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Clark County Public Safety

US > Washington > Clark (County) [Portland-Vancouver]

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 Clark County Public Safety

Clark County Public Safety. See notes section for more information.
Public Safety
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Feed Notes

Clark County Public Safety Feed Information:

This feed is provided by an amateur radio operator. It is not affiliated with any local government agencies and is not responsible for radio content. This channel follows the policies in place by Radio Reference and Broadcastify. Please note that CRESA does not have designated SWAT channels, so at times, unfortunately, that can inadvertently be aired on control or ops channels.

Channels monitored:

DEC  HEX  Mode   Alpha Tag Description Tag  
43248 a8f A CCFD Tapout Fire Tapout (City/County Dispatch) (Formerly Ctrl 7)  Fire Dispatch 
43216 a8d A CCFD FireCom FireCom (City/County Response) (Formerly Ctrl 9)  Fire Dispatch 
44816 af1 A CCFD Ops 51 Ops 51  Multi-Tac 
44848 af3 A CCFD Ops 52 Ops 52  Multi-Tac 
44880 af5 A CCFD Ops 53 Ops 53  Multi-Tac 
44912 af7 A CCFD Ops 54 Ops 54  Multi-Tac 
44944 af9 A CCFD Ops 55 Ops 55  Multi-Tac 
43472 a9d A CCFD Ops 56 Ops 56  Multi-Tac 
43504 a9f A CCFD Ops 57 Ops 57  Multi-Tac 
43536 aa1 A CCFD Ops 58 Ops 58  Multi-Tac 
43568 aa3 A CCFD Ops 59 Ops 59  Multi-Tac 
43600 aa5 A CCFD Ops 60 Ops 60  Multi-Tac 
43632 aa7 A CCFD Ops 61 Ops 61  Multi-Tac 
43344 a95 A CCFD Cntrl 8 Control 8  Fire-Tac 
44496 add A CCE AMR Dsp1 AMR Ambulance Dispatch 1  EMS Dispatch 
44528 adf A CCE AMR Dsp2 AMR Ambulance Dispatch 2  EMS Dispatch 
44656 ae7 A CC LE Cntl 1 Control 1 - Camas PD, Washougal PD, Battle Ground PD, Ridgefield PD and Lacenter PD (3 PM-3 AM)  Law Dispatch 
44688 ae9 A CC LE Cntl 2 Control 2 - Sheriff Dispatch (includes agencies normally dispatched on CONTROL 1 from 3 AM-3 PM)  Law Dispatch 
44720 aeb A CC LE Cntl 3 Control 3 - Vancouver PD  Law Dispatch 
44784 aef A CC LE Cntl 5 Control 5 - Data Channel or Service Net (all agencies in Clark County)  Law Dispatch 
45424 b17 A WSP Dispatch Washington State Patrol Dispatch  Law Dispatch
48560 bdb A CC Animal 1 Animal Control 1  Public Works 
48592 bdd A CC Animal 2 Animal Control 2  Public Works 
41456 a1f A BGPD Disp Police  Law Dispatch
41616 a29 A Camas Police Police  Law Dispatch
41936 a3d A La Center PD Police  Law Dispatch
41776 a33 A Ridge Police Police  Law Dispatch


Official Facebook group:


The scanner used to provide this feed is a Uniden BCT15 Bearcat Trunk Tracker III.
The feed computer is a Dell Optiplex SX260 workstation. Alpha Tags work best with Winamp.

Code0              Officer in trouble  emergency  available units respond                   S1 Cannot locate
Code 1        At your convenience - no light or siren S2 No such address
Code 2         Immediate response - no lights or siren S3 Condition complained of does not exist person
Code 3         Emergency response - use lights and siren    
Code 4         Status ok     T1 False alarm
Code 5          Stakeout     T2 Found secure
Code 6M      Possible misdemeanor warrant T3 Made secure
Code 6F         Possible felony warrant   T4 Alarm canceled  prior to arrival
Code 7           Mealtime        
Code 33        Do not transmit  emergency traffic only W1 Assignment completed
        W2 Person assisted
10 CODES       W3 Person advised or referred
10-6                Traffic stop     W4 Hazard corrected or removed
10-8                In service / available for call W5 Delivered person, message or package
10-7               Out of service   W6 Peace restored
10-10              Available at: subject to call   W7 Nuisance abated
10-15             Prisoner in custody   W8 Arrest / investigation made by another officer or agency
10-19             Return to station / enroute to station W9 Assignment completed by phone
10-28             (person) driver and wants check    
10-28             (plate) registration and wants check X1 Person checked  okay
10-43              Confidential information follows X2 Vehicle checked  okay
10-96              Possible mental subject   Y1 Field contact card completed
10-97             Arrived at scene   Y2 Verbal warning given
        Y3 Citation
ABBREVIATIONS     Y4 Written warning
DRE Drug Recognition Expert      
MVA Motor Vehicle Accident   Adam Ranking Officers Above Sergeant
RO Registered Owner/Restraining Order Boy Patrol Area Morning Watch
RP Reporting Party   Charles Civil (NOW Volunteers)
TIP Trauma Intervention Program David Patrol Area Day Watch
ME Medical Examiner   Edward Explorers (this has changed)
HDA Hazel Dell Avenue   Frank Special Services  Schools
The Strip Highway 99     George Detention
NRT Neighborhood Response Team Henry K9 unit
CAN Report Conditions, Actions, Needs   King Detectives / Investigators
RIT Rapid Intervention Team   Lincoln Personnel Number
RGS Rescue Group Supervisor   Mary Special Details
UTL Unable to locate   Robert Reserve Personnel
AED Automated External Defibrillator Sam Patrol Area Evening Watch
The Split I-5, I-205 @Salmon Creek   Tom Traffic
        William Warrant Detail
"Adam" House     X-Ray Sergeant
Alpha Side 1 Side Front of building Young Special Details
Bravo Side 2 Side Left side facing building Zebra Tactical Unit
Charlie Side 3 Side Back of building    
Delta Side 4 Side Right side facing building    
A Appraratice PTRUCK Portland Truck
B Brush R Rescue
BC Battallion Chief RB Rescue Boat
C Chief RE Rehab/Air
CCFM Clark County Fire Marshall SQ Squad
CP Captain SR Special Rescue
E Engine T Truck
FB Fire Boat TO Tower
FM Fire Marshall TR Technical Resue
HAZ Hazmat TRN Training
HR Heavy Rescue UN Unit
M Medic VFM Vancouver Fire Marshall
PENG Portland Engine WT

Water Tender