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Davidson County Public Safety

US > North Carolina > Davidson (County)

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Davidson County Public Safety

Monitoring: Lexington Police & Fire, Thomasville PD & FD, Denton Police, Davidson County Fire & EMS, Davidson County Airport traffic, & Norfolk Southern Railway traffic.

Status: Due to hardware issues the feed will be down for some time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Public Safety
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Feed Notes


Davidson County Public Safety


Monitoring: Lexington Police & Fire, Thomasville PD & FD, Denton Police, Davidson County Fire & EMS, Davidson County Airport traffic, & Norfolk Southern Railway traffic.


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Here is a PDF file where you can print the PD Ten Codes easily*



Here is a PDF file where you can print the EMS Codes*


*Once the page has opened just press CTRL and the P key to print


This feed is provided by a Radio Shack Pro-97.


The Police P2C system (for Lexington City) is now active! With this powerful new tool, citizens can freely check police records for events such as crash reports, arrests, missing persons, and more. The P2C system is very easy to use; just use the left sidebar to access it, or click here.



10-0 Use Caution

10-1 Signal Weak

10-2 Signal Good

10-3 Stop Transmitting

10-4 Affirmative (OK)

10-5 Relay To

10-6 Busy

10-7 Out of Service

10-8 In Service

10-9 Repeat

10-10 Negative

10-11 Negative

10-12 Standby

10-13 Weather Conditions

10-14 Message/Information

10-15 Message Delivered

10-16 Reply to Message

10-17 En-route

10-18 Urgent

10-19 (In) Contact

10-20 Location

10-21 Call by Phone

10-22 Disregard

10-23 Arrived at Scene

10-24 Assignment Time Arrival

10-25 Report to (Meet)

10-26 Estimated Time Arrival

10-27 License/Permit Info

10-28 Vehicle Info

10-29 Record Check

10-30 Danger/Caution

10-31 Pick Up

10-32 Units Needed

10-33 Emergency

10-34 Time

10-35 Alarm/Silent

10-36 Domestic

10-37 Civil Dispute

10-38 Man with a Gun

10-39 Urgent Use Light/Sirens

10-40 Fight in progress

10-41 Beginning Tour of Duty

10-42 Ending Tour of Duty

10-43 Chase

10-44 Riot

10-45 Bomb Threat

10-46 Assault

10-47 Complete Quickly

10-48 Drug Involvement

10-49 Drag Racing/C&R Driving

10-50 Accident PD (Property Damage), PI(Personal Injury), F(Fatality)

10-51 Wrecker Needed

10-52 Ambulance Needed

10-53 Road Blocked

10-54 Hit & Run PD (Property Damage), PI(Personal Injury), F(Fatality)

10-55 Intoxicated Driver

10-56 Intoxicated Pedestrian

10-57 Request Breathalyzer

10-58 Direct Traffic

10-59 Convoy or Escort

10-60 Suspicious Vehicle

10-61 Vehicle Stop

10-62 Breaking & Entering

10-63 Investigate

10-64 Crime in Progress

10-65 Armed Robbery

10-66 Notify Coroner

10-67 Report of Death

10-68 Livestock in Roadway

10-69 Advise Phone Number

10-70 Improperly Pared Vehicle

10-71 Improper Use of Radio

10-72 Prisoner in Custody

10-73 Mental Subject

10-74 Prisoner Jail Break

10-75 Indicates Wanted/Stolen

10-76 Prowler

10-77 Assist Fire Department

10-78 Unlock Vehicle

10-79 Hostage Situation

10-80 Silent Run/No Lights-Siren

10-84 Area Survey

10-86 Larceny

10-88 Shoplifting

10-91 Rape/Sexual Offense

10-93 Open Garage Door

10-94 Close Garage Door

10-99 Out of Radio Contact


C1 Report & Arrest

C2 Citation Issued/Warrant Served

C3 False Alarm

C4 Picked Up

C5 Field Contact/Info


C8 Alarm

C9 Property Check

C10 Service Rendered

C11 Advised Rights to Warrant

C12 Unfounded

C13 Verbal Warning

C14 Referred to Other

C15 Domestic Violence

C16 Car Wash

C21 Cleared no OCA

C22 Written Warning

C27 Unable to Locate

C39 Suicide



S1 At the Station

S2 Meal break

S3 Flat Tire

S4 Fuel

S7 Meet with...

