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Greenville County Sheriff

US > South Carolina > Greenville (County) [Greenville Spartanburg Anderson]

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Greenville County Sheriff

Dedicated feed of Greenville County Sheriff communications (UHF). Highway Patrol for Greenville provided on Greenville City Feed. Note: Greenville County and Greenville City are different police departments.
Public Safety
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Feed Notes

Dedicated feed of Greenville County Sheriff communications (UHF).   Note: Greenville County and Greenville City are different police departments..


The 10 codes for Greenville (taken from

Greenville City/County 10-Codes

      B. Official
      C. Victim
      D. Suspect
      E. Other 
      B. Identification Officer
      C. Coroner
      D. Other 
      B. Shooting
      C. Accident
      D. Complaintant 
      B. SWAT Requested
      B. Hold-up
      C. Monitor
      D. Silent
      E. Audible
      F. P/C; Number and Location 
      B. Already Occurred 
      B. Female
      C. Juvenile 
      B. Discharged or In Use
      C. Possession in the Open
      D. Possession Concealed
      B. Personal Injury (PI)
      C. Hit and Run
      B. Obstruction (Specify)
      C. Traffic Light Out
      D. Weather or Road Condition
      E. Other (Specify)
      B. Abandoned
      C. Suspicious 
      B. Drivers License (DL)
      C. Tag/Registration
      D. Wants/Warrants/Vehicle/Person
      E. NCIC Check 
      B. Reckless Driving
      C. Speeding
      D. Other (Specify) 
      B. Breathalyzer Required 
      B. Bomb/Other Treat
      C. Chemical Leak or Accident
      D. Explosion
      E. Other (Specify)
      B. Breach of Trust
      C. Forgery
      D. Fraud
      E. Other (Specify) 
      B. Threatening Call
      C. Harassing Call
      D. Obscene Call
      B. Warrants
      C. Civil Papers
      D. Other (Specify)
      B. Rape
      C. Molesting
      D. Indecent Exposure
      E. Other (Specify) 
      B. Narcotics
      C. Prostitution
      D. Gambling
      E. Alchol
      F. Other (Specify)
      B. Grand Larceny
      C. Petty Larceny
      D. Shoplifting 
      B. Business
      C. Residence
      D. Auto 
      B. Auto
      C. Motorcycle
      D. Bicycle
      E. Other (Specify)
      B. Loitering
      C. Prowler or Peeping Tom 
      B. Murder/Manslaughter
      C. Deceased Person
      D. Suicide 
      B. Minor
      C. Adult

Greenville County EMS Pager Tones

Greenville Co EMS no longer uses QCII tones for notification of calls. They use MDC1200 signaling for radio alerting.

Greenville Co. FD Pager Tones

NOTE: The data in this section is out-of-date at this time. Many fire departments have changed their tone-out sequence or have added additional tone-outs sequences (splitting medical and fire dispatch). This needs to be updated.


Boiling Springs FD A-B/Long B A) 400.0 HZ B) 600.9 
Clear Springs FD A-B A) 321.7 B) 339.6 (Confirmed)
Glassy Mtn FD A-B A) 445.7 B) 321.7 (Confirmed)
Glassy Mtn FD A-B A) 339.6 B) 321.7 (Confirmed)
Greer FD A-B/A-C A)400.0 B)500.0 C)600.0 
Lake Cunningham FD A-B A)321.5 B)445.3 
Pelham Batesville FD A-B A)765.0 B)2260.0 
Piedmont Park FD tones A-B A)470.5 B)378.6 
Tigerville FD A-B A)422.1 B)321.7 
Travelers Rest FD A-B A)433.7 B)330.5 
River Falls 463 445.7 378.6 
Slater-Marietta plectron 1232.0 643.0 
Gowensville plectron 643.0 871.0 
Dunklin 210 600.9 569.1 
Duncan Chapel 190 539 330.5 
Duncan Chapel 366 979.9 
Belmont plectron 2073 1180 
Belmont plectron 2073 992 
Landrum R 421 358.6 339.6 
Berea 412 339.6 358.6...UHF Fire 
Berea 422 358.6............UHF Fire 
N. Grnvl 611 1153.4...........UHF Fire 
N. Grnvl 621 1185.2 1153.4..UHF Fire 

Greenville FD Station Locations

Greenville City


Greenville County EMS

Greenville County Emergency Medical Services

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.17500      KNDC777   BM  123.0 PL  GCEMS Rescue Greenville EMS Rescue  FM  EMS-Tac 
462.97500  467.97500   KNDC777   RM  123.0 PL  GCEMS TAC 1 Greenville EMS Incident Command & MedTrans Flight Control
FM  EMS-Tac 
462.95000  467.95000   KNDC777   RM  123.0 PL  GCEMS Disp Greenville EMS Dispatch  FM  EMS Dispatch 
155.34000      KYJ317   BM  123.0 PL  GCEMS HEAR Greenville EMS Backup for all recieving facilities  FM  Hospital 
155.28000      KYJ317   BM  123.0 PL  Grvl Hosp Greenville Hospital  FM  Hospital 
463.00000  468.00000   KNDC777   BM    GCEMS MED 1 Greenville EMS  FM  EMS-Tac 
463.02500  468.02500   KNDC777   BM    GCEMS MED 2 Greenville EMS  FM  EMS-Tac 
463.05000  468.05000   KNDC777   BM  167.9 PL  GCEMS MED 3 Greenville EMS  FM  EMS-Tac 
463.07500  468.07500   KNDC777   BM  364 DPL  GCEMS MED 4 Greenville EMS to St. Francis Hospital  FM  Hospital 
463.10000  468.10000   KNDC777   BM    GCEMS MED 5 Greenville EMS  FM  EMS-Tac 
463.12500  468.12500   KNDC777   BM  364 DPL  GCEMS MED 6 Greenville EMS to Allen Bennett, N. Greenville, Hillcrest
FM  Hospital 
463.15000  468.15000   KNDC777   BM    GCEMS MED 7 Greenville EMS  FM  EMS-Tac 
463.17500  468.17500   KNDC777   BM  364 DPL  GCEMS MED 8 Greenville EMS to Greenville Memorial Hospital  FM  Hospital 

GCEMS dispatches for several area fire departments on frequencies 453.500 and 155.235. 453.500 is also GCEMS Tactical Channel 2.

Transport (ALS) units are designated by the vehicle number they are operating in. For example, a unit in the ambulance designated Medic 26 (by exterior label/fleet information) will be designated Medic 26 on the radio. If an ambulance swap occurs, the unit will change designations to match the vehicle designation.

Quick Response units are designated as "medic" and are numbered 41 through 45. These units are typically operated by non-supervisory quick response personnel.

Additional Quick Response vehicles are operated by EMS supervisors. These units are referred to as "S" and the unit number (though this does not seem to match the exterior vehicle designation).

You may also here EMS Supervisors Alpha One, Bravo One, Charlie One, or Delta One responding in a QR capacity (as described above) for calls that are close to EMS headquarters. They also respond to situations that require direct EMS Supervisor attention (such as traffic accidents involving a transport/QR unit, injuries to EMS personnel, etc).

All of the current ALS transports are running in late model Ford squads.

EMS Station Locations: NOTE: These EMS station locations have changed. EMS Dispatch now refers to station locations by name only and most stations (with the exception of the four perimeter stations) have floating ambulances (no designated unit that remains). This list should be updated with the new station information.

Additional Stations: