSODET1D WSO Detention 1 Digital Corrections
32672 2021-04-11T22:45:44-05:00 WSO PSC WSO Detention Center PSC Law Tac
32816 2021-04-11T21:17:22-05:00 FIRE DISP 1 Wake Co Fire Dispatch Ch1 Fire Dispatch
32848 2021-04-11T21:07:55-05:00 FIRE OPS 1 Raleigh Wake Co Fire Ops 1 Fireground Fire-Tac
32864 2021-04-11T21:24:18-05:00 FIRE OPS 2 Raleigh Wake Co Fire Ops 2 Fireground Fire-Tac
32880 2021-04-11T17:56:33-05:00 FIRE OPS 3 Raleigh Wake Co Fire Ops 3 Fireground Fire-Tac
33008 2021-04-11T07:50:59-05:00 FIRE EAST Wake Co Fire Depts East Fire-Tac
33088 2021-04-11T22:01:35-05:00 FIRE ALERT Co Fire Alert (Silmulcasted on VHF 154.190Mhz) Fire Dispatch
33216 2021-04-11T22:11:37-05:00 PS TAC 13 D Public Safety Tac 13 Multi-Tac
33232 2021-04-11T22:31:32-05:00 PS TAC 14 D Public Safety Tac 14 Multi-Tac
33248 2021-04-11T22:40:24-05:00 PS TAC 15 D Public Safety Tac 15 Multi-Tac
33264 2021-04-11T22:40:36-05:00 PS TAC 16 D Public Safety Tac 16 Multi-Tac
33280 2021-04-11T22:48:27-05:00 PS TAC 17 D Public Safety Tac 17 Multi-Tac
33296 2021-04-11T22:43:03-05:00 PS TAC 18 D Public Safety Tac 18 Multi-Tac
33312 2021-04-11T17:30:01-05:00 PS TAC 19 D Public Safety Tac 19 Multi-Tac
33328 2021-04-11T19:04:02-05:00 PS TAC 20 D Public Safety Tac 20 Multi-Tac
33344 2021-04-11T18:14:02-05:00 PS TAC 21 D Public Safety Tac 21 Multi-Tac
33360 2021-04-11T18:27:07-05:00 PS TAC 22 D Public Safety Tac 22 Multi-Tac
33376 2021-04-11T18:26:42-05:00 PS TAC 23 D Public Safety Tac 23 Multi-Tac
33392 2021-04-11T16:02:15-05:00 PS TAC 24 D Public Safety Tac 24 Multi-Tac
33408 2021-04-11T16:17:08-05:00 PS TAC 25 D Public Safety Tac 25 Multi-Tac
33424 2021-04-11T10:55:35-05:00 PS TAC 26 D Public Safety Tac 26 Multi-Tac
33440 2021-04-11T10:56:37-05:00 PS TAC 27 D Public Safety Tac 27 Multi-Tac
33504 2021-04-11T19:14:09-05:00 PS TAC 30 D Public Safety Tac 30 Multi-Tac
33584 2021-04-11T22:47:46-05:00 PS TAC 35 D Public Safety Tac 35 Multi-Tac
33600 2021-04-11T08:17:54-05:00 W EVENT 1 Wake Co Public Safety Event 1 Multi-Tac
33712 2021-04-11T18:41:16-05:00 CCBI 1 CCBI Channel 1 Law Talk
33888 2021-04-11T22:42:42-05:00 PS TAC 36 D Public Safety Tac 36 Multi-Tac
33904 2021-04-11T15:46:43-05:00 PS TAC 37 D Public Safety Tac 37 Multi-Tac
33920 2021-04-11T20:39:06-05:00 PS TAC 38 D Public Safety Tac 38 Multi-Tac
33984 2021-04-11T22:05:03-05:00 HQ DISP Dispatch Fire Dispatch
34000 2021-04-11T22:42:19-05:00 RFD ALERT Alert (silmulcasted on VHF 154.370Mhz) Fire Dispatch
34368 2021-04-11T22:49:14-05:00 CHASE 10 Wake Co Public Safety Event "Chase" 10 Multi-Tac
34416 2021-04-11T22:49:36-05:00 WCEMSDISP1 EMS Dispatch 1 EMS Dispatch
35168 2021-04-11T22:50:13-05:00 EMS ALERT EMS Alert (Silmulcasted on VHF 156.225Mhz) EMS Dispatch
35200 2021-04-11T22:40:29-05:00 FVPD1 Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
35376 2021-04-11T21:56:33-05:00 GPD DISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
35392 2021-04-11T21:56:23-05:00 GPD OPS2 Police Ops 2 Law Tac
35456 2021-04-11T03:08:24-05:00 DCI INQ Police DCI INQ Person/Vehicle Info Law Tac
35584 2021-04-11T10:15:02-05:00 GAR TAC GAR TAC Multi-Agency Multi-Tac
35680 2021-04-11T22:42:15-05:00 LE EAST Knightdale PD, Wendell PD, Zebulon PD, Rolesville PD Dispatch Law Dispatch
35744 2021-04-11T22:48:10-05:00 WPDOPS1 Police Ops 1 Law Tac
35824 2021-04-11T22:28:34-05:00 ZPDOPS1 Police Ops 1 Law Tac
35888 2021-04-11T22:23:52-05:00 KPDOPS1 Police Ops 1 Law Tac
35952 2021-04-11T21:51:54-05:00 WFDISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
35968 2021-04-11T21:52:18-05:00 WFTAC1 Police Tac 1 Law Tac
35984 2021-04-11T21:12:20-05:00 WFTAC2 Police Tac 2 Law Tac
36016 2021-04-11T20:43:08-05:00 WFADMIN Police Administration Law Tac
36032 2021-04-11T07:58:44-05:00 WFCOM Police Common Law Tac
36064 2021-04-11T12:21:21-05:00 WFEMER Emergency Emergency Ops
36096 2021-04-11T21:05:33-05:00 RVPD1 Police 1 Law Tac
36160 2021-04-11T18:19:05-05:00 RDU ES DISP RDU Emergency Services Dispatch Emergency Ops
36304 2021-04-11T18:15:12-05:00 RDU OPS DISP RDU Operations Dispatch Multi-Dispatch
36368 2021-04-11T22:24:55-05:00 RDU LE DISP RDU Airport Law Enforcement Dispatch Law Dispatch
36560 2021-04-11T16:03:19-05:00 WCAC 1 Wake County Animal Control 1 Law Tac
37760 2021-04-11T22:23:30-05:00 HSPDDISP Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
37776 2021-04-11T19:57:19-05:00 HSFDDISP Fire Dept Dispatch Fire Dispatch
37808 2021-04-11T22:41:13-05:00 HSOPS2 Ops 2 Multi-Tac
38032 2021-04-11T22:48:57-05:00 NCSUPDTG1 Police 1 Law Tac
38112 2021-04-11T00:20:42-05:00 NCSUOPSTG1 Public Safety Ops Channel 1 Schools
38160 2021-04-11T20:01:26-05:00 NCSUADMINTG1 Admin 1 Schools
40016 2021-04-11T22:46:11-05:00 RPD NWD DISP Northwest District Dispatch (1xx Units) Law Dispatch
40032 2021-04-11T22:47:31-05:00 RPD NOD DISP North District Dispatch (2xx Units) Law Dispatch
40048 2021-04-11T22:48:47-05:00 RPD NED DISP Northeast District Dispatch (3xx Units) Law Dispatch
40064 2021-04-11T22:44:22-05:00 RPD SED DISP Southeast District Dispatch (4xx Units) Law Dispatch
40208 2021-04-11T22:27:05-05:00 RPD NWD TAC1 Northwest District Tac 1 Law Tac
40224 2021-04-11T22:25:11-05:00 RPD NOD TAC1 North District Tac 1 Law Tac
40240 2021-04-11T22:33:18-05:00 RPD NED TAC1 Northeast District Tac 1 Law Tac
40256 2021-04-11T22:41:30-05:00 RPD SED TAC1 Southeast District Tac 1 Law Tac
40272 2021-04-11T22:14:00-05:00 RPD DTD TAC1 Downtown District Tac 1 Law Tac
40288 2021-04-11T22:46:58-05:00 RPD SWD TAC1 Southwest District Tac 1 Law Tac
40336 2021-04-11T09:35:13-05:00 RPD NED TAC2 Northeast District Tac 2 Law Tac
40352 2021-04-11T22:22:31-05:00 RPD SED TAC2 Southeast District Tac 2 Law Tac
40368 2021-04-11T05:19:11-05:00 RPD DTD TAC2 Downtown District Tac 2 Law Tac
40432 2021-04-11T22:39:37-05:00 RPD LE OPS5 LE Ops 5 Law Tac
40448 2021-04-11T18:42:38-05:00 RPD LE OPS6 LE Ops 6 Law Tac
40512 2021-04-11T22:33:23-05:00 RPD CITY 1 City 1 Law Tac
40528 2021-04-11T17:16:59-05:00 RPD CITY 2 City 2 Law Tac
41296 2021-04-11T11:17:49-05:00
41568 2021-04-11T21:12:17-05:00 GOTRI 1 GoTriangle Transit 1 Transportation
41584 2021-04-11T20:19:33-05:00 GOTRI 2 GoTriangle Transit 2 Transportation