S8 Equipment

S9 Alarm/Key-holder Info

S10 10-7 Personal/Residence

S12 out of the City

S13 Revoked All Other

S14 Revoked DWI

S20 Calls Pending

S25 Officer Needs Help

S26 DCI Down

S37N Out of District North

S37S Out of District South

S16 10-7 Lexington Magistrate

S17 10-7 Thomasville Magistrate



Davidson County Emergency Medical Dispatch Nature Codes and Determinants

A=Alpha Medic Unit Routine/No Squad

B=Bravo Medic Unit & Squad Emergency

C=Charlie Medic Unit & Squad Emergency

D=Delta Medic Unit & Squad Emergency

E=Echo Medic Unit & Squad Emergency

1-Abdominal Pain/Problems

1-A-1 Abdominal pain

1-C-0 Override

1-C-1 Fainting or near fainting => 50 Y/A

1-C-2 Females/fainting or near fainting 12-50 Y/A

1-C-3 Males with pain above the navel => 35 Y/A

1-C-4 Females pain above navel => 45 Y/A

1-D-0 Override

1-D-1 Not alert


2-A-1 No difficulty breathing or swallowing

2-A-2 Spider bite

2-B-0 Override

2-B-1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

2-C-0 Override

2-C-1 Difficulty breathing or swallowing

2-D-0 Override

2-D-1 Severe respiratory distress

2-D-2 Not alert

2-D-3 Condition worsening

2-D-4 Swarming attack (bee, wasp, hornet)

2-D-5 Snakebite

2-E-0 Override

2-E-1 Ineffective breathing

3-Animal Bites/Attacks

3-A-1 Not dangerous body area

3-A-2 Non-recent injuries =>6 hrs.

3-A-3 Superficial bites

3-B-0 Override

3-B-1 Possibly dangerous body area

3-B-3 Serious hemorrhages

3-D-0 Override

3-D-1 Unconscious or arrest

3-D-2 Not alert

3-D-3 Dangerous body area

3-D-4 Large animal

3-D-5 Exotic animal

3-D-6 Attack or multiple animals

4-Assault/Sexual Assault

  A=Assault    S=Sexual Assault

4-A-1 Not dangerous body area

4-A-2 Non-recent injuries =>6 hrs.

4-B-0 Override

4-B-1 Possibly dangerous body area

4-B-2 Serous hemorrhage

4-B-3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

4-D-0 Override

4-D-1 Unconscious or Arrest

4-D-2 Not Alert

4-D-3 Abnormal breathing

4-D-4 Dangerous body area

4-D-5 Multiple victims

5 Back Pain (Non-traumatic/Non-recent)

5-A-1 Non-traumatic back pain

5-A-2 Non-recent traumatic back =>6 hrs.

5-C-0 Override

5-C-1 Fainting or near fainting = 50 Y/A

5-D-0 Override

5-D-1 Not alert

6-Breating Problems  A=Asthma

6-C-1 Abnormal breathing

6-C-2 Cardiac history

6-D-0 Override

6-D-1 Severe respiratory distress

6-D-2 Not alert

6-D-3 Clammy

6-D-0 Override

6-E-1 Ineffective breathing

7-Burns (Scalds)/Explosion

7-A-1 Burns <18% body area

7-A-2 Fire alarm (unknown situation)

7-A-3 Sunburn or minor burns (<=hand size)

7-B-0 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

7-C-0 Override

7-C-1 Building fire w/person inside

7-C-2 Difficulty breathing

7-C-3 Burns => 18% body area

7-D-0 Override

7-D-1 Unconscious or arrest

7-D-2 Severe respiratory distress

7-D-3 Not alert

7-D-4 Explosion

7-D-5 Multiple victims

8-Carbon Monoxide/Inhalation/Hazmat

8-A-1 Carbon monoxide detector alarm

8-B-0 Override

8-B-1 Alert without difficulty breathing

8-D-0 Override

8-D-1 Alert with difficulty breathing

8-D-2 Severe Respiratory distress

8-D-3 Hazmat

8-D-4 Not alert

8-D-5 Multiple victims

8-D-6 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

9-Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest/Death

9-A-1 Expected death

9-B-0 Override

9-B-1 Obvious death (unquestionable)

9-D-0 Override

9-D-1 Ineffective breathing

9-E-0 Override

9-E-1 Not breathing at all

9-E-2 Breathing uncertain (agonal)

9-E-3 Hanging

9-E-4 Strangulation

9-E-5 Suffocation

9-E-6 Underwater

10-Chest Pains

10-C-1 Breathing normally < 35 Y/A

10-C-0 Override

10-C-1 Abnormal breathing

10-C-2 Cardiac history

10-C-3 Cocaine

10-C-4 Breathing normal => 35 Y/A

10-D-0 Override

10-D-1 Severe respiratory distress

10-D-2 Not alert

10-D-3 Clammy


11-A-1 Abnormal breathing/not chocking now

11-A-0 Override

11-D-1 Not alert

11-D-2 Abnormal breathing/partial obstruction

11-E-0 Override

11-E-1 Chocking verified/ineffective breathing


12-B-1 Not seizing now/breathing regularly

12-B-0 Override

12-B-1 Breathing regularly not verified < 35 Y/A

12-C-0 Override

12-C-1 Pregnancy

12-C-2 Diabetic

12-C-3 Cardiac history

12-D-0 Override

12-D-1 Not breathing (after key questions)

12-D-2 Continuous or multiple seizures

12-D-3 Irregular breathing

12-D-4 Breathing regularly not verified => 35 Y/A

13-Diabetic Problems

13-A-1 Alert

13-C-0 Override

13-C-1 Not alert

13-C-2 Abnormal behavior

13-D-0 Override

13-C-3 Abnormal breathing

13-D-1 Unconscious

14-Drowning (near) Diving/ Scuba

14-A-1 Alert/Breathing normally (no injuries)

14-B-0 Override

14-B-1 Alert/breathing normally (injuries)

14-B-2 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

14-C-0 Override

14-C-1 Alert with abnormal breathing

14-D-0 Override

14-D-1 Unconscious

14-D-2 Not alert

14-D-3 Diving or suspect neck injury

14-D-4 Scuba accident


15-C-1 Alert/breathing normally

15-D-0 Override

15-D-1 Unconscious

15-D-2 Not disconnected from power

15-D-3 Power not off or hazard present

15-D-4 Long fall => 6ft

15-D-5 Not alert

15-D-6 Abnormal breathing

15-D-7 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

15-E-0 Override

15-E-1 Not breathing/ineffective breathing

16-Eye Problems/Injuries

16-C-1 Moderate eye injuries

16-C-2 Minor eye injuries

16-C-3 Medical eye problems

16-C-1 Severe eye injuries

16-D-0 Override

16-D-1 Not alert


17-A-1 Public assist (no injuries)

17-A-0 Override

17-A-1 Not dangerous body area

17-A-2 Non-recent => 6 hrs. minor injuries

17-C-0 Override

17-C-1 Possibly dangerous body area

17-C-2 Serious hemorrhage

17-C-3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

17-D-0 Override

17-D-1 Dangerous body area

17-D-2 Long fall => 6ft

17-D-3 Not alert

17-D-4 Abnormal breathing


18-C-1 Breathing normally

18-C-0 Override

18-C-1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

18-C-1 Not alert

18-C-2 Abnormal breathing

18-C-3 Speech problems

18-C-4 Sudden onset or severe pain <=3 hrs.

