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Sacramento Metro and City Fire

US > California > Sacramento (County) [Sacramento]

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Sacramento Metro and City Fire

Dispatch and Tactical Talkgroups for Sac Metro, Sac City Fire, Folsom Fire, Cosumnes Fire, Courtland, Herald, Walnut Grove & Wilton FPDs.
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53200 cfd A FDSP A1 Dispatch A  Fire Dispatch 
53232 cff A FCOM A2 Command A2  Fire-Tac 
53264 d01 A FCOM A3 Command A3  Fire-Tac 
53296 d03 A FCOM A4 Command A4  Fire-Tac 
53328 d05 A FCOM A5 Command A5  Fire-Tac 
53360 d07 A FT A6 Tac A6  Fire-Tac 
53392 d09 A FT A7 Tac A7  Fire-Tac 
53424 d0b A FT A8 Tac A8  Fire-Tac 
53456 d0d A FT A9 Tac A9  Fire-Tac 
53488 d0f A FT A10 Tac A10  Fire-Tac 
53520 d11 A FT A11 Tac A11  Fire-Tac 
53552 d13 A FT A12 Tac A12  Fire-Tac 
53584 d15 A FADM A Administration A  Fire-Talk 
53616 d17 A FPRV A Prevention A  Fire-Talk 
53680 d1b A FDSP C Dispatch C  Fire Dispatch 
53712 d1d A FCOM C2 Command C2  Fire-Tac 
53744 d1f A FCOM C3 Command C3  Fire-Tac 
53776 d21 A FCOM C4 Command C4  Fire-Tac 
53808 d23 A FCOM C5 Command C5  Fire-Tac 
53840 d25 A FT C6 Tac C6  Fire-Tac 
53872 d27 A FT C7 Tac C7  Fire-Tac 
53904 d29 A FT C8 Tac C8  Fire-Tac 
53936 d2b A FT C9 Tac C9  Fire-Tac 
53968 d2d A FT C10 Tac C10  Fire-Tac 
54000 d2f A FT C11 Tac C11  Fire-Tac 
54032 d31 A FT C12 Tac C12  Fire-Tac 
54064 d33 A FADM C Administration C  Fire-Talk 
54096 d35 A FPRV C Prevention C  Fire-Talk 
54160 d39 A FDSP D Dispatch D  Fire Dispatch 
54192 d3b A FCOM D2 Command D2  Fire-Tac 
54224 d3d A FCOM D3 Command D3  Fire-Tac 
54256 d3f A FCOM D4 Command D4  Fire-Tac 
54288 d41 A FCOM D5 Command D5  Fire-Tac 
54320 d43 A FT D6 Tac D6  Fire-Tac 
54352 d45 A FT D7 Tac D7  Fire-Tac 
54384 d47 A FT D8 Tac D8  Fire-Tac 
54416 d49 A FT D9 Tac D9  Fire-Tac 
54448 d4b A FT D10 Tac D10  Fire-Tac 
54480 d4d A FT D11 Tac D11  Fire-Tac 
54512 d4f A FT D12 Tac D12  Fire-Tac 
54544 d51 A FADM D Administration D  Fire-Talk 
54576 d53 A FPRV D Prevention D  Fire-Talk 

Sacramento (City) Fire Talkgroups

47664 ba3 A B6 Patch B6 Patch  Fire-Tac 
59248 e77 A FDSP B1 Dispatch B  Fire Dispatch 
59280 e79 A FCOM B2 Command 2  Fire-Tac 
59312 e7b A FCOM B3 Command 3  Fire-Tac 
59344 e7d A FCOM B4 Command 4  Fire-Tac 
59376 e7f A FCOM B5 Command 5  Fire-Tac 
59408 e81 A FT B6 Tac 6  Fire-Tac 
59440 e83 A FT B7 Tac 7  Fire-Tac 
59472 e85 A FT B8 Tac 8  Fire-Tac 
59504 e87 A FT B9 Tac 9  Fire-Tac 
59536 e89 A FT B10 Tac 10  Fire-Tac 
59568 e8b A FT B11 Tac 11  Fire-Tac 
59600 e8d A FT B12 Tac 12  Fire-Tac 
59632 e8f A FADM B Administration  Fire-Talk 
59664 e91 A FPRV B Prevention  Fire-Talk