18-C-5 Numbness or paralysis

18-C-6 Change in behavior <= 3 hrs.

19-Heart Problems/AICD

19-C-1 Hear rate => 50 BPM and <130 BPM

19-C-2 Abnormal breathing

19-C-3 Chest pain => 35 Y/A

19-C-4 Cardiac history

19-C-5 Cocaine

19-C-6 Heart rate 50 BPM or => 130 BPM

19-D-0 Override

19-D-1 Severe respiratory distress

19-D-2 Not alert

19-D-3 Clammy

20-Heat/Cold Exposure

20-B-1 Alert

20-B-0 Override

20-B-1 Change in skin color

20-B-2 Unknown in status

20-C-0 Override

20-C-1 Cardiac history

20-D-0 Override

20-D-1 Not alert


21-A-1 Not dangerous hemorrhage

21-A-2 Minor hemorrhage

21-B-0 Override

21-B-1 Possibly dangerous hemorrhage

21-B-2 Serous hemorrhage

21-B-3 Bleeding disorder or blood thinners

21-C-0 Override

21-C-1 Hemorrhage though tubes

21-D-0 Override

21-D-1 Dangerous hemorrhage

21-D-2 Not alert

21-D-3 Abnormal breathing

22-Industrial/Machinery Accidents

22-B-1 Unknown/not caught in machine

21-D-0 Override

21-D-1 Life status questionable

21-D-2 Caught in machinery/unknown status

21-D-3 Multiple victims

23-Overdoes/Poisoning (ingestion)

  A=Accidental  I=Intentional  P=Poisoning

23-A-1 Poisoning/without priority symptoms

23-B-0 Override

23-B-1 Overdoes/without priority symptoms

23-C-0 Override

23-C-1 Violent/police must secure

23-C-2 Not alert

23-C-3 Abnormal breathing

23-C-4 Antidepressants (tricyclic)

23-C-5 Cocaine (or derivative)

23-C-6 Narcotics (heroin)

23-C-7 Acid or alkali (lye)

23-C-8 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

23-C-9 Poison control request for response

23-D-0 Override

23-D-1 Unconscious

23-D-2 Severe respiratory distress


24-A-1 1st trimester hemorrhage/miscarriage

24-B-0 Override

24-B-1 Labor/delivery not imminent => 20 wks.

24-B-2 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

24-C-0 Override

24-C-1 2nd trimester hemorrhage/miscarriage

24-C-2 1st Trimester serious hemorrhage

24-D-0 Override

24-D-1 Breech or cord

24-D-2 Head visible/out

24-D-3 Imminent delivery >20 wks.

24-D-4 3rd Trimester/hemorrhage

24-D-5 High risk complications

24-D-6 Baby born

25-Psychlatic/Abnormal Behavior/Suicidal

25-A-1 Non-violent and non-suicidal (alert)

25-B-0 Override

25-B-1 Violent (Police must secure)

25-B-2 Threatening suicide

25-B-3 Near hanging, strangulation/suffocate

25-B-4 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

25-D-0 Override

25-D-1 Not alert

26-Sick Person

26-A-1 No priority symptoms

26-A-2 Boils

26-A-3 Bumps (non-traumatic)

26-A-4 Can’t sleep

26-A-5 Can’t urinate (no abdominal pain)

26-A-6 Catheter (in/out without hemorrhage)

26-A-7 Constipation

26-A-8 Cramps/spasms (in extremities)

26-A-9 Cut-off ring request

26-A-10 Deafness

26-A-11 Defecation/diarrhea

26-A-12 Earache

26-A-13 Enema

26-A-14 Gout

26-A-15 Hemorrhoids/piles

26-A-16 Hepatitis

26-A-17 Hiccups

26-A-18 Hungry

26-A-19 Nervous

26-A-20 Object stuck (in an orifice)

26-A-21 Object swallowed

26-A-22 Penis problems/pain

26-A-23 Rash/skin disorder (no diff breathing)

26-A-24 Sexually transmitted disease (STD)

26-A-25 Sore throat/no diff breathing/swallowing

26-A-26 Toothache (without jaw pain)

26-A-27 Transpiration only

26-A-28 Wound infected (focal or surface)

26-B-0 Override

26-B-1 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

26-C-0 Override

26-C-1 Cardiac history (no priority symptoms)

26-D-0 Override

26-D-1 Not alert

27-Stab/Gunshot/Penetrating Trauma

  S=Stab  G=Gunshot  P=Penetration

27-A-1 Non-recent => 6 hrs. peripheral

27-B-0 Override

27-B-1 Non-recent => 6 hrs. single central

27-B-2 Known single peripheral wound

27-B-3 Serious hemorrhage

27-B-4 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

27-D-0 Override

27-D-1 Unconscious or arrest

27-D-2 Not alert

27-D-3 Central wounds

27-D-4 Multiple wounds

27-D-5 Multiple victims

28-Stroke (CVA)

28-C-0 Override

28-C-1 Breathing normally <35 Y/A

28-C-1 Not alert

28-C-2 Abnormal breathing

28-C-3 Speech or movement problems

28-C-4 Numbness or tingling

28-C-5 Stroke history

28-C-6 Breathing normally =>35 Y/A

29-Traffic/Transportation Accidents

  A=All-Terrain  B=Auto-Bicycle/Motorcycle

  C=Auto-Pedestrian  D=Ejection

  E=Personal Watercraft  F=Rollover

  G=Vehicle off Bridge/Height

29-A-1 1st party with injury

29-B-0 Override

29-B-1 Injuries

29-B-2 Multiple victims

29-B-3 Multiple additional units needed

29-B-4 Serious hemorrhage

29-B-5 Unknown status (3rd  party caller)

29-D-0 Override

29-D-1 Major incident (A through E)

29-D-2 High mechanism (A through G)

29-D-3 Hazmat

29-D-4 Pinned (trapped) victim

29-D-5 Not alert

30-Traumatic Injuries (Specific)

30-B-1 Not dangerous body area

30-B-2 Non-recent injuries => 6hrs.

30-C-0 Override

30-C-1 Possible dangerous body area

30-C-2 Serous hemorrhage

30-D-0 Override

30-D-1 Dangerous body area

30-D-2 Not alert

30-D-3 Abnormal breathing

31-Unconscious/Fainting (Near)

31-A-1 Single/near fainting episode/alert <35 Y/A

31-C-0 Override

31-C-1 Alert with abnormal breathing

31-C-2 Cardiac history

31-C-3 Multiple fainting episodes

31-C-4 Single/near fainting episode/alert =>35 Y/A

31-C-5 Females 12-50 Y/A with abdominal pain

31-D-0 Override

31-D-1 Unconscious (at end of call)

31-D-2 Severe respiratory distress

31-D-3 Not alert

31-E-0 Override

31-E-1 ineffective breathing

32-Unknown Problem (Man Down)

32-B-1 Standing, sitting, moving, or talking

32-B-2 Medical Alert notification

32-B-3 Unknown status (3rd party caller)

32-D-0 Override

32-D-1 Life status questionable

33-Transfer/Interfaculty/Palliative care

33-D-0 Override

33-D-1 Not alert (acute change)

33-D-2 Abnormal breathing

33-D-3 Significant hemorrhage or shock

33-D-4 Possible acute heart problem/MI

33-D-5 Acute severe pain

33-D-6 Emergency response requested

33-D-0 Override

33-D-1 Suspected cardiac or arrest

The call will be dispatched using the Nature Codes, Response and Response Determinant.

Example: Pregnancy 24-C-1 Equals-(Pregnancy, Charlie Response, 2nd Trimester Hemorrhage/Miscarriage